1. V

    For Sale For Sale: Kombi Rear 2 Seater Leatherette Bench

    Hi all, I am selling the 2 seater rear Kombi bench. Titanium and Palladium leatherette with Isofix points. Truth be told, I'm not sure how to remove the fixings...so you may need to do this. We have had the van since late October and the seat has only been sat on twice so very new. Also not...
  2. D

    Sold T6 Kombi ISOFIX seats 2+1

    I have for sale this lovely bench 2+1 Isofix VW unit. It was installed on my Kombi shortly before I bought it and I removed it to convert the van into a camper a month later. I believe they were a custom order as I have not been able to find similar type (maybe someone can enlighten me?!) I also...
  3. StueyStuey

    Wanted Kombi/Shuttle 2nd Row 2+1 OEM Black Leatherette Seat Covers

    I'm looking for a good condition set of of 2nd row 2+1 seat covers to match the seats in the pic below. Hoping someone may have a set following a retrim. I believe they are Titanium Mesh Leatherette.
  4. BeccaJDB

    Sold Full set of T6.1 Bentley stitched leatherette seat covers with VW logo

    I love my new T6.1 Caravelle, but I wasn’t as keen on the seat covers. They’re fantastic quality and in perfect condition, but a bit too sporty for my taste! Black faux/vegan leatherette with pale grey panel, diamond quilting, foam padding and VW logo. Front captain’s driver and single...
  5. DaveCrampton

    For Sale Double folding seat in leather. £200.

    I'm selling my front double folding seat. It comes out of my Shuttle SE 2017. It has a leatherette cover, which I understand has been on since the van was new. It has both original headrests, with the covers on. It has the usual large bin underneath and folds flat. It has an airbag in the seat...
  6. oxocube

    Sold T6 drivers, double passenger front bench and Kombi 3 seater

    Hello, Selling the whole lot. Was wondering if anyone wanted to offer before I put this up on eBay. Have the extra seat belt for a the back Kombi too. Thanks Price £800
  7. Mick Robson

    For Sale T6 leatherette seat skins

    I have for sale a set of leatherette seat covers, if my memory serves me right i think they are GTE custom seat covers. I managed to get a good deal on some Nappa Leather seats so these are for sale. Only slight wear to the drivers seat as this gets used daily, the passenger seat get used...
  8. TW2904

    For Sale Double Passenger Double-Seat in Black Leatherette - £150.

    Double passenger seat in black leatherette from a low mileage 2020 T6 Shuttle. Seat and material in excellent condition. Located just outside Cambridge. £150.
  9. Skyliner33

    Seats: All leather or Alcantara?

    I am now at the point where I am going to get my front seats re trimmed. I have been repeatedly looking through the leather seats thread. Loads of awesome seats there and great inspiration. However I am struggling to choose the materials to use. My thoughts are leather/alcantara as this gives...
  10. M

    Shuttle leatherette seat option

    Hi Does anyone have any experience or an opinion In the leatherette seats supplied in a T6 shuttle? I’m updating my T4 to a T6 and have found a low mileage example with leatherette. Just wondering in its general comfort and durability. Ps I’ll have 4 kids clambering over them.
  11. B@rrow

    Leather / Vinyl / Cloth Pros and cons

    Need to make up my mind for the covering on my new bed, probably going for a Titan mid mount. Need some inspriation with the covering material. Im thinking Leather may be hot and cloth may mark? any experience on this would be welcomed.
  12. Martin Gibson

    Sportline Seats,leather Or Not?

    Hello, a friend of mine has bought a single and double front seat for his T5. They are from a T6 Sportline( the black and red ones ). He is buying a bed from Captains Seats in Melton Mowbray and when he sent photos of his seats to enquire about matching the bed to the seats,they told him that VW...
  13. Alisdair Russell

    Interior Fabric Choice

    Hi everyone. Newby here just trying to get ideas for interior fabric etc. For my new conversion; leather, alcantara or synthetic leather. I’ve heard that leather gets hot in the summer (RIB bed) and that alcantara which is on the other half’s Tiguan is hard to clean. The synthetic stuff seems to...
  14. Lukavell

    VW Factory Leather Seat Trimming

    Has anybody had their seats trimmed by VW as advertised in the brochure? Just wondering if it's any good? I would be very convenient to pick it up already done!
  15. czmate1999

    Robust Marathon Fabric In Cab - Leatherette For Passenger Compartment

    Hi All, Just sorting out trim on Van order. Probably have to skip a nice leather trim in my conversion due to cost but i had a quick question about the VW option, is the leatherette worth it? Robust Marathon fabric in cab - Leatherette for passenger compartment instead of Simora fabric...
  16. Montecha

    Seat Upgrade Gallery

    Fresh from 'The Trimguru' - gone classy. Black Leather with white stitching plus heated upgrade.
  17. Davenjo

    Leather Re-trim

    We are still considering a re-trim and are just back from Camperjam where we saw 3 seat trimmers who's work we liked and who did RIB beds:- Coastal Customs - couple of positive comments in the forum and we really liked but Weymouth is a bit far for us to travel. Quayside Auto - really liked...
  18. N

    VW accessory leather upholstery

    Anybody ordered this and if so what's it like. I'm ordering a new kombi and was wanting leather but don't know whether to aftermarket this. Your views/experiences vey welcome!