lazer lamps

  1. Barley53

    Lazer lamps; anyone wired in rocker switches?

    Hi all, I've installed the r750 elite integrated kit onto my t6, I'd also like to install an on/off switch for the on/off to the main units and the 3 way switch to control the position lights. I just haven't found the time to do this, can anyone personally recommend someone who'd be able to...
  2. Unimog

    Lazer Lamps - wiring and fitting

    My van (2017) is fitted with factory fitted LED headlights. I would like to instal Lazer spot lights. Is there a conventional high beam switch wire I can connect my relay to, or do I need to connect back to the Canbus? thanks
  3. chriscroft

    Laser Lamps R750 - Alternative Mounting Solution

    Lazer Lamps Triple R-750 Einbauset VW T6 Multivan A better solution imo if you have a Caravelle style upper grill. But very expensive, I think they are the R750 "Elite" in the picture, but the words suggest "Standard"
  4. H

    Lazer Lamps

    is anybody running these? Lazer lamps. Look ok but pricey?