key reprogramming

  1. T

    Blade key cutting (without remote)

    Hi all on my T4&T5 Vw supplied a basic key, my 19 plate didn’t, Vw want £123.33 !!! For one is it possible to get one cut by a local locksmith etc I see there are some on the tinternet but am a bit wary ,need it for my wife when she gets back to the van before me,NOTE if you buy a new van...
  2. B

    problem obtaining spare key.

    Is there a known problem in obtaining spare key for T6. I ordered through a VW garage and have been waiting over 2 months,, I had to supply the vehicle log book and my driving licence, both were sent to VW (since returned - they would not accept copies) .beginning to wonder if the keywillever...
  3. Mairy

    Spare Keys

    morning Bought my shuttle second hand and it only came with one key(!) 1. Can anyone recommend a place/van (NW) to come to me to programme a spare remote key plus one without electronics? 2. Should I worry about where the others keys are? Thanks