kernow transporters

  1. Kingsway

    Hi from Bristol

    Hi all, looking for ideas to brighten up Lwb T6 silver. Not sure if i've made the right colour choice!! Cheers Sean
  2. S

    Anyone near to Kernow transporters? (Resolved)

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone was near to Kernow transporters and would be willing to do me a favour? I would like to get something delivered from them, but they are only willing to deliver using their van. The idea would be that i would get them delivered to you via Martyn @ kernow and then...
  3. C

    Exploria Reimo Or Kernow Cali Roof?

    Hi folks, I’ve a T6 velle and weighing up whether to put a second hand T6 Cali roof in with Kernow or go to someone like Exploria and have a Reimo roof. The reason for narrowing to these two is the finishing trim. With Kernow/Cali it will be like factory with the velle and Cali trim being able...
  4. Ads_Essex

    Kernow Transporters

    I’m surprised I’ve not seen any other reviews for Kernow when you consider how much Transporter gear they advertise on eBay, so thought I’d leave a review. I’ve bought a fair few things for my panel-van to camper conversion, some of them second hand, and have found Kernow Transporters often...
  5. 18T6

    California Poptop - Can You Buy?

    Hi I’m just in a VW showroom and they have a California. The poptop bed base has a slide out section to cover the access gap when driving/privacy when up there. This seems a much better build quality than what I remember looking like particle board on the reimo version. Anyone know who makes...
  6. Surfrdan

    Surfrdan Attempts To Turn A Kombi Into A California Beach-ish

    So initially when I realised I needed a van, I was looking at Californias but the price and lead time put me off. I bided my time whilst coming to the end of the term on my C-Class PCP deal and thought about the options. In the end I decided the best option was a nearly new Highline Kombi which...
  7. S

    Has anyone stripped down a California?

    I've asked this question elsewhere, but has anyone stripped down a Cali? Basically I wanted to know to what level do the factory insulate and sound deaden the vans. And where and how,......and what with? Don't all rush out to wreck yours, but if you're bored this evening!