1. bullracing

    What extras do I need to fit Kenwood 516? [Resolved]

    I have a Kenwood DNX516DABS coming from a member on here. I need to source some cables but I cannot seem to find exact part numbers for kenwood to vw t6. It comes with the standard Kenwood wiring so what do I need to get it to plug into the van? I have a 3 button basic dab stereo at the moment...
  2. Y

    Kenwood firmware update failed, now stuck in a loop.... [Resolved]

    So I've just attempted to update my Kenwood DNX9190 firmware. I have done this successfully previously when I first installed the unit. This time the update starts as expected but then tells me the USB connection has been lost and to re-insert the USB. I pull the USB out and re-insert. Now...
  3. M

    Sold Kenwood DNX516DABS

    Just replaced my Kenwood DNX516DABS in my van, so it's for sale. Comes with SatNav aerial and cable to connect 2 USB's but no other leads as I reused them. Couple of scratches on the screen - £50 - collection from Derby Cheers!
  4. osman

    For Sale Kenwood drv-n520 dash cam for sale mint condition £140

    Ok so it’s what it is with box all cables fittings etc and instruction manual in the best condition only thing is the glue pads that attached it to my screen may need replacing but they look good and feel very sticky so may just be fine . Really prefer selling stuff to people that can come and...
  5. M

    Dash USB Not working (aftermarket H/U)

    Just plugged my phone into the dash usb socket to charge it and it’s not working. The van has a Kenwood DNX516 stereo with 2 USB leads in the glovebox, so I assume that the dash usb doesn’t work due to the aftermarket unit? Will something like this reinstate it? Thanks
  6. SNACK

    For Sale Brand New - Kenwood DNX518VDABS - £849 with free shipping

    Just listed a Kenwood DNX518VDABS head unit: Would rather sell directly to a T6 Forum member, so I'm happy to cover the shipping cost for this item. Will be sent insured of course. VW T6 7" AV Navigation System with DAB+ Smartphone Control & Bluetooth -...
  7. C

    Lost sound on Kenwood 9180 sat nav

    Hi, I cannot get the sound on the sat nav, it was fine before and in set up menu it’s on. Can anyone help?
  8. Shanz

    SATNAV on Kenwood DMX8019DABS?

    Hi All, Does the Kenwood DMX8019DABS have a built in SATNAV and do you have to pay for the service to enable it? I've read somewhere that it does, but it isn't clear on some seller sites. Cheers
  9. osman

    kenwood dnx 9190 dabs

    Hi just a warning to anyone considering buying one of these.. mines been in for "repair" due to dust contaminating under the touch screen.. its been cleaned (in the process they have damaged the paint on the tiny screws holding it together. and sent it back with still a few particles of dust...
  10. Y

    Kenwood DNX9190DABS user experience?

    I currently have a Pioneer AVIC F980DAB. Satnav has to be the slowest starting sat nav I've ever experienced and sound quality is just OK, nothing more. (I have upgraded speakers and an amplifier). I'm going to install Absolut5's 'Signature' set up but am considering upgrading the headunit to...
  11. J

    Reverse camera and Kenwood stereo

    Reading the various threads about wiring reversing cameras I am feeling the consensus is that a relay is needed to supply a clean 12volt feed to the camera. Could I ask the experts: where is the best and simplest place to pick up a live feed either in the cab area, would be great it there was a...
  12. M

    Kenwood DNX518VDAB - sat nav not displaying on MFD

    Hi - just had a Kenwood DNX518VDAB fitted and driving back checking it’s functionality. I thought the sat nav directions should display on the MFD but they don’t? Is this correct? Any advice really appreciated.
  13. J88arv

    Kenwood 8019 with VW logo

    Anybody know how to put the VW logo on the above headunit or any sign/pic that is?? thanks
  14. L

    How turn kenwood media centre off?

    Recently acquired a T6 with a Kenwood media centre incorporating a reversing camera. Am I being slow or is it not possible to turn the media centre off (perhaps because of the reversing camera) ?
  15. D

    DNX516dabs satnav firmware update

    I have searched the forum for info on this but no joy. Im trying to update the firmware for my maps. I have followed all the download instructions to the letter …. i think. When I insert the USB stick into the system it recognises the USB but says "no media" rather than starting the download...
  16. cbrblade

    Radio Not Turning Off

    Hi all just bought a 2016 t6 with a kenwood 7018 dabs radio is there a reason why it doesn't turn off when key is removed ,tried using a piggyback fuse which shut it off , then when i switch it on again it needs setting up again ie all stations not stored etc
  17. L

    Issue Installing Kenwood 8019

    I've just had a Kenwood 8019 install however everytime i turn on the ignition it gives the message " the system could not start. please contact your support center" has anyone else encountered this? i have an update file ready to load however this issue stops the upload from commencing at all...
  18. M

    Kenwood Dnx-525dab Black Screen

    Hi All My Kenwood DNX-525DAB seems to have died recently. Initially the symptoms were a blank screen upon switch on, with just the red triangle light above the CD slot glowing. In the dark, it could also be seen that the screen had a very faint glow, although there was nothing on it. I tried...
  19. A

    Aftermarket Headunits (kenwood) Do

    I have test fitted DNX9180DABS today. At the front I have got Eton 2.1 fitted with some Silencoat to keep vibrations down. The rear speakers are Kenwood coaxial 17cm speakers. Kenwood does not sound as good as basic VW headunit. I have tried all sorts of adjustments, but bass wise Kenwood is...
  20. A

    Kenwood Dnx Steering Wheel Interface

    I have bought second hand Kenwood DNX9180DABS and need steering wheel interface/ can adapter? It came with connects2 VW info adapter, but it's not displaying radio stations. Any help would be appreciated.