1. P

    Kenwood DNX520VBT

    Hi will Kenwood DNX520VBT fit my T6 startline
  2. T

    Anyone fitted Kenwood KSC-PSW8 Factory Sub?

    Hi I was looking at the kit to fit a Kenwood sub under the passenger seat, they are VW accessories Kenwood KSC-PSW8. It is one unit that has a built in amp. it comes with the wiring to fit it.
  3. Wiltshirejay

    Kenwood dmx8019dabs upgrade

    Hi everyone I’m looking at buying a Kenwood dmx8019dabs to take out the basic factory unit on our T6. What other parts do I need to make the swap please other than the DMX8019dabs. thank you
  4. Iant666

    Sold Kenwood Amp KAC-M1814

    Picked this up from Absolute 5 earlier this year, was in the van less than a month before i upgraded to a sub and larger amp. Includes the harness to connect to the back of the VW head unit, mine has the version with the sat nav on and was really easy to connect up. Cost me £151 happy to take...
  5. C

    Kenwood 9180 won’t turn on

    Can anyone help? I turned the system off and cannot get it to come back on now… any idea how to get t to start? Thanks
  6. M

    Kenwood car system advice

    Hey forum, T6 2019 kombi...looking for advice, decided to upgrade the factory fitted system to either the Kenwood dnx518vdabs or the dnx8020dabs. I’m not a guru at all with regards to car systems but need something with steering controls, android auto, reversing camera which I know both have go...
  7. Pewt

    Kenwood security code help!!

    Plugged my Kenwood DNX-516dabs headunit back in after sending the loom to Jason at Absolute5 to run a Kenwood amp and im getting a security code message........anyone got any ideas ? I've checked all the books i had with the van and nothing written down.
  8. W

    Kenwood head unit and usb/audio-in sockets

    Afternoon everyone. I have a T6 highline and VW upgraded my stereo to the Kenwood head unit. Ever since this has been in I have not been able to use the USB and audio input jack. Is this able to be used together and maybe they forgot to connect it? I'm interested to know what you reckon as I...
  9. Mike Dean

    DNX518VDABS Replacement.

    I purchased a DNX518VDABS as i was advise it had wireless carplay.... After installing it doesn't! :oops: Hopefully my VW dealer will take it back... Either way i need to replace it as wireless carplay is a must have for me and has been from day one of the van project. Looks like Kenwood...
  10. GavMc P11GT

    Kenwood DMX-7017dabs Steeing wheel controls

    I have the Kenwood Dmx-7017dabs And just bought the steering controls quad lock and interface all original Kenwood parts their part numbers numbers CAW-KIMUN1 and CAW-CKIMVW3 I have connected them all up but I have no function of the steering controls, parking sensor display or MFD...
  11. JTT6

    Kenwood DMX9720XDS 10.1" Head unit fitted myself

    I thought I would do a little post about fitting my new head unit, replacing a broken discover media system. It's fairly new to the market and not seen one in a T6 yet, so thought people may be interested. All of the bits were supplied by the fantastic guys at @Absolut5 and I fitted it myself...
  12. osman

    For Sale Kenwood DRV-N520 dash-cam

    Ok so it’s what it is with box all cables fittings etc and instruction manual in the best condition only thing is the glue pads that attached it to my screen may need replacing but they look good and feel very sticky so may just be fine . Really prefer selling stuff to people that can come and...
  13. Baz..SVT

    Don't bother...

    Do not buy this kit... It don't fit
  14. Phil S

    Faulty Kenwood DNX518VDABS

    I have read with interest the diversity of problems in the threads. Before the conversion of my T6 the company doing the conversion took it to VW for the Kenwood upgrade. I have now taken delivery (14 weeks and delighted) All seems to be but while I can hear callers they cannot hear me. VW of...
  15. Dazzah71

    kenwood dmx8019dabs stereo- Microphone not great ?

    Hi have the above installed unit in our van but the quality of the speech is terrible and I assume the cheap feeling microphone supplied with the unit may be to blame but wondered if anyone else had similar experiences or could recommend a good upgrade for it? Its a 3.5 mm jack plug and I've...
  16. bullracing

    What extras do I need to fit Kenwood 516? [Resolved]

    I have a Kenwood DNX516DABS coming from a member on here. I need to source some cables but I cannot seem to find exact part numbers for kenwood to vw t6. It comes with the standard Kenwood wiring so what do I need to get it to plug into the van? I have a 3 button basic dab stereo at the moment...
  17. Y

    Kenwood firmware update failed, now stuck in a loop.... [Resolved]

    So I've just attempted to update my Kenwood DNX9190 firmware. I have done this successfully previously when I first installed the unit. This time the update starts as expected but then tells me the USB connection has been lost and to re-insert the USB. I pull the USB out and re-insert. Now...
  18. M

    Sold Kenwood DNX516DABS

    Just replaced my Kenwood DNX516DABS in my van, so it's for sale. Comes with SatNav aerial and cable to connect 2 USB's but no other leads as I reused them. Couple of scratches on the screen - £50 - collection from Derby Cheers!
  19. M

    Dash USB Not working (aftermarket H/U)

    Just plugged my phone into the dash usb socket to charge it and it’s not working. The van has a Kenwood DNX516 stereo with 2 USB leads in the glovebox, so I assume that the dash usb doesn’t work due to the aftermarket unit? Will something like this reinstate it? Thanks
  20. SNACK

    For Sale Brand New - Kenwood DNX518VDABS - £849 with free shipping

    Just listed a Kenwood DNX518VDABS head unit: Would rather sell directly to a T6 Forum member, so I'm happy to cover the shipping cost for this item. Will be sent insured of course. VW T6 7" AV Navigation System with DAB+ Smartphone Control & Bluetooth -...