1. Andysmee

    Wanted Karndean design strips

    Need some karndean design strips in black, charcoal or ebony (I think they call it) 5mm wide, 2mm deep. I know that I'll need a box and a bit, so if you have a bit that would be great
  2. j4ckal

    Altro Flooring Alternatives, Karndean Or Similar?

    Is anyone using Karndean flooring (or Karndean style) in their van? I've noticed quite a few convertors are using it now and it does look good. Any pros/cons? How hard wearing is it? Do you bond it to the ply when laying it? Cheers.
  3. JaySal

    Boat-deck style flooring

    I’ve looked on the Exploria website and like the boat decking style flooring, anyone know it this is vinyl and where can I get some ???