1. R

    12v set up, looking to add an inverter

    Hi guys in my van I have a leisure battery under the driver seat hooked up to my C-tek split charge and my fuse junction box which powers my led ceiling lights, some USB ports for charging and a battery monitor. Down the line I will add a fridge and sink etc via the 12v system. Im looking to...
  2. Brindle

    Help a simpleton. . .

    Hopefully some of you clever folk will help me with this. We are away this weekend and off grid. I really want to watch the match and so have hatched a plan. I have a 300w pure sine inverter which I plan to (hopefully) run a TV off for the football. The TV specs says if draws an average of...
  3. C

    Newbie - Leisure Battery Set Up

    Hi all, newbie alert so please go easy on me! I'm just in the late stages of buying a custom build 2/3 year old T6 Highline T30 SWB 150 DSG with Sportline body kit etc from Woodstock Campers. I'm considering using it off grid occasionally but it only has one leisure battery. Before I go back to...
  4. R

    what do i need for a 3 pin plug socket

    I have had a leisure battery fitted with a ctek charger, what else is need to be able to have a 3 pin socket and some usbs in the back of the van? also will have halo roof connected eventually. thanks
  5. B

    Newbie - flat battery and high pitched noise

    Evening all We had our newly converted camper arrive around 2 weeks ago. We haven't had a chance to get out in it yet, no user manuals arrived from the converter yet so we are not familiar with how to navigate the kit onboard. Tonight the battery is entirely flat, had to jump it, and there is...
  6. Keaney

    Inverter where do you put yours?

    Was reading up about a few of you that had inverters last night and Sterling power ones. Problem I have is where to put it, passenger seat has a 120 battery and the CTek charger. My seat has a webasto under the seat. Ideally would like it to run from the secondary and was looking at the 1600w...
  7. M

    Do I need an inverter?

    I'm in the process of spec'ing camper conversion and I need a bit of advice please. I have a T6 Kombi that I plan on fully converting in 2 stages: Stage 1 is roof, insulated, carpeted, electrics (2 x 12v sockets, 2 x USB points, 2 x 240v sockets, 4 x LED spot, 2 x led reading lights, dimmer...
  8. KezandPhil

    Less than a week to go :-)

    Hey All Barring any last minute hiccups we pick up the van on Friday this week:) , pics will be posted here shortly after that..... Some final pieces of discussion that we would like people’s views on if possible please, all views very welcomed ..... 1. What’s best way to get a Reversing...
  9. cfdave

    inverter under drivers seat?

    Hi All. I was wondering if its very bad practice to place the inverter under the driver seat? I don't know if theres room yet. I have a battery, fusebox and ctek 250se. Or would it be best placed under my passenger seats? I have a double. Im only looking at a small inverter to run a laptop...
  10. Dellmassive

    Looking for the best set up , to charge this 200ah AGM Leisure Battery

    @sasha123 has this fitted to his: T6 204 dsg euro6 2018 (and it looks like has has some impressive kit, so ill move this thread here) ********************************************************** @sasha123 says : i am looking for the best set up , to charge this 2000w inverter off grid and/or...
  11. Dellmassive

    [Guide] 12v/240v Power Inverters -- How I Done It --

    12v/240v Power Inverters -- How I Done It -- Place Holder - current work in progress. -- coming soon
  12. C

    Wiring Diagram ? - Schneider Ca2kn22p7 To Automatically Switch Between 230v Hookup And Inverter 230v

    I hope all is well. I bought a Schneider CA2KN22P7 control relay from RS components to automatically switch between the hookup 230V supply (preferred input) and the 230V inverter supply (secondary input if 230V mains hookup not available) CA2KN22P7 | Schneider Electric Control Relay 2NO/2NC, 10...
  13. B

    Newbie Question About 3 Pin Sockets

    Hi and apologies in advance if this is a bit dumb... But could do with some friendly help here I assumed the 3 pin (mains) sockets we have in our new (secondhand) T6 would work either on hook up or on leisure. But seems I'm wrong as they only work on hook up. Is this normal/correct? There's a...
  14. Jimmi

    Where To Put Inverter In A Kombi

    I’m fitting an inverter in my Kombi but not sure of the best place to put it, just after some suggestions really and pics if you got em. Cheers
  15. Dellmassive


  16. Pete C

    Mains Wiring/switching Question

    I have just spent a couple of hours helping my neighbour try to sort out some blown electrics on his "new to him" motorhome (not a VW). It looks like a home built setup, with either a mains hook-up connection or a 3.5kW inverter driving the mains sockets in the vehicle. It appears that it is...
  17. M

    Live Neutral Reverse

    Hi, I’ve installed a Victron 12/375 inverter that’s connected to a leisure battery and grounded to the chassis. I’ve plugged a tester in and it’s coming up with a Live Neutral reverse, but I can clearly see that they’re the right way around! Any ideas? Matt
  18. M

    Rcd Required For Inverter?

    Hi All, I have bought a Leasure Battery, CTEK charger and inventor. I was going to run an extension lead from the inverter, cut of the socket section and instead wire it to a fixed socket. Do I need to fit an RCD between the fixed socket and the plug going into the inverter? Many thanks, Matt
  19. M

    Common Positive And Earth?

    So.... I've got a ring dc/dc b2b charger and a whopping 1500w inverter next to each other under my passenger seat. I have 50mm2 cables running from the inverter to the batteries. Can I attach the charging cables to these as a common Earth and positive as they are the most direct route for...
  20. scunny nige

    Which Inverter/Generator ?

    hi im new to this as was wondering what generator people use when hook up is not available any recommendations thanks nige