1. ma77y

    For Sale Renogy 1000w pure sine wave inverter £115 posted

    Bought this little over a week ago, still bnib. I've since bought a victron phoenix that will better integrate into my system so the Renogy is up for sale £115 posted
  2. E

    Inverter fuse and cable size?

    I've got a Sterling ProPowerQ 350W Inverter which the instructions tell me I should install with a 60A fuse, however the cables are 12AWG which I belive equals 3.31mm 3mm cable 33Amp Single Core Thin Wall Cable - 3.0mm² 33A How can this be right, the fuse is rated so much higher than the...
  3. T6DSGChris

    Help if pos, smart charge issues for my circumstances..

    hiya firstly...a lot of stuff from my t5 went in to my t6... so i used to be the simple split charge relay on my old t5, and off grid i could use kettle, microwave no issues at all with the engine running as it was self feeding good fresh power to my invertor... now lets go to my t6.... with...
  4. C

    What brand inverter

    Can anyone advise me on a decent brand/maker of a 2000w pure sine inverter please. I am.intending to install it under the passenger captains seat. I don't want to by twice. Thanks in advance, Creamytash.
  5. osman

    Advice on my inverter

    Hi I’ve invested in a victron pure sine wave inverter for charging my lap top and charging an ( battery powered ) acoustic guitar amp .. I’m not looking to run battersea power station or cook with my set up . I just want a very clean 240v supply for some occasional high tech gear that I use ...
  6. D

    Bought a van with some stuff in it. Don’t know what it is

    I just bought a van and it has some thick gauges red and black wire going through it to some sort of switch and then off to some sort of battery or inverter and then Onto the back of the van. Am wondering what it is. Maybe I will be able to use it to charge my peer tool batteries on the go...
  7. Littleblackflash

    Renogy Inverter

    I now have a Renogy 100Ah Lipo battery and 50A DC-DC charger to fit to my van. I'm thinking of adding a Renogy 1000w inverter to the system but the ones shown on the UK site don't have a RS485 comms. If I look at the Renogy inverters for other countries they all have a new version out with the...
  8. Jimmi

    For Sale Victron 12/375 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    Only used twice. Housed in a custom made plywood box as it was never permanently installed in my Kombi. £80 if collected, postage can be arranged at extra cost.
  9. J

    FREE SOLD Bestek 1000w inverter (pickup only)

    Bestek 1000w inverter (pickup only from Nailsea (south Bristol)) not needed.
  10. JTT6

    Charging an EcoFlow Delta

    Evening all, I am looking at 240v power options for the van, and rather than a traditional split charge/leisure battery, I have been looking at removable batteries like the Ecoflow Delta / Goal Zero Yeti 1000x. I'm a photographer so having power I can take out of the van on shoots would be...
  11. S

    Inverter will not work in cig socket

    Hi, I have a 12v system in my T6, with a cigarette plug which is powered by the leisure battery, I plugged a small inverter (300w) into it and it will not work even though the power is just over 12v, inverter works in the main van cigarette plug to the engine. Not sure why it doesn’t work? Any ideas
  12. L

    Inverter inline fuse blown

    I've recently fitted my inverter however I've accidently touched the live and its blown the fuse. Its an inline fuse box housed under my drivers seat. I cant tell the ampage however another similar fuse for the smart charger uses 60a so guessing it may be the same. Anyone know where i can source...
  13. Shaun Witts

    Earth lead corrosion leading to inverter not working

    On a recent long weekend away without EHU, I was dismayed to get no response from my inverter on the first morning. No tea or coffee with our breakfast (I didn’t have a backup gas burner with me - which anyway wouldn’t help with my Nespresso machine, but at least the Mrs could have had a tea)...
  14. R

    12v set up, looking to add an inverter

    Hi guys in my van I have a leisure battery under the driver seat hooked up to my C-tek split charge and my fuse junction box which powers my led ceiling lights, some USB ports for charging and a battery monitor. Down the line I will add a fridge and sink etc via the 12v system. Im looking to...
  15. R

    Internal 3-pin plugs - when should these work?

    I have a T6 semi converted. I have two 12v 6amp points at the rear of the passenger seats base. They both work fine. I have two corresponding 3 point plug sockets on the base of the drivers seat - they however do not seem to be working. I’m new to the camper scene - will the plugs only work if...
  16. Brindle

    Help a simpleton. . .

    Hopefully some of you clever folk will help me with this. We are away this weekend and off grid. I really want to watch the match and so have hatched a plan. I have a 300w pure sine inverter which I plan to (hopefully) run a TV off for the football. The TV specs says if draws an average of...
  17. C

    Newbie - Leisure Battery Set Up

    Hi all, newbie alert so please go easy on me! I'm just in the late stages of buying a custom build 2/3 year old T6 Highline T30 SWB 150 DSG with Sportline body kit etc from Woodstock Campers. I'm considering using it off grid occasionally but it only has one leisure battery. Before I go back to...
  18. R

    what do i need for a 3 pin plug socket

    I have had a leisure battery fitted with a ctek charger, what else is need to be able to have a 3 pin socket and some usbs in the back of the van? also will have halo roof connected eventually. thanks
  19. B

    Newbie - flat battery and high pitched noise

    Evening all We had our newly converted camper arrive around 2 weeks ago. We haven't had a chance to get out in it yet, no user manuals arrived from the converter yet so we are not familiar with how to navigate the kit onboard. Tonight the battery is entirely flat, had to jump it, and there is...
  20. Keaney

    Inverter where do you put yours?

    Was reading up about a few of you that had inverters last night and Sterling power ones. Problem I have is where to put it, passenger seat has a 120 battery and the CTek charger. My seat has a webasto under the seat. Ideally would like it to run from the secondary and was looking at the 1600w...