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  1. mattbryson

    T6 leighton vans kombi. Interior lights stopped working.

    Hi all, First post, and I need some electrical help, excuse the length of this, but I'm way out of my depth! I have a 2018 leighton vans converted kombi. It has interior led celing lights with switches for front and rear , as well as lights in the tailgate that come on when it opens. At...
  2. TheDumbOx

    Tail lights and side lights not working mystery (T5.1) [Resolved]

    Hi all so I'm hoping someone can help before I rip out the interior and call in the infamously grumpy auto-electrician*. Also, I know this is the T6 forum and mine is a T5.1 but I couldn't see the electric forum on the T5 section. Feel free to shift to more appropriate place. So, neither my...
  3. D

    Rear courtesy lights cable routing

    I've installed some LED courtesy lights in the rear of my campervan conversion and need to find the nearest courtesy circuit to tap into. Original rear lights removed as part of conversion, not sure what they did with the wiring. The new lights are fitted into the nearside rear quarter...
  4. W

    LED interior lighting blowing 5A fuses [Resolved]

    I have 4 main LEDs, two touch sensitive LEDs (all 70mm), two reading lights and all test OK with a 9V battery. If I connect up through a fuse box and supply 12V from the leisure battery, they just blow 5amp fuses. Anyone have an idea ? I’m at a loss with this one.
  5. Pauly

    T6 Interior Lighting Wiring Diagram 2018

    Interior Lighting Circuit Diagram There are many variations of interior lighting between models, this document should be used as a guide only It is worth noting that depending on vehicle model/light fitting location and type, plug wiring can vary, some lights have earth in pin 1 and some...
  6. david173

    Found OEM interior lights

    Looking for 2 OEM interior rocker lights with the loom plugs please Thanks
  7. M

    Sliding-Door Step Light has power but doesn’t work..

    hello all, hope you can help if possible. I have replaced all my internal bulbs for led in my 2015 t6 transporter except the single side step and they all work great. I noticed though after a few months that the side now is no longer working. Bulb gone I say! I have changed for a exact...
  8. dennismo

    Internal LED Touch Lights - Warm White

    Looking to source 8 x LED Touch lights in warm white. However, I'm struggling to find some that default to ON. I.e. I want to be able to wire them so that they come on when doors open / can be turned on with a switch, but then can be touched individually to turn off. I'm pretty confident they...
  9. E

    Help with interior light fuse SC20

    Hello, good evening, I am writing to you all from Spain and I would like to ask for help from the people in the forum, I have a vw t6 2019 and the interior lights do not work ... I have read a lot of the forum and I have seen similar problems but they have all solved it changing the 7.5 fuse or...
  10. G

    Additional interior LED lighting doesn’t turn off when engine is running.

    Ok you clever people. im in the proicess of converting a T6 for dog transportation and want to add additional LED lighting to the cages that will opperate as the current interior lights do. I've tapped into the current loom and all works corrctly until I turn the ignition on / start the...
  11. S

    What is this cable + connector [interior light]

    I was routing some power across the back of my T6 and came across this connector. Can anyone identify it, I’m praying it’s a rear speaker loom so that hasn’t been used by the camper converter. Cheers
  12. Willoughby

    Interior lights with touch screen and 3 way control. ( Arduino and Nextion)

    Helloooo Long time no see ;) I was getting fed up not being able being able to dim or control my lighting (and a few other bits) from more than one location. Ended up adding a screen and an Arduino to the mix. Hoping to tie in with other Arduino fans and see what else we can control. I can do...
  13. S

    Sliding door step light - how to switch it off.

    Hi there. We have a T5.1 highline. I am not quite sure how to explain this but we have a small light fitted in the step of the sliding door. It is great when getting in and out of the van so I am not keen to get rid of it... however, it stays on if we leave the door open (during cooking or...
  14. B

    Interior lights blowing fuses

    Interior lights blowing and sidelights. Fuse blow when fitting with lights off so must be to do with interior lights. Any suggestions would be great
  15. T

    [RESOLVED] Interior lights BCM ground not working after LED change

    Hi All, My interior lights have been wired up and working for a few years, the cab lights are unchanged but the rear lights have been rewired to take +12v from the leisure battery and a ground from either the leisure battery or the BCM ground when set to come on with the doors opening. This...
  16. Danny13

    Interior light out causing warning sign on dash.

    Was messing around with my interior light the other day because it would stay on when door was open then the light went off completely and now have a bulb yellow sign on dash board and rear interior lights not working Have checked the fuses below the gear knob and none seem to be blown And all...
  17. B

    Disabling boot light

    On my T6 Shuttle there is a load compartment light which does not have a manual override, it comes on when the tailgate is open and then times out after about 20 mins. When camping I switch off the interior lights at the main switch above the rear view mirror, but there is one light that is not...
  18. R

    help needed please. Previous additional switch to switch leds in rear.

    I brought this van second hand and it’s a 2017 factory kombi. It’s been lined in the back with 10 led lights in the roof . They’ve fitted a switch to the top of the n/s pillar (picture) but the switch doesn’t do anything? Any ideas?
  19. Ads_Essex

    Sold Courtesy Light - 7E0947105

    7E0947105E Courtesy light up for grabs. Free to VIP, just pay for postage
  20. G

    Led Ceiling Lights, No Glow

    does anyone know which led lights i can get that don’t glow when they are ment to be off? The small circular ones. Thanks