interior lights

  1. J

    Interior overhead light switches

    Hi I have a 2020 6.1 and was wondering if the interior light switches should be illiluminated when the side lights are on? As mine are not.
  2. abunnyuk

    Shuttle roof lights reprogram

    At the moment I have an OEM roof on my 2019 LWB shuttle. When I turn the ignition off and remove the key, I'm able to use the ceiling lights for an amount of time (something like 5-10 minutes) but then they turn off and are unusable until the key is in again. I completely understand the purpose...
  3. Jamie2.0

    T6.1 Shuttle D pillar/ load area light

    Would any one know the part numbers or know where I could get 2 shuttle load area LED lights and surrounds please? I want to install them in the tailgate but want to retain a factory look as much as possible. Thanks J
  4. M

    T6.1 Interior light fuse

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been discussed before, spent all morning searching and can’t find the answer. T6.1 rear interior light fuse.. I’ve become VIP, I’ve downloaded the diagrams from the Downloads section, still can’t seem to work out which one it is.. I’ve attached a photo of my...
  5. Nosnittap

    None of my internal lights work after adding LEDs

    Since I took the male plug off the rear ceiling light to try and add LED lights to it. In the beginning the led lights worked I attached to it but the lights in the cab didn’t work anymore. The last...
  6. Nosnittap

    How to connect led to existing loom as courtesy lights.

    I’m trying to add courtesy lights to exiting loom but the old courtesy lights had an on and off switch but these don’t. The work but stay on while driving and the only way the on off switch works in drivers seatbelt column is if you hold it in. There is also a light on the dashboard. What do I...
  7. Tsixty

    OEM interior light locations

    Does anyone have a picture of the inside roof panel of a factory LWB Kombi that shows exactly where the two original interior lights are in the roof? My van had LED spotlights installed when I purchased it that aren't connected in any way to the standard interior lighting circuit. I cannot find...
  8. D

    Interior light wiring route

    I've installed some LED courtesy lights in the rear of my campervan conversion and need to find the nearest courtesy circuit to tap into. Original rear lights removed as part of conversion, not sure what they did with the wiring. The new lights are fitted into the nearside rear quarter...
  9. T6180

    For Sale Interior Lights

    £10 plus postage
  10. Texxaco

    Sold Gloss black painted cabin Interior light cluster

    As the subject states, see images. Just pay the postage or collect near Chester
  11. @ndy

    Sold 2 x rear cargo interior lights for T6 c/w LED bulbs

    2 x rear interior lights removed from my T6, both fitted with Transporter HQ LED bulbs £22 posted to mainland UK
  12. D

    Installing spotlights and adding a switch to existing LED cargo lights.

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone has a video or diagram of how to add a switch after installing LED spotlights in roof panel. Currently has factory Cargo LED light only on a 2 wire timed circuit. I want to add a switch so they can be switched on if the doors are closed. Any advice would be...
  13. M

    Sliding door lighting needed

    Although I have loads of lights in the bed area of my camper, they need to be switched on by the PMS unit, and given it’s pitch black sometimes I can’t see the switches Anyways, I need to get some kind of light hooked up for when the sliding door opens - any tips or tricks welcomed!
  14. T

    Interior lights have stopped working

    Hi All The interior lights in my van have stopped working. Nothing has changed they have just stopped. No lights when I unlock No lights when I open the door No lights pressing the map light buttons overhead No lights when sliding the switch to always on Help I’m guessing a fuse but which one...
  15. BusterROS

    Pinout interior light unit - help

    Hello, does anybody have the pinout/ cable colours/ mm² of the interior light unit in the front? The socket is a 3B0 972 734. Thanks a lot!
  16. Paynewright

    Interior light plug and socket.

    Hi, I’m going to install a third rocker style interior light (daughter has complained her brother has one and she doesnt!). I’m pretty sure the wiring plug part number is 3B0972703. I wondered if anyone knows whether there is an equivalent socket? What I’d like to do is make a mini loom to go...
  17. D

    Tail lamps and interior lights not working - fuse?

    Hi all Apologies for asking what seems like a common question, but it’s sadly on a slightly different theme Rear lights and interior light on cab not working on my 65 plate t6 Was a panel van but has had a pop top fitted So I have identified the 7.5a fuse that had blown, tried to swap it...
  18. mattbryson

    T6 leighton vans kombi. Interior lights stopped working [Resolved]

    Hi all, First post, and I need some electrical help, excuse the length of this, but I'm way out of my depth! I have a 2018 leighton vans converted kombi. It has interior led celing lights with switches for front and rear , as well as lights in the tailgate that come on when it opens. At...
  19. TheDumbOx

    Tail lights and side lights not working mystery (T5.1) [Resolved]

    Hi all so I'm hoping someone can help before I rip out the interior and call in the infamously grumpy auto-electrician*. Also, I know this is the T6 forum and mine is a T5.1 but I couldn't see the electric forum on the T5 section. Feel free to shift to more appropriate place. So, neither my...
  20. W

    LED interior lighting blowing 5A fuses [Resolved]

    I have 4 main LEDs, two touch sensitive LEDs (all 70mm), two reading lights and all test OK with a 9V battery. If I connect up through a fuse box and supply 12V from the leisure battery, they just blow 5amp fuses. Anyone have an idea ? I’m at a loss with this one.