interior lights

  1. K

    Sold T6 interior lights (rear x2)

    Having changed the ceiling completely these are now surplus to requirement. These can be collected from North Bristol, clevedon or happy to post at cost.
  2. ma77y

    FREE OEM interior lights x2

    Free to anyone that wants them Collect from M41 area or post at cost Cheers
  3. Drew75

    Interior light fuse

    Hi I’m new to this so bear with me I’ve fitted some foot well lighting and for some reason when I was putting all the dash back when I plugged the glove box light in it blew the fuse to the interior lighting , not so bad but I have no ignition it it’s all dead the only things that work are the...
  4. L

    T6.1 Interior lights out - not fixed with fuse nor battery reset.

    Hi All, With the thoughts of exploring the idea of putting some additional LED lights in the load bay of my 70 plate T6.1 Kombi I stuck a multi meter into the detached plug of the original rear LED ceiling light. I successful read the voltage, and then tried to get the current. I've now done...
  5. T

    For Sale T6 rear interior led lights

    Simple mod. Just unclip existing lights, swap over and plug new ones in! Much better than LED bulbs in your existing lights. Straight plug and play. Upgrade your factory fit rear interior lights to VW LED lights. Plug and play with existing connection. Free postage. £8 a light or £15 a set of...
  6. O

    Transporter oem rear interior led lights to rocker switch lights

    hello i have a 2018 t6 transporter which had those oem led always on when door open rear interior lights.. i bought the original rocker switch lights - installed them. so far so good.. i can turn them off or with door open/close works too.. but the on switch for the light does not work. is there...
  7. R

    2020 T6 kombi tsi. Vanity mirror lights have no power

    Hi, In the last 2 weeks I replaced my aging T5 with a 2020 T6 Kombi KR. This is one of only a few that come over with the factory California roof and seats. When I got i home realised that the vanity mirror lights didn't come on when the mirror cover was slid over. Pulled the lights out and...
  8. B

    Electric gremlins?

    Some advice please - I’ve searched the forum high and low and can’t find an answer! Have two issues: 1) I installed a Halo 9 / dash cam / reverse cam in my T6 highline a couple of months ago and love it - all good… only thing amiss is the phone button on the MFSW doesn’t do anything (even with...
  9. AhrnNilsson

    Interior lights on until locked,

    2014 caravelle I’ve read that it’s common that the micro switch in the lock stops working, is there a way to see what door is faulty On the dash it indicates small red car with door open on driver side but I think it’s the same light for passenger side and slide door. Thanks for any help
  10. B

    how long will it take for interior lights to run ignition battery dead and other ecoflow questions

    I'm planning on adding 4 downlights to the roof in the rear of my t6.1 And debating if it will be fine to run off ignition battery with a seperate switch or if i should be on seperate circuit and connected to my ecoflow setup. I will retain the cargo lights that will continue to work as normal...
  11. M

    Original Interior Light removal

    Hi all, this may be a silly question but I can't find an answer..... Currently putting in the leisure battery and lights / sockets etc but what do you all do with the existing interior lights? The 2 rectanglular ones in the rear ceiling? I don't really want them on show in the new ceiling as...
  12. M

    How to disable rear interior lights - multivan

    We have the back door open a lot to access our fridge when we go away camping. Some of the interior lights stay on for 10-20mins every time the door is opened. (The overhead switch in the cab disables most but not all the lights). Anyone have any solutions for turning these off? Can barely...
  13. Andyman

    Very odd interior light issue

    ‘Morning all A weird problem has started in my T6 Caravelle Yesterday went for its first mot, all good This morning, as I’m driving, I needed to see something so pressed the button for the courtesy light, came on but extremely dim, so thought I’d slide the vanity mirror and use that light, it...
  14. D

    Interior light not coming on

    Hi everyone this is my first post, have a problem if anyone could shed a light on, just picked up my T6.1 and the interior lights come on ok when unlock van and come on when open side door but won’t come on when open rear barn doors, I’ve tried everything but no luck, not sure what to do now
  15. J

    Interior overhead light switches

    Hi I have a 2020 6.1 and was wondering if the interior light switches should be illiluminated when the side lights are on? As mine are not.
  16. abunnyuk

    Shuttle roof lights reprogram

    At the moment I have an OEM roof on my 2019 LWB shuttle. When I turn the ignition off and remove the key, I'm able to use the ceiling lights for an amount of time (something like 5-10 minutes) but then they turn off and are unusable until the key is in again. I completely understand the purpose...
  17. F

    Step light staying on. Wiring issue? [Resolved]

    Can anyone help. Have a T6 highline converted. The sliding door step has 2 led micro led lights in. When door opens the led lights shine bright then after door closure and lock the lights dim but don’t go off. Any ideas on how to stop them staying on dimly. I’ve read the threads on timers...
  18. Jamie2.0

    T6.1 Shuttle D pillar/ load area light

    Would any one know the part numbers or know where I could get 2 shuttle load area LED lights and surrounds please? I want to install them in the tailgate but want to retain a factory look as much as possible. Thanks J
  19. M

    T6.1 Interior light fuse

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been discussed before, spent all morning searching and can’t find the answer. T6.1 rear interior light fuse.. I’ve become VIP, I’ve downloaded the diagrams from the Downloads section, still can’t seem to work out which one it is.. I’ve attached a photo of my...
  20. Nosnittap

    None of my internal lights work after adding LEDs

    Since I took the male plug off the rear ceiling light to try and add LED lights to it. In the beginning the led lights worked I attached to it but the lights in the cab didn’t work anymore. The last...