interior lights

  1. T

    [RESOLVED] Interior lights BCM ground not working after LED change

    Hi All, My interior lights have been wired up and working for a few years, the cab lights are unchanged but the rear lights have been rewired to take +12v from the leisure battery and a ground from either the leisure battery or the BCM ground when set to come on with the doors opening. This...
  2. Danny13

    Interior light out causing warning sign on dash.

    Was messing around with my interior light the other day because it would stay on when door was open then the light went off completely and now have a bulb yellow sign on dash board and rear interior lights not working Have checked the fuses below the gear knob and none seem to be blown And all...
  3. B

    Disabling boot light

    On my T6 Shuttle there is a load compartment light which does not have a manual override, it comes on when the tailgate is open and then times out after about 20 mins. When camping I switch off the interior lights at the main switch above the rear view mirror, but there is one light that is not...
  4. R

    help needed please. Previous additional switch to switch leds in rear.

    I brought this van second hand and it’s a 2017 factory kombi. It’s been lined in the back with 10 led lights in the roof . They’ve fitted a switch to the top of the n/s pillar (picture) but the switch doesn’t do anything? Any ideas?
  5. Ads_Essex

    Sold Courtesy Light - 7E0947105

    7E0947105E Courtesy light up for grabs. Free to VIP, just pay for postage
  6. G

    Led Ceiling Lights, No Glow

    does anyone know which led lights i can get that don’t glow when they are ment to be off? The small circular ones. Thanks
  7. G

    Interior Led Q

    I’m going to be putting my carpet lining in the back of my van now it seems i have plenty time to do it! I’m tempted to buy a couple more of the original lights, and piggy back on to the existing ones, so they work with doors and have the option to turn on and off is this the easiest thing to...
  8. Thegee6

    Can The Dash Light Circuit Handle The Extra Lights?

    I’m just curious here. I’m thinking of doing my first mods to the van such as ambient door pocket lights, ambient footwell lights, ambient overhead lights and possibly ambient lighting in the plastic seat base panels. so I’m wondering......can the dash lighting circuit handle all those extra...
  9. B

    Interior Lights Fade

    Hi All, So i have a quick question.... sorry if this has already been mentioned, i've looked through the posts and threads and can't find an answer, I may have misread or missed it though. So i had a slide rocker light, fixed. I removed this and had an electrician wire up 6x 12v LEDs to the...
  10. Jamie2.0

    Speaker Connector Or....

    What's the chances of the speaker connectors being the same as the roof light connectors? Saw these last night and been churning it over.... VW Speaker Adapter Connectors Pair Wire Cable Lead Looks mighty similar to the recess on the back of the of the rocker lights
  11. A

    No Side Lights Or Interior Lights

    Chaps, Hope someone can help with this. About 2 years ago I got a detachable tow-bar fitted with 7-pin electrics socket. Tested it out with a light board at the time of purchase and everything was sweet. I didn't actually end up using a trailer until the other day. Last Weds I went to purchase a...
  12. osman

    Interior Light Fuse

    Think I’ve blown this today messing with the rear interior lights whilst trying to look at the horrible ceiling panel the previous owner has thrown up (held together with self tappers and gaffa tape and god knows what else ) I’m going to rip it out and start again anyhow can’t easily find...
  13. Yzfr1

    Interior Led Fitting Problem

    Please can someone in the know show me how to wire in LED spotlights on the drawing below please. I'm removing the 2 rear standard interior lights and replacing them with LED spot lights. I'd like them to work the same as the originals. Thought I'd followed other threads on here correctly but...
  14. Skyliner33

    Which Circular Ceiling Lights?

    I'm looking for recommendations for the flush fit type ceiling lights. I would like them to be dimmable. Where did you get yours from? And are the warm white or cool white? I am struggling to decide which temperature to go for. So pics would be appreciated showing what you have. Thanks for...
  15. cy294

    Kombi Interior Lighting.

    Evening all, Having had our first ever T6 made into a simple basic day van and had led spots installed in the roof, which operate via a rocket switch on the passenger interior door pillar. Question I have is, can they be wired to illuminate when either the sliding door opens or the barn...
  16. S

    Interior Lights

    Hi I could really do with some help, I have had my T6 converted recently and really pleased I am, but last week the interior lights in the cab and rear have stopped working when you unlock the doors. The rear lights work when you flick the switch over to manual. The passenger cab light did...
  17. James1000

    Override Door Timer

    I have an led strip fitted above sliding door - which is excellent as a door light but I would like to override it to use when parked up. I’m assuming it still runs of the vehicle battery and is s direct replacement not part of the ‘leisure ‘ set up
  18. Barley53

    Interior Cabin Lights Won't Switch Off

    Hi, hoping someone can advise. I can't get the interior reading lights to go out when I start the ignition, nor do they come on when I'm about to leave the van (i.e. taking the key out). The lights work fine otherwise and the switch is at the right setting, if I move the switch to the far...
  19. tubs

    Led Wiring

    So question is what wire do i tap into for the LEDs to work ? Thanks
  20. Barley53

    Led Interior Reading Lights

    Hi, had anyone come across some warm led replacement bulbs for the three interior front lights? I've tried the usual bright led's and find them too bright when driving. Thanks all.