interior lights

  1. D

    Interior lights are timing out really quickly

    When I open the rear of my T6.1, the lights fade out after about 10 seconds. They didn't used to - they used to stay on for several minutes. I've now knowingly adjusted anything. How do I increase the time-out?
  2. Alster

    Extend interior light time out

    Hi. I’ve done a search for this but can’t seem to find the answer- I’ve got a 2021 6.1 with factory led interior lights and would like to extend the time out. At the moment if I switch them on they go out after about 10 minutes and I would like to extend this to about 60 mins if possible. Could...
  3. Euge

    Is there a female for this courtesy light connection?

    Hi all Does anyone know if there is a female for this connector. Stupidly when I had my pop top added, I didn’t ask for the courtesy lights pop outs but just the cable. Having changed my mind the connection is in the wrong place at the rear and I can’t get it pulled to the pop out. I was...
  4. Chopsey

    T6.1 interior lights not working when door opened

    My interior lights have stopped working now when I unlock the van with the keyfob or open one of the doors, they do still come on when i press the button on the overhead centre console. I would appreciate any advice on what may be the cause, only had this 72 plate vane van a month & seems to be...
  5. Jwardy23

    For Sale Garage Clear Out

    Been a long time coming. Need to make some space so I’ve gathered my van bits together to get rid of as I sadly don’t need them anymore. Will end up in the tip in a few weeks if nobody claims them. Collection preferred to save hassle posting, but can do @ buyers expense. I regularly travel from...
  6. R

    Interior Cargo Area Lighting Ideas?

    Hi all, I have a T6.1 which I'm converting (slowly!) I had a Skylow roof fitted but couldn't decide what lighting I wanted in the back, so told them to leave the cables where I could access them. I really want some adjustable mood type lighting in the back, I can't do the star-scape ceiling...
  7. P

    Sold Front steps entry-lights

    Hoping for some help with some entry lights for the driver/passenger steps as I cant find an answer. I have the standard factory footwell lights which work off the courtesy circuit I assume as they go off when you put the ignition on. Can I tap of this and just run a feed directly to the step...
  8. Skyliner33

    T6.1 Courtesy light connector - female

    I am looking to re locate the OEM lights in the roof lining of the van. Ideally an extension lead would be great but I imagine there are at the same shop as the unicorn poo. So my next thought is, there must be a 'socket' that the 'plug' of the OEM loom fits into (ie like the back of the...
  9. CarreraRSR

    For Sale Brand New and boxed, Genuine VW Passat B5 W8 LED interior ambient roof light 3B7947105F

    Brand new, boxed, genuine VW Passat B5 W8 LED interior ambient interior roof light 3B7947105F, 3B7947105F2EN, 3B7947105F 2EN, 3B7947105F 92Y, 3B7947105F92Y An original and genuine new part VW Passat W8 interior overhead light in beige with ambient red LED lighting suitable for the following...
  10. T

    Rear interior light absent

    Hey all, hopefully this hasn't been discussed already? I have a 2020 T6.1 T32 camper conversion which is great however there is no rear interior courtesy light. When I open the front or side sliding door the front interior light comes on but as its in the front it doesn't give enough light into...
  11. Euge

    Interior light stays on while driving

    Hi I’m having an issue with the front interior light staying on. The light illuminates when the door is unlocked, but stays on while driving. After stopping it goes off after about 10 minutes. Is this likely a grounding issue or switch in the door or handle? Same on all doors btw, so...
  12. M

    Rear roof lining light loom

    Just seeing if anyone has made any plug and play wiring loom for spot lights in the rear, going off the original plugs off the cargo lights?
  13. Lee540

    Interior Light Stays On

    Interior light stays permanently on when switched to door open, when the doors are all closed. engine off or on. There is nothing on the dash to suggest the car thinks a door is still open. Any ideas please? Thanks, Lee
  14. S

    Switch for rear lights

    Hi All, Anyone know if I can add an extra light switch from the main panel? So the lights can be turned on/off from the back of the van? What's the best way/procedure for this? Cheers Paul
  15. K

    Sold T6 interior lights (rear x2)

    Having changed the ceiling completely these are now surplus to requirement. These can be collected from North Bristol, clevedon or happy to post at cost.
  16. ma77y

    FREE OEM interior lights x2

    Free to anyone that wants them Collect from M41 area or post at cost Cheers
  17. Drew75

    Interior light fuse

    Hi I’m new to this so bear with me I’ve fitted some foot well lighting and for some reason when I was putting all the dash back when I plugged the glove box light in it blew the fuse to the interior lighting , not so bad but I have no ignition it it’s all dead the only things that work are the...
  18. L

    T6.1 Interior lights out - not fixed with fuse nor battery reset.

    Hi All, With the thoughts of exploring the idea of putting some additional LED lights in the load bay of my 70 plate T6.1 Kombi I stuck a multi meter into the detached plug of the original rear LED ceiling light. I successful read the voltage, and then tried to get the current. I've now done...
  19. T

    Sold T6 rear interior led lights

    Simple mod. Just unclip existing lights, swap over and plug new ones in! Much better than LED bulbs in your existing lights. Straight plug and play. Upgrade your factory fit rear interior lights to VW LED lights. Plug and play with existing connection. Free postage. £8 a light or £15 a set of...
  20. O

    Transporter oem rear interior led lights to rocker switch lights

    hello i have a 2018 t6 transporter which had those oem led always on when door open rear interior lights.. i bought the original rocker switch lights - installed them. so far so good.. i can turn them off or with door open/close works too.. but the on switch for the light does not work. is there...