inspection due

  1. A

    Inspection Confusion Still...

    Hi, Firstly, I have checked via the search facility, but I'm still somewhat unclear... Van is on variable servicing. 66 plate - first service was Aug-18 @ circa 16k miles.. Currently on 24k miles, shows next service due in another 13k miles (i.e. 37k miles) or circa 9 months time. However its...
  2. dubdub

    Inspection Notice

    Forgive me if im being dim here but im getting a notice come up on the dash saying 'inspection in x amount of days' its on a count down to round about the point i will have had the van about 18 months ish? Its thrown me a bit by saying inspection?....of what??
  3. L

    Vechicle Check Reminder

    Just turned the ignition on to be greeted by a vechicle check reminder in less that 30 days. Guessing I need to take this to VW now to keep up warranty?
  4. K

    Next Service Due In ....

    Van sitting on 37,000 miles, last serviced in January on 24,000 miles. MFD saying Oil Service 12600 mi / 468 days, Inspection 12700 mi / 454 days. My service manual puts me on a Q18 schedule which seems to be annually/20,ooo miles. Can somebody tell me when my next service should be due? I've...
  5. G


    Had van now 7month 8000 miles on clock and inspection due now flashing up on dash. That can't be right can it?
  6. mopardave

    Service/inspection Indicator

    This is probably a really dumb question but can anyone explain this displayed in my MFD? Service AND inspection????
  7. Olly T6


    When’s the first service due?
  8. M

    "inspection Due In 6 Days"

    The van is only 1 wk old and I have the warning on dash..... VW Wrexham have told me to take it to a local dealer and they will reset in under 5 mins....getting there for me is there any way I can reset this also says service is not due for 16.5k miles. Thx...
  9. S

    20,000 mile inspection

    Hi my van is almost due the 20000 mile inspection, I rang up local dealer and he said it is a service, I thought it got serviced at 25000 miles? I have a service plan and don’t want them using my plan unless it is a service and not an inspection as I thought. Any help appreciated