inspection due

  1. shaiboyuk

    Adblue topup and Inspection Due

    Hi, So in the last couple of days the blow messages have came one dash... Whats needed for inspection? Van has done just over 5k and is 1.5 years old. Can it just be cleared? Also adblue, I've heard different stories about about filling and waiting till its down to 1000 miles range then put...
  2. Y

    'Inspection 30 days'

    Just popped up on the dash display. Can anyone tell me what this entails? Presumably it is just a visual inspection? My van is out of warranty so I'm tempted just to reset the system if that's the case. Thanks.
  3. B

    Resetting an "Inspection now!" message - other than after a service?

    An "Inspection now!" message has appeared, at about 55500 miles. According to the service history, a Service 3 was carried out, by the main dealer, on 24 August 2020 at 53911 miles. Is it possible that the service warning was reset - but not the inspection warning? I can reset the inspection...
  4. S

    'Inspection Now' message

    Hi my van is almost due the 20000 mile inspection, I rang up local dealer and he said it is a service, I thought it got serviced at 25000 miles? I have a service plan and don’t want them using my plan unless it is a service and not an inspection as I thought. Any help appreciated
  5. SimonMRT

    T6.1 Reset vehicle inspection info

    Hi Guys, So my T6.1 is showing it needs an oil inspection in 2500 KM etc and I want to turn the light off as I don't need it coming up every time I turn the ignition on. It different to the T6 so has anyone done it? as I cant work it out, it seems that you would use the same button as for the...