1. J_Con19

    For Sale Folding bed

    Fold away camp bed, fits in the back of a swb no problem. Never been used like new Collection Dundee £20
  2. Paynewright

    For Sale Ikea Table Legs (for bed platform)

    Set of 6 black Ikea screw on table legs originally purchased to make a platform with some ply as a quick and easy Kombi bed. Legs unscrew for storage of the platform. Legs would need trimming to height. Called Adils and currently £5 each from Ikea. All 6 for £15 - collection South Leicester...
  3. Aliceincamperland

    IKEA Kallax furniture build idea

    I've had a 'brainwave' to buildy van furniture out of ikea kallax units. I've searched and searched and can't find anyone who has done this which is making me wonder why not? I have 2 days off this week so thought I could set to it..been pricing up buy and having a kit fitted and although I'm...
  4. t6blo

    IKEA / Flatpack Furniture ideas - not beds

    Anyone fitted any IKEA (or other) furniture - thinking drawers, cupboards, units etc. Now that I’ve moved my Kombi bench back to the rear row position it is pretty similar to having a full width rock n roll when in the seated position. As the bench seat doesn’t turn into a bed I could also fit...
  5. cy294

    Ikea Lycksele Murbo mattress

    Afternoon all, does anyone have experience of the IKEA Lycksele Murbo mattress? I've just bought one for our Kombi Nation bed, but as it isn't a tri-fold, wanted to know how fellow T6 owners store their IKEA mattress when the Kombi bed is folded away. Many thanks
  6. Y

    Sold IKEA Hammarn Sofa Bed - perfect condition

    I am selling my IKEA Hammarn Sofabed because I am upgrading my conversion and this will no longer fit. It is in excellent condition and offers a comfortable and affordable sleeping / seating solution for those starting out with their conversion or who want to be able to remove the bed easily. It...
  7. joe_j_barnes

    Sold Ikea bed £50

    Hi ikea bed for sale, bought pre lockdown but not used van due for conversion next month hence not required anymore. £50 Wirral.
  8. M

    Sold IKEA Hammarn sofa bed

    For sale the infamous £99 Ikea bed for much less and without the queues. Fits nicely between the wheel arches and is a great sleeping solution for those with limited pockets. Only used a few times last year so has a few marks on the plastic feet but otherwise in excellent condition. £50 takes it...

    Upgrading From The Famous £99 Ikea Bed..

    Hello guys! Since we have several months to sit tight, I’m going to start looking at upgrading the old Ikea bed. Slept in it this weekend, and it’s just not what I’m after anymore. Really like the @slidepods , what’s the competitors on the market to these? What are people using? love the...
  10. E

    Ikea Bed Question...

    I know that there’s been lots of posts about the ‘Hammarn’ IKEA sofa bed being used inside as a useful bed - does anyone know if it’ll fit a Transporter Shuttle? I’m getting mine in a week and am beginning to accumulate bits and pieces. I love the larger slide-out beds but I’ll need to leave a...
  11. H

    For Sale Ikea Dioder Lights

    Have these, brand new. Never fitted or opened. Any offer will do. Will post out. I’d rather someone use them than go in bin
  12. Surfer

    For Sale Ikea Pull Out Bed For Sale. Fits T6

    I bought my T6 last summer as a panel van intending to convert myself over the following 12 months. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of a few weekends away at the end of summer I bought this bed as a temp solution after recommendations on here. It was great and probably used it for about 10...
  13. S

    Sold Ikea Hammarn That £99 Bed - Unused

    Assembled but unused. The dark grey Ikea Hammarn Sofa Bed that provides seat and bed for your T6. Recommended by many on this forum. Available after Dec 26th, collection only. £60.00
  14. R

    Anyone Used Ikea Blinds?

    Looking to see if anyone has used ikea blinds for there vans?
  15. Dannyb6467

    £99.00 Bed That Fits A Swb Kombi Perfectly

    As thread suggests. Now that we have spent 3 weeks of sleeping on the bed I thought it worthy of posting on here. Got it from Ikea, £99, fitted in 15 minutes literally, fits behind the 2nd row of seats and leaves nearly 2ft of luggage space behind. To go touring take out the 2nd row of seats...
  16. M

    IKEA units for kitchenette

    Anyone used ikea/b&q units for a conversion? cant really afford evo flatpack etc, im pretty handy with the tools so cutting down units to fit shouldn't be too much of a problem, however will the extra weight of the mdf or chipboard cause problems? there is obviously a reason they use lightweight...