1. M

    Propex issues

    Hi All, I got my T6 eu5 professionally converted in April this year. I use it for day trips on a weekend mainly. I have been away mainly in summer. We went away this week to the Lakes and obviously it’s a lot cooler on a night so having a baby in the van I was trying to use the propex...
  2. L

    Alternator Problem???

    My van has been converted to a camper by a local company. The Propex heater in the back keeps showing a voltage fault. The unit requires 10.3 to 12.8 volts to operate correctly which is fine when the van is off, but jumps up to 14.7v when the engine is running. The conversion company are...
  3. DaveyB

    Propex HS2000 and it’s feed voltage..

    I have one of these installed under my van as per another thread, however, since it being installed I have noted that the black control unit (the one with the rotary dials) keeps registering a fault. Ultimately the red led light flashes 3 times, which indicates that the battery voltage is either...
  4. Mark Woodhouse

    Which night-heater?

    I'm looking at fitting a ebrspacher or webasto night heater and wondered if anyone has fitted either and can recommend location to fit and which one is best to go for, I currently have rib bed and insulated but no kitchen unit fitted as yet
  5. Pete C

    Propex HS2000 heater location

    Not sure where to post this, but here goes: We are part way through converting our T6 from panel van to camper van, and I want to fit a Propex HS2000 gas heater, mainly to extend the usage we can get through the year (keeps my wife happy). I like the simplicity of this approach rather than the...
  6. S

    Underslung LPG tanks

    Morning, I have one getting delivered tomorrow from Autogas and the install looks fairly straightforward, but I have a couple of questions. 1) Is it somehow possible to mount the filler nozzle in the spare grommet by the fuel cap where the adblue would normally go (retro euro 5 here)? Its...