hot water

  1. J

    Retro fitting hot water

    Good morning all, we have a t6 that is missing one thing! Hot water. Space is at a premium but is there anything we can do with our existing diesel heater (Autoterm) to add hot water to our set up. Thank you!
  2. D

    Solar Panel Powered Hot Water Immersion Heater

    I'm looking to build a system that allows me to dump excess solar power to an immersion heater to heat a small 12 litre tank of water for hot showers. I have a 230Ah Lithium battery. The battery is monitored via a Smart Shunt, so I know exactly it's percentage charge. I was wondering whether...
  3. W00dy101

    Transvend Water Boilers.... Anyone got any reviews????

    Looking at fitting something for making hot drinks in our service vans and found They say their 2 litre insulated boiler heats up from 10 degrees to approx 95 degrees in just under 30 mins on a 30a 12v supply. Can then be set to either keep hot (heater kicks in again at 5...
  4. Bobbych

    Instant Hot water?

    So I'm part way through my T6.1 conversion and I not need to purchase the Tap for my SMEV sink/Hob combo. Obviously there are cold only and Hot/Cold options which got me thinking about the need for Hot water. I guess the majority of the community boil a kettle on the Hob and that works fine. But...
  5. F

    Hot Water And Heating Eberpracher D5

    Hi, Bought swb kombi took wife and kids set off, didnt book anything but ferry back from dunkurque, got to Lviv before realising that we are far from home. Learned that we need heating and warm showers. Rear and side awning for privacy. Refillable lpg bottle. (no room for underslung with...
  6. Pau1GTI

    Instant Hot Water Tap? Doable?

    Hi Guys I've just had a thought. I've got a underslung water tank with an accumulated supply. When at a site with mains, would one of these on demand hot water taps work if wired in an fed via the with my underslung water supply. I could sink it into the worktop over the sink. Or I'm I being...