hill descent assist

  1. chris ratay

    T6.1 rear diff & hill-descent assist?

    Looking at pulling the trigger on a newer T6.1 with 4-motion AND rear Diff lock. Any idea why some models have the rear diff lock, but not always the downhill assist (photos)? Also, the 199 vs 204hp engines... the 204 seems more fuel efficient, but I found some good deals on the 199. Any...
  2. Bronco

    Hill descent on a DSG?

    I’d this possible in the DSG. I’d find it useful in the snow coming down our lane. My old T5 Manual was brilliant in first gear, feet off, steady away.! And is the sport mode first gear a lower ratio?
  3. JasonW

    Hill descent

    Having added descent control when I specced the 4M van build I often wondered if I got carried away ticking boxes and whether it would be a button I'd ever press in a real life situation... Well called upon it today for the first time descending a 33% single track gradient which was covered in...
  4. HDA


  5. Switches


  6. A

    ABS Long Coding, Hill Descent Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring

    Here is a couple of nuggets for everyone: How to active Tyre pressure monitoring TPM (PR 7K9) How to active Hill descent control on 4Motion vehicles (PR UG5) Of course with UG5 the hill descent switch must be installed and wired to the ABS CU to activate. TPM activation is purely just software...
  7. C

    Traction Control - ESC/ASR & HDA switch retrofit

    so with the forecasted snowy weather due i was looking forward to driving around everywhere knowing my snow tyres and and traction control turned off will help me... ah just one problem.. where is the bloody traction control switch gone?!? My handbook says there is a switch.. however there...