1. Loz

    Sold VCDS HEX V2

    Latest firmware Ross-Tech registered (will transfer) Unlimited VINs £300 (including postage)
  2. T

    For Sale VCDS HEX+CAN cable

    I've got a Genuine Ross-tech HEX+CAN cable unlimited vins etc that I purchased many years ago from Gendan.. Would sell for £250.
  3. Clyro

    VCDS HEX-V2 red flashing light!

    Hi can anyone help? I have a hex-v2 and have used it in the past to code in RVC but after trying to update the firmware it started flashing red. It seems to update to the latest version and light starts flashing green but when I do the test I get the message interface not found. It's over a year...
  4. S

    For Sale VCDS HEX-V2 cable (9 VINs remaining)

    Hi, decided to sell my Ross Tech VCDS HEX V2 10 VIN version. Bought new in 2021 from Gendan (original receipt included). Used a handful of times on my T6 back then and sat in a cupboard ever since so 9 VIN registrations remaining. Just plugged in to my laptop today and updated to latest...
  5. TeWhip

    Sold VCDS HEX-USB+CAN Cable

    A genuine Ross-Tech VCDS HEX+CAN USB Ver.B This is the version with Unlimited VIN usage. Been used a hand-full of time on my previous vehicles. Looking for £350 collected from Kent (I am up and down the country between Kent and Leeds most weeks as well) - Will post however cost will need to be...
  6. StueyStuey

    Sold VCDS HEX-V2 cable

    VCDS Hex V2 Cable I bought this in June last year from Gendan Automotive and used one of the 3 VIN’s on my old van. I thought I’d use it when I was fettling my new van when it arrived this year but haven’t needed it so decided to sell it on for someone else to use the remaining 2 VIN’s. In as...
  7. A

    Sold VCDS HEX-V2 cable

    Good Morning ! I have sold my T6.1, but still have the VCDS Interface cable I have no immediate use for it, so I’ll post it up here in case of any interest. Genuine Ross-Tech Hex V2; with 3 VIN limit. Valid/ Activated --- VIN(s) Used: 1/3 So 2 remaining. The interface has just been updated. >...
  8. Dellmassive

    Sold VCDS HEX-USB+CAN Interface Package

    Genuine original - Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-USB+CAN Interface Package ++++ Pro version - with unlimited VINS !!! ++++ £349 collected or + postage Genuine VCDS HEX-USB+CAN Interface + USB stick with latest software + genuine Plastic Carry Case ++++ Works with all the VAG + T5/T6 range and...
  9. BrianK

    Sold VCDS HEX-V2 cable

    Hi all Unfortunately my van had to go. I have for sale my VCDS with 2 unused VINS. Like brand new, only used about 10 times. VCDS®HEX-V2 USB (3 VIN) Ross-Tech VCDS® HEX-V2 USB - Marshalls Industrial Offers please. Payment by PayPal – Tracked delivery will be included (UK mainland)
  10. tommy_t6.1

    Sold VCDS HEX+CAN cable

    Genuine VCDS cable FOR SALE Unlimited VIN version Will work on any VAG car up to 2015 £250 ono Located in Manchester
  11. The Ham

    Which VCDS?

    which version vcds do think I should get? currently have a snide one but am worried I might bugger something up, I would like to get the proper rosstech lead. have looked on their site and they do a few different ones, along with the obvious fault finding I'd like to do adaptions as well...
  12. dubber36

    Sold VCDS HEX+CAN cable

    As the title says. It's a genuine Ross Tech cable that's had little use. It works on VAG vehicles 1996 - 2018. I've just bought a new one as my van is a 2019. £110.00 posted to mainland UK
  13. Loz

    Look What Arrived Today..

    A new Ross-Tech Hex V2 vcds interface cable..
  14. S

    Clone VCDS Cable

    Hi guys I would like to know if someone bought and successfully using clone cable, to code vw t6 or any new euro 6 2018 car. I need it for my personal use, dont want to spend 300euro or more.. thanks
  15. R

    Which VCDS cable?

    Hi guys Got a hex can USB cable on order from gendan. Will that work OK on my t6? Cheers