1. The Ham

    Which VCDS?

    which version vcds do think I should get? currently have a snide one but am worried I might bugger something up, I would like to get the proper rosstech lead. have looked on their site and they do a few different ones, along with the obvious fault finding I'd like to do adaptions as well...
  2. Loz

    Look What Arrived Today..

    A new Ross-Tech Hex V2 vcds interface cable..
  3. S

    VCDS/Cable for new vw euro 6, 2018

    Hi guys I would like to know if someone bought and successfully using clone cable, to code vw t6 or any new euro 6 2018 car. I need it for my personal use, dont want to spend 300euro or more.. thanks
  4. R

    Which VCDS cable?

    Hi guys Got a hex can USB cable on order from gendan. Will that work OK on my t6? Cheers