h4 headlamp

  1. TimC66

    T6 Headlight Bulb Upgrade

    Hi, Could some one advise me what bulbs I need for my headlights in the picture. I’m confused with side lights, drl’s, h4 and h7. Thanks
  2. R

    Found Standard t6 passenger headlight

    Has anyone got a standard t6 passenger headlight they want to sell. Some little scrote smashed mine today and they were on a pushbike so it’s pointless even trying to find them. Cheers
  3. JamieinSwindon

    For Sale Front H4 & Tailgate Tail Lights

    Hi I am new to this site! I have a set of Front Head Lights and a set of Rear Lights from our 68 Plate VW T6 Kombi Van which I am looking to sell on. Having no idea, their worth I would be happy for any suggestions. I have replaced these with some LED Lights from Transporter HQ and having spent...
  4. LambethBoy

    Found Anyone got any H4 headlights they don’t want?

    Want to remove the front glass for a little project, don’t want to take mine out in case I get it wrong!!
  5. B

    For Sale H4 Headlights with Nightbreakers £60 collected

    Hi all, selling a pair of original 2018 T6 California Beach headlights H4 model, will fit any T6. The bulbs have been upgraded to Osram H4 nightbreaker lasers. Perfect condition and packed away, hence lack of pics Take them away for £60, I'm near Brentwood in Essex Thanks
  6. bodillc

    FREE new unused H4 headlights

    2019 T6 SWB Transporter, came with H4 headlights and were swapped out immediately with LED. They are brand new and unused. Any offers. Not sure of the posting costs, guessing about £20 or so using the large THQ original box. Or collect in person in Swindon, north, SN25 area
  7. S

    For Sale T6 H4 Headlights £100

    Hi Guys, Selling two head light units from my 2016 T6 £100 pick up in Frimley Surrey if poss
  8. Ads_Essex

    Found H4 or H7 Headlamps (for lenses)

    I am after a pair of H4 or H7 headlamps where the lenses are in good condition - all the lugs can be snapped etc, it’s just the lens that I am after. For a little project. EDIT: typo
  9. J

    Headlight Bulbs

    Hi, I know lots has been written about the poor headlights ( most too complicated/ expensive ) but I would really like a simple answer to my question.....Which replacement bulb is the best? I know the improvement is not amazing but any improvement would help.....thank you so much
  10. Ross’st6

    Headlight Beam Pattern

    Has anyone removed the beam pattern cage thing that’s in the h4 headlights? Contemplating doing it to see if tithe light is any better as everyone knows they are shocking and that looks too restrict so much light from the bulb.
  11. RichDavies82

    Sold H4 Headlights £20

    I have a pair of H4 headlights for sale. The O/S light has some hairline cracks - consistent with some pressure being applied on one part. I just need these gone as they’re sat in the dining room and the wife’s getting annoyed! I can take to Caffeine and Machine if that helps?? These will make...
  12. Dellmassive

    T6 H4 Headlight circuit diagram 2020-01-27

    H4 Headlight wires & connections
  13. Inthezone

    Sold Factory 2019 T6 Headlamps (not Led)

    Pair of std headlamps with bulbs perfect working order taken off my 69 plate T6 2 months after delivery £50
  14. M

    FREE T6 H4 Headlights

    Set of OEM H4 headlights- can deliver or available for collection from Southampton area- ££ make me an offer!
  15. A

    Replacing H4 Bulbs

    Does anybody have a link to a video to show how to replace H4 bulbs on a T6?
  16. andy58

    H4 Headlights So Dull - Need Advice

    Can you help
  17. Stay Frosty

    H4's With Leds?

    As thread title but reading between the lines on the various LED lookalike H4 alternatives it's starting to sound like unless you stick LED lamps in these projector type lights and run dip and main beam together you're not actually getting much more light on the road in front of you. Don't get...
  18. J

    Led H4 Replacement Bulbs

    Hi, Keep looking at replacement LED H4 bulbs to replace the yellow candles. Anyone used any and how do you get round any error messages on dash. I see some reputable makes are now selling them hopefully that means an improvement in quality.
  19. James1000

    For Sale Devonports / Grille / Lights

    Various items for sale Devonports - £300 see pictures best and worst treads Grille (Highline) - £35 Headlights - £100 Rear lights - £50 No pictures of lights as all packaged and boxed up by THQ after upgrade but they are standard. POSs delivery / meet up - M5 (all of it) / M42 / M69 / Bristol...
  20. tifflepops

    H4 Led Drl Lamps

    I went all off piste got cocky and ordered some led lamps off eBay without asking you lot which ones I should buy and surprise surprise they are wrong don't light up and lamp out on dash. Anyone got a link to a set that will work. I hat the orange colour of the standard one. Thanks in advance...