h4 headlamp

  1. J

    Found H4 Headlight

    Looking for recommendation for garage in the Stirling area (Central Scotland) to replace the driver’s (offside) headlight of my T6.1 campervan. Collided with a pheasant and the cover now has a circular crack about the size of a football - see photo. Also, not sure if possible to replace just the...
  2. Ads_Essex

    Sold FREE: H4 headlamps.

    H4 headlamps. In good working order. P&P is £11.70 with Parcelforce for 24hr or £10.20 48hr (insured at £150!). If you wish to use your own courier, in the THQ box measure 73x68x38cm and weigh 9.7kg.
  3. B

    Sold H4 Headlights

    As per the title. Set of OEM H4 headlight units from a 2016 T6. Boxed and ready to collect or can send at buyers cost. Based in Devizes for collection. Thanks.
  4. chappers

    Sold H4 headlights £25

    They come with standard bulbs but missing the side light bulbs. One mark on the offside headlight, see photos. £25 for the pair, collection only from Gloucester.
  5. Whisperinbri

    T6 LED headlight damaged - replacement options?

    Good morning folks Hit a Deer last night and burst my nearside headllamp Its a 2019 sport line van with full LED headlamp Think this is going to be an expensive repair Is there an aftermarket headlamp available, ie Valeo or similar that will replace the unit or is it going to have to be a...
  6. Sportline_wheels_OSF_Scotland_zoom.jpeg


  7. P

    Which headlights do I have?

    Sorry for dumb question but I need to get a full set of spare bulbs for a trip to France and sets for the T6 seem to have H1, H4 or H7. I know I could take a bulb out to check but I'd rather not if I can avoid it. So which is the most likely on an ex AA Startline 2017? Thanks
  8. ajxander

    FREE H4 Headlights

    Got a pair of Factory headlights off a 2018 T6, fully working when I took them off in mid 2020 been in storage since. Located in Cambridgeshire. Open to offers.
  9. Snowdawg

    For Sale H4 Passenger Headlight £50

    Hi. I have a singular passenger headlight for sale, removed from a 2016 (35,000 miles) to upgrade to Transporter HQ’s (driver already passed on to a friend of mine). Ideal if someone has a chip/crack or has bumped theirs (will even leave the bulbs in ;)) (£50) (Just outside Chester)
  10. t6blo

    OEM T6 Headlights - remove chrome strip

    Since fitting LED H4 bulbs I am happy with the OEM T6 headlamps - I don't drive much in the dark and they now give off a nice crisp white light that is definitely brighter than stock bulbs. So, I wondered if anyone had managed to black out/delete the chrome bits either side that are an...
  11. Cuffy

    Sold FREE: H4 headlight units

    Free to collector. Chippenham, Wiltshire. Pair of H4 lights off my 2019 van. Very good condition. All standard candles in situ. Missing rear cover on left hand unit.
  12. 5n0wb0mb3r

    FREE H4 headlamps

    Morning, I've recently had the headlights upgraded on my T6 to v3s, so have a pair of working H4's if anyone fancies them. Off a 67 plate in decent condition with bulbs. Collection from Chichester.
  13. D

    Sold H4 headlights £20

    Pair of standard VW headlights, taken off 2019 T6, vgc £20
  14. JamesDon

    Replacing H4 headlights

    I've got a T6 Startline with H4 headlights where the glass/plastic is covered in a trillion little stone chips so don't look great when lit. I see that there are lots of these available at low cost so I'm wondering how big of a job it would be just to replace like for like? And whilst I'm at it...
  15. Octane85

    Headlights not in tune with switch [Resolved]

    Just bought a T6 and one of the things I’ve come to find out is that the headlights don’t seem to do what the switch is asking them to. With the switch set to Auto they work as expected. However, here’s what happens in other modes: Switch: Off = lights: full beam Switch: sidelights =...
  16. G

    Sold T6 H4 Headlights (Pair) £40

    Pair of T6 H4 headlights. Removed from 2018 Highline van. In full working order with all bulbs included - Osram Night Breaker 200. Sold as a pair only. £40 ono. Collection preferred. East Ayrshire, 20 miles south of Glasgow. Message me if you're interested.
  17. C

    H7 bulbs in to H4 lamps - straight swap?

    Hello. I have standard headlights and I assume these are h4s? Will a set of h7 bulbs from hellfrauds pip straight in and give ‘better’ results?
  18. Ronno1o

    DRL led bulbs not working T6

    Hi all, I have an early model T6 (65 plate non ad blue). I've bought two different pairs of replacement drl bulbs with bayonet type fittings but no luck in getting any to illuminate. Original bulbs are "osram 7506 SL" I'm not sure if this is a wattage issue?? but the bulbs I've bought both...
  19. Stupot67

    H4 bulb seating

    Hopefully is a quick answer -is this correct seating for H4 headlight bulb? It feels like the groove should be dead centre at the bottom in line with the guard arm but they look like are at an angle? Both are same. Thanks.
  20. C

    For Sale H4 headlights. £40

    For Sale Pair of H4 Headlamps complete with bulbs Taken from my 69 plate Kombi. £40.00 collected from Stalybridge/Greater Manchester Cheers for looking