generation 6

  1. Crazymind

    Generation six at home

    Finally is at home! Never liked it but fell in love when I saw it in flash . 2016, 42k miles Serviced every 10 k miles, last at 41500. DGS oil done at 38k miles, cambelt kit done last year at 40k miles. Rear tyres cheap Chinese rubber but new, Falken to the front. Will solve this after the...
  2. Sackmycook

    Wanted Gen Six Wheels

    Any for sale
  3. JimVee

    Which wheels to sell on the Gen 6 bus?

    So, it’ll soon be time to sell the bus as we re moving to France, trying to decide whether to sell it with the original Disc wheels or Duchy Banded wheels? I’m assuming the originals.... not sure what the bus is worth but will drop the spec in another thread to get a rough idea from the Forum...
  4. F

    Caravelle Generation Six

    Hi all, Are there many Generation Six owners on the forum? Just wondering how many we might have amongst us. I’m thinking of searching one down (out of the 196 total apparently registered) but I think they’re pretty rare especially with sensible miles so might take me forever. Thoughts?
  5. G

    Caravelle Gen-6 info

    hi all and thanks for allowing me to join. I am hopefully about to dip my toe into the world of the T6, can anyone give me any information on a caravelle gen6 red and white reg DC16kUU from the Edinburg area as I am having it shiped down to Carlisle for a test drive.Any information or previous...
  6. WhiskyDisco

    Generation Six Wheel Hub Caps.

    Hello chaps, We have scratched one of our alloys - not a big deal as we can get our local wheel refurbisher to repair the damage and give a nice powder coated finish. The problem is that the disc has also been scratched. Does anyone know if this can be repaired, or know of a place to buy a...
  7. Ashypants

    Caravelle Generation Six Step Light Cover

    Hi folks, recently new owner of a Caravelle Gen Six - First post in the forum too (i've been a lurker for a while)... So Mrs A has just messaged me to tell me she had snapped the Generation Six light cover in the door foot well - Does anyone know the part number and where I can source...
  8. R

    Anyone Seen One Of These Genuine Vw Option

    Available in Germany
  9. 13737598_10153800043073181_3362125716041818742_o


  10. spook

    Where can I buy Generation Six Wheels

    Where can I buy Generation Six Wheels? Any for sale?! thanks
  11. T6 dork

    Generation Six badges

    well i didnt like them on the doors at all so fitted under the indicator repeaters i like em there but every ones different
  12. Reclined Seats 2

    Reclined Seats 2

  13. Reclined Seats 1

    Reclined Seats 1

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