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  1. JimVee

    Which wheels to sell on the bus?

    So, it’ll soon be time to sell the bus as we re moving to France, trying to decide whether to sell it with the original Disc wheels or Duchy Banded wheels? I’m assuming the originals.... not sure what the bus is worth but will drop the spec in another thread to get a rough idea from the Forum...
  2. F

    Caravelle Generation Six

    Hi all, Are there many Generation Six owners on the forum? Just wondering how many we might have amongst us. I’m thinking of searching one down (out of the 196 total apparently registered) but I think they’re pretty rare especially with sensible miles so might take me forever. Thoughts?
  3. Stu Gen Six

    Generation Six Wheel Hub Caps.

    Overnight, we’ve had all 4 chrome hub caps stolen off of our Gen 6. I don’t understand why someone would take them as there can’t be much of a market for them. Does anyone know how much they are to replace? If anyone knows or sees any being offered for sale in the Somerset/Bristol area, let me...
  4. WolverineMac

    Generation 6 Alloys

    Anyone had any lock replacing one of the Chrome Hub-Caps. Been to local VW who can't find a replacement. I don't understand how, but one of these came flying off on the motor way last week.
  5. Ashypants

    Caravelle Generation Six Step Light Cover

    Hi folks, recently new owner of a Caravelle Gen Six - First post in the forum too (i've been a lurker for a while)... So Mrs A has just messaged me to tell me she had snapped the Generation Six light cover in the door foot well - Does anyone know the part number and where I can source...
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  7. spook

    Wanted Vw T6 Generation Six Wheels

    Any for sale thanks
  8. JimVee

    Generation Six badges

    Fitted the Generation six badges today, behind side indicators and very happy with them. B14’s and ARB’s tomorrow.
  9. Reclined Seats 2

    Reclined Seats 2

  10. Reclined Seats 1

    Reclined Seats 1

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  19. WhiskyDisco

    Caravelle Rear Blowers Not Working

    Hi there. I wonder if anyone knows the location of the fuse for the rear air conditioning roof blowers? They don't work and I'm wondering if the fuse has blown. To be honest I don't recall them ever working, but now that we are on our tour of Croatia we need them to. Also, the manual talks...
  20. Crewey

    Team GenSix Silver & Blue