gearbox oil

  1. Gt Haywire

    T6 5th gear selection issue

    I wonder if someone could help me please. My T6 van 36000 miles 5 speed 2016 T30 Trendline van has a 5th gear shift issue. (Van in profile photo) I have just found it difficult to get into 5th gear. It's not hard to get it in, it just needs a slight push to get it there when driving! I have...
  2. R

    Gearbox Oil Change Procedure - 2016 150PS 6 Speed

    Hello All, Does anyone have the 2016 150PS Manual 6 Speed Gearbox Oil Change Procedure? Along with the correct oil type etc... Plenty of info on the DSG but need the manual box.
  3. D

    2016 T6 Bevel Box And Final Drive

    Hi All, I have a 2016 T6 Transporter with 4motion, just serviced the engine and transmission and was going to service the haldex, final drive and bevel box. to my surprise I could not find drain bungs for the diff or bevel box just ports to check levels. been told that these are fill for life...
  4. Da Moose

    Clutch Slipping Question!!

    Hi all, Recently noticed my clutch is slipping, mainly in 4th gear during normal acceleration?? T32 150ps 6 spd manual with only 19763 miles completed. Has anyone else heard of or experienced this??
  5. Alanmh

    How To Check Gearbox Oil?

    I am probably paranoid, and I am used to driving cars with the windows up and lots of sound deadening. But, I am noticing a whine noise on overrun from the gearbox, especially in second gear. With a big trip to France coming up, how do I check the gearbox oil level. As I say, its probably just...