fuse under passenger seat

  1. Lukavell

    +/- Which is which???

    The two blue fuses are for the rear 12v sockets. I'm attaching them to the leisure battery but which of the red cables is + and which is -? The rear two are a thicker guage than the front two, one of which has yellow dashes on it. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. R

    Permanent Live For 12v Usb Charger In Rear

    Hi, I’m looking to install some 12v USB chargers in the rear for when we’re travelling. Wanted to know if there is a permanent live under the passenger seat in the blocks that I can piggy back rather than pulling the dash about. Also, I’m not running a leisure battery so wondered what effect...
  3. Jason Stancliffe

    12v Socket Not Working

    Hi My 12v socket has stopped working on top of dash . I’m thinking probably a fuse has gone. Anyone know which fuse and size it might be to check? Thanks
  4. Deaky

    Help Identifying Fuses Please

    this is the little fuse box under my passenger seat. I want to re locate these fuses into a new larger fuse box under the seat where my other leisure electrics will be held. I’d like to label them so it would be handy to know what they are. For reference I have a factory fitted aux battery...
  5. Glenn Board

    Where would I find the fuse for this?

    hi, can anyone please tell me the fuse associated with this relay, I’ve blown it so need to replace? Thanks in advance Ps it’s under the passenger seat