1. Belly

    Securing furniture..

    I need to secure this u shaped seating/bed to the floor and side walls, . Had a new 12mm ply floor with Altro covering. Any recommendations please..
  2. t6blo

    IKEA / Flatpack Furniture ideas - not beds

    Anyone fitted any IKEA (or other) furniture - thinking drawers, cupboards, units etc. Now that I’ve moved my Kombi bench back to the rear row position it is pretty similar to having a full width rock n roll when in the seated position. As the bench seat doesn’t turn into a bed I could also fit...
  3. 3crispies

    For Sale Interior parts

    Simora headrests . Free Caravelle rail covers. Awaiting collection Evo motion low units adapted for a Kombi, including spare edge Trims. Evo X.2 rear and Evo X.2 front with drawer £400 pair Motexion bulkhead single slider £135 SOLD...
  4. Ethan Andrews

    Furniture/kitchen manufacturers

    I contacted EVO Designs today. After believing for 12 months that they would be the company to supply me my furniture. Sadly they were not that helpful. They offered a slide out pod to go under a rear bench seat. I have two single rear RIB seats. And approx 1200mm in length either side to...
  5. J

    Fixing Overhead Lockers

    Hi, Im in the process of converting my van and have almost finished installing a Van Furniture Kitchen Pod, the only thing I have left to do is the lockers over the kitchen, is this just a simple case of using self tapping screws and fixing into the frame for the Skyline pop top? Photos for...
  6. R

    SWB units in a LWB

    This may be a silly question, but has anyone put SWB units in a LWB van? My thought was that with SWB units I could have a sliding door on the driver's side and still be able to use it.
  7. Lutty

    Cupboard shelving

    Hi all, Has anyone put shelving in there kitchen module? I have three cupboards next to my fridge. First one has the gas bottle cabinet. The other two are general storage. It seems a waste of space without a middle shelf as its not practical to store items on top of each other. Any ideas or what...
  8. S

    Awkward it's an old T5 not a T6

    But i guess most of this interior is applicable to you guys......I kinda owe a dept to this forum and the electrickery implications i've stumbled into here.......... it's also probably the slowest of slow builds and I'm silly time pressed so you'll have to bare with me a tad. We are country...
  9. C

    Furniture with full width bed

    Hi I have a t6 swb with a full width bed and was wondering what furniture people manage to fit in Any pics would be appreciated
  10. T

    Show us your windowed van conversions

    I really want to see what people have done with vans that have windows in rear quarters, there doesnt seem to be many options out there for low furniture, i may be wrong?
  11. M4rc

    Furniture - does a tailgate sit further in than barn doors?

    Hi All, I'm swapping my barn doors for a tailgate, could anyone tell me if when the door is closed will I lose any space with the tailgate? My units are already quite close to the Barn doors. TIA
  12. simon

    Show us your kitchen

    We are getting the van converted this autumn so it's time to pick our kitchen units, worktop and splash back. The options are endless and going round in circles. So please can you post your kitchen with the deets i.e. the colour name/style (if not obvious) for some inspiration and help me to...
  13. C

    Drilling wheelarch for rivnuts?

    Looking at fitting some rivnuts to the wheel arches for securing some furniture. Rivnuts so furniture is more easily removed when needed. There’s a factory metal plate on the drivers side that means I won’t need to drill through the arch itself. But, the passenger side doesn’t have the same...
  14. Richie246

    Need some inspiration for kitchen unit colours.

    Hi first time posting on here and I need some help please I have a pure grey T6.1 and need some inspiration for kitchen unit colours. Thank you
  15. Matchyt30

    Cool running campers, Wiltshire (furniture)

    If anyone in the Swindon , Wiltshire area is looking for kitchen units for their van I highly recommend checking out this guy . I Have personally seen these in the flesh and the build quality is second to none. There will be a proper Facebook page soon showing all the different options but for...
  16. McFlude

    Home built furniture. Can I see yours?

    It is one year ago today (at day of post) that I purchased a 2017 Kombi to convert. I still have to finish the door to the rear cupboard and a other few bits and bobs but thought that it is near enough finished to post a few pictures. When I was planning my conversion I was desperate for ideas...
  17. S

    Bespoke Van Furniture designed, made and almost fitted!!!!

    Have put a few posts up regarding the van furniture i have been designing. Well its now coming together in reality!! This is in my T6 LWB. Still got the read doors and top to put on and the control panel to cut in but i am beyond stoked with the quality i have been able to achieve.
  18. Pepédub

    Electrics for U Shaped Layout in LWB T6

    Hi everyone! I'm begining my conversion on my van and have decided on the U shaped Layout. Probably from van furniture or similar. But the question is where is the best positions for the leisure battery, split charge, hookup, consumer unit and 12v fusebox with this layout? Considering I want to...
  19. T

    Low level unit supplier

    Hi I am about to get my first transporter Kombi and am having an extra row of seats fitted, so I want a removable camper unit with a sink and hob that can replace the second (standard) row of seats when I use it for overnighters. The problem is it has to be low as I am fitting a kombi bed and...
  20. J

    Cupboard catches

    Hey all looking for a supplier of those nice little catches where centre pops out and forms knob. loads on eBay but are they any good?? Also seem to be two sizes think I want smaller one's about 20mm dia hole in stainless steel type if you know where I can get some please.