1. J

    Problem with fridge

    Hi all, i posted a little while ago about an issue with our Dometic CRE fridge compressor light flashing orange. We were told that this could be a wiring/amp issue so we paid to get the wiring redone. Things we have done: had a thicker wire installed, upgraded the fuse from 7.5 to 20 amp fuse...
  2. J

    Dometic fridge - orange flashing light

    My Dometic fridge has an orange light constantly flashing which I believe to be the compressor. After reading a few threads, people suggested disconnecting the battery, then trying to start it up again but this has not worked after many attempts. Does anyone else have any suggestions? We are...
  3. C

    T6 Sink, Microwave and Fridge only unit (No gas hob)

    Hi all, new to the forum. I will hopefully soon be undertaking my own conversion. After giving some thought to the cooking situation i have decided that i would prefer not to have a gas hob as part of the kitchen unit. I have been trying to find a unit to purchase that incorporates a sink...
  4. Roblee

    Dometic Fridge door catch.

    Bought our T6.1 camperking van back in 2021, we love it, but we dislike (being kind) our dometic fridge. The fridge works fine but it has the most basic-stupidest fridge door catch, I have ever come across. The door catch is very difficult to operate, you have to push the fridge door with your...
  5. roadtripper

    Alpicool Battery Bay - P18 review

    While the discount is on I'm considering an Alpicool fridge. I had wanted the T36 dual zone so I could freeze but the space with all seats in the Caravelle is not enough so I'm looking at the P18 which looks to be the dimensions of our existing long serving CampingGaz thermoelectric one that...
  6. N

    First use fridge query

    we just got our van and are going to do a little day trip , might seem silly question but we are totally new to all this - at what stage do you turn a fridge on before you are going on a day trip ? How long does it usually take to get cold ( dometic fridge ) and I assume it will using the...
  7. B

    For Sale Alpicool K25 12V Top Loading Compressor Fridge

    Alpicool K25 12V Top Loading Compressor Fridge 25 litre 12V cigarette lighter type socket power adaptor Mains power adapter Length 575mm, Height 345mm, Depth 340mm Excellent condition, only used a few times as I have now fitted a fixed fridge in my van instead. £120 Collection only from CO10...
  8. D

    Fridge or L/Battery issue?

    Hi, anyone have any idea what the orange light is? It’s constantly on, fridge cuts out when it comes on. I’m currently having issues with my leisure battery but don’t know if it’s a related problem. Leisure battery is not charging while driving. New battery installed yesterday. TIA
  9. roadtripper

    Freezing ice packs in compressor camping fridge

    So to get to the point I'm trying to find a compressor camping fridge that will also freeze ice packs that's not a massive wheeled chest thing. Why? Well we do road trips rather than camping so drive to an area and set up base somewhere and then do days out. The van kitchen pod has a well...
  10. L

    Fridge MCB tripped. Wont go back on.

    I have my Sanjo Fridge freezer in my camper, was working fine. Parked it up at storage for about a month then wouldn't turn on. Mcb had tripped and will not turn back on. Checked fuses from battery, all fuses around Sterling Power charger all good too. Before I unscrew the Fridge are there any...
  11. J

    Dometic crx50 fault

    I have a dometic crx50 fridge fitted in my t6, it's 3 years old and only really been used a few times. It seems to have developed a fault, I turn it on (running off the leisure battery) and the compressor etc starts up, after a few minutes it stops, if I open the door there are no lights on at...
  12. 4WheelsFromCanvas

    CRE50 fridge issues and potential Leisure Battery culprit - RESOLVED!

    Right. I’ve been putting this off for a while but as it now affects my Dometic fridge and we’re looking to go on a trip to Europe this summer I need to tackle this. Been putting it off because electrics (and plumbing for that matter) are like the Dark Arts to me! So please bear with and excuse...
  13. Lucan

    Fridge issues

    Hi All, Wondered if anyone can help. I switched the fridge on yesterday (whilst on hook up). I’ve come to it today and the red light was flashing once and the fridge was not cool. I started the van and the fridge appeared to work as normal with no flashing light. I’ve now switched the...
  14. Rapt0rUK

    Help!!! Waeco CRX50 Low Voltage Error - Renogy Lithium Battery

    Hi folks, have an issue with my fridge or potentially the lithium battery. Setup is a Renogy 100ah Lithium, Renogy DC-DC charger. I have a strange issue where if the fridge has been switched off, when I turn it on there's a low voltage error (single flash of the warning light, first in the...
  15. RedPete66

    HELP - why would fridge flatten van battery?

    Hi guys. I know there are lots of threads on leisure battery operation etc, but I have a specific question and need some help/advice please. I have a T6 conversion from Highlife Campers and assumed the fridge ran off the LB so could be run until the LB runs flat (when no EHU available). However...
  16. 3crispies

    For Sale Camping fridge and new toilet

    Used 3 way beer fridge has dent on top £80 Only used once still has cellophane on it and box thetford portaloo. £65 Located Cambs
  17. S

    Campervan Fridge temperatures

    So this is my first winter with a Campervan and at the weekend I thought my fridge was broken as the compressor wouldn’t start even though the lights were on. It is a Sanjo SVR50 (Waeco/ Dometic CRX50 copy). Anyway to cut a long story short I didn’t give any thought to the fact that the already...

    Sold 12v/240v compressor fridge

    Excellent condition, only reason for selling is we’ve bought a kitchen and now have a cr50 fridge to fit into the units. Looking for £250. Driving home tomorrow from Cornwall to lincolnshire … I think it’s 40l, could be bigger not sure I must say it’s a fantastic fridge and goes down to...
  19. RDT

    Sold Just Kampers 45Lt 12v-230v Electric Compressor Cool Box Fridge / Freezer £190.00

    Just Kampers 45Lt 12v-230v Electric Compressor Cool Box Fridge / Freezer £190.00 Sorry don't have a pic of it in my van, above is website picture. Collection from Cumbria. Website spec: Quality Just Kampers product, exclusive to JK. Designed to be fantastic quality and fit nicely inside...