1. Bynxy

    portable fridge size maters

    Hi looking for a portable fridge/freezer for my van, I already have a domestic installed which is fine for the wife and I, but I have a large hungry dog who eats 1.2kg raw food a day a so need a big portable fridge or freezer I can cary his food in we have an igloo cooler which is ok for a few...
  2. Nosnittap

    Which terminal positive for fridge?

    I have a lithium battery, a Nemo split charger and a shunt and a dometic Cr49 fridge. I Know I put negative to shunt but do put positive to leisure battery or the nemo charger to battery terminal. It works with both. The attached photo isn't the final set up. Can someone tell me if the way I...
  3. J

    Fridge not cooling Smod DSX-40 B2E

    Hi all, I have a Smod fridge which is not cooling. It has power because the internal fridge light is working however it doesn't cool... or make any fridge noises. The on/off switch on the outside works in that it powers the fridge (fridge light) but it doesn't light up any more - I believe...
  4. Eli

    Sold Vevor 55L Fridge

    I am selling our as new Vevor 55L fridge as it is too big to sit on the sliding tray I have just bought and the rear shelf on the Cali Beach. Its has only been used once on the Bala 2022 meet for 2 days. I am so impressed with this that I am now buying the Vevor 45L as that will fit. Download...
  5. BoroBoy

    Outwell Deep Cool 50 L fridge - error message

    My neighbour has the above unit, which when powered up give a E02 message. Anybody have any experience with these units, which may point to the fault. TIA.
  6. Brindle

    Halfords 40l compressor fridge

    Anyone bought one of these? Seems like decent value, just trying to figure out approx howling it would run in a 90ah AGM leisure battery. Can’t find any reviews or user experiences anywhere for it. Halfords 40l
  7. N

    smallest DC freezer

    I'm looking for the smallest 12v 24v freezer I can find. I want to be able to freeze blocks and water bottles that I then use in a cooler box which is quite large. My cooler box lasts about 3-4 days and is really big but i need a way of freezing ice blocks off grid and keeping the occasional ice...
  8. Deviant Tubs

    Dometic Under-seat Fridge - Paint/Wrap/Other?

    Morning all, So I've been racking my brains over this and I've decided it's time to ask those in the know on the forum. I'm in the process of having van converted. I'm going for a Day Van type setup with a wider 130cm bed and slim line kitchen unit running the length of the vehicle (no gas...
  9. The Bean

    Sold Dometic cfx3 35 fridge

    Dometic cfx 3 35 ltr fridge. Comes boxed. Too tall for what I need and doesn’t fit under my rib seat at 420mm… bought of eBay. No internal cage but can be bought cheap enough. Tested works perfectly freezing and fridge. App connects to phone for further control ability. Quick sale £300 plus post...
  10. RobboT6

    For Sale DOMETIC CFF 35 Portable Compressor Cooler and Freezer, 34L, 12/24 V DC and 100-240 AC

    Only ever taken out the box once to have a look and power it on. A change of plan with the van is the only reason for sale. £500. Collection preferred or could meet within reason. Based in Worksop/Sheffield More details Dometic Amazon
  11. G

    Hardwire cruise elegance fridge

    Been a while since I've posted. Hoping some friendly knowledgeable folk on here can help me out. The fridge has dual power so can pull from 12v or 240v when van connected to mains. It came with a 2 pin euro plug that I want to remove, doesn't look like it is fused. Ideally i would prefer not...
  12. H

    Dometic CFX3 35 noise

    Managed to pick up one of these on eBay for a good price. It's ex demo so I wasn't expecting it to be in as-new condition. However it's noisier than I'd expected when the compressor is running, with what sounds like a bit of a rattle. It quietens down once at temp, as you'd expect, but I was...
  13. andythom188

    For Sale Dometic cfx3 55

    Dometic cfx3 55 i have only got 2 of these available now less than 12 months old used but in very good condition comes in original box, instructions with 230v & 12v leads £525 each Can possibly get a quote for delivery or collect from oswesty shropshire or birkenhead mon-thurs. I can...
  14. G

    Leisure battery only 2 days use ?

    Hi I’ve got a T6 van and was converted approx 2 years ago with a decent size leisure battery. The van has not been used that many times, however I did a test the other day , I fully charged the battery up for 48 hours, the battery was showing a full charge, I switched the fridge on with nothing...
  15. Wills

    Webasto BI41 top loading fridge - excess water / condensation

    I’m running the fridge temperature around 6*. I’m experiencing excess water build up @ the bottom when in reasonable use. Is this probably due to excess condensation? Big swings between the thermostat kicking in? Any thoughts guys?
  16. hatjoepeg

    Fridge door won’t fully shut

    I have just noticed that the fridge door doesn’t seem to be shutting properly. We have a Dometic crx0050 so it can be left on vent when there is nothing in there but when I try and close it the seal doesn’t seem to touch on the closing side, and the door wobbles. the top and bottom latches...
  17. Andysmee

    Fridge install and compressor location

    So... if I read the advice right, the difference between a cabinet fridge and a top loading fridge is that the compressor is mounted appropriately upright in each configuration; on the back of a cabinet fridge upright and on the bottom of a top loading fridge upright, so that the oil in the...
  18. J

    PMS won’t allow fridge to run whilst driving

    Hi I have a T5 campervan and the current power management system won't allow me to have my fridge runing while im driving. As you can imagine, this is massively inconvenient. I'm thinking about running a wire, fuse and switch from my leisure battery to the fridge so I can turn it on and off at...
  19. C

    Polarbox portable fridge not cooling

    Hi all, does anyone have a polarbox compressor fridge like this one? I purchased this after reading @Dellmassive 's excellent fridges and cooling thread. Just plugged it in and set the temp to 2 degrees. The compressor kicks in but the temp on the display just stays at 23 degrees. It's been...
  20. R

    Vitrifrigo Fridge Internal Light

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help answer my query. I have just found how to keep my fridge door ajar when not in use, a feature that I hadn't realised before! Most useful :) but I see that the internal light of the fridge now remains on when the door is left ajar. Will this drain my van battery...