1. A

    Portable fridge, which one?

    Hey everyone, myself and wife have just purchased a Campervan, T6 highline, it is quite a unique conversion, we don't have a fitted fridge in the van, we have a cupboard that's even kitted out with the 12v socket, and vents but....I cannot find a fridge that will fit it, and it looks like we...
  2. VinylArchie

    Lining behind fridge

    Can anybody suggest what to do behind my fridge and kitchen. Will the fridge get hot enough to melt carpeted ply? Instead of insulating the cavity and ply lining could I insulate with an adhesive foam and leave the ply off so I could maybe nudge the fridge back a few cm’s?
  3. Andyf

    Can I run a camping fridge off a Noco Boost jump pack?

    Looking at one of these Are they any good, worth there money Could you run a camping fridge of one Alternative suggestions welcome Thanks Andy
  4. Rapt0rUK

    Fridge Cable Sizing - Stupid Question...

    Hi Folks After some clarification on cable sizing... I've just got a Dometic CRX50 compressor fridge and getting stuff together for the install. When it comes to cable sizing, the tech specs for the fridge state 40w consumption and rated 5A. So on that basis, I've bought this cable from...
  5. VinylArchie

    Vitrifigo vs Dometic

    So Dometic fridges are thin on the ground and I have been offered the equivalent vitrifigo. Salesperson mentioned that they both used to have Italian compressors but Dometic now produce theirs in the east. Has anybody got experience with the vitrifigo. Plus/negatives for each?
  6. McFlude

    Custom made Fridge decor panel using wood veneer

    I have a Webasto fridge and would like to fit a decor panel to match the furniture which I am constructing with sycamore veneer applied to ply. There are products which use real wood in a laminate such as Oberflex but I suspect that it will be difficult to buy a small amount sufficient for a...
  7. McFlude

    Top loading fridge dilemma

    I am currently trying to plan a layout for my self build SWB layout. I am considering fitting a top loading fridge beside the seat in front of the wheelarch as I think that this is the best way to utilise that awkward space. But the literature advises that for efficiency of the unit the...
  8. S

    Fridge fusing

    Hi all, Getting a little confused on fusing size for a fridge. Instructions say use a 15A fuse but I understood that fridges can use higher amps on start up, which is why I have 6mm cable. Also seen another document for the same fridge saying use a 10A fuse. Can I ask what size fuses you use...
  9. F

    Decision over Reimo variotech size 8 or size 10 bed

    Hi, we are progressing with our T6 panel van conversion and have reached the seat bed decision. we have two kids, 7years old and three years old. we would like 3 seats in the back to give us options but appreciate we won’t get three full adults back there as we are having kitchen units up the...
  10. nikmartin1

    Dometic fridge wiring to Sargent EC160 advice

    Third post today. Not quite sure about wiring in the Dometic fridge with my Sargent EC160. There appears to be a couple of ins for it on the Sargent. I work with properties and so am fairly ok with wiring etc. But, I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing with the fridge. I think the...
  11. B

    Dometic Fridge orange flashing light?

    Hi, I got my first van conversion yesterday and been trying to get the fridge (Dometic CRE0050) working today. I seem to have a continuous orange flashing light (see photo) which I can’t get rid of and have left it for a few hours using the leisure battery, but still got the orange flashing...
  12. DarrenTT

    100w solar panel enough for a fridge?

    Hi all, quick question ref a 100w solar panel that I’m having installed. I’ve also asked for a dometic fridge to be installed. Would the 100w panel be enough to keep the leisure battery topped up and keep the fridge going? Especially over winter.
  13. osman

    should I run my fridge on 240v or 12v whilst I'm hooked up

    Hi im puzzling over what I should do with my fridge when im hooked up to 240v .. I have the option of keeping the fridge plugged into my leisure battery OR plugged into the 240 via an adapter (240v Power supply) basically either way the fridge is running on 12v dc. So the fridge is un aware of...
  14. P

    Changing door hinge on dometic crx fridge

    Hi my converter has hung the fridge door on the right which makes it awkward to access. Any idea how I change this to the other side. Note it is already installed making it not as easy as manual suggests. Thanks
  15. P

    Indel BI41 Top Loading Fridge Freezer

    I've searched a few threads and noticed a few users have this fridge. I have one in my Van and I've been away all weekend and noticed that even on the 'lowest cooling' setting, that the majority of the stuff in there ended up freezing. Its apparent that the right side of the unit is the freezer...
  16. K

    CRX50 fridge killing battery after 2 hours

    Hi I’ve just bought a new T32 camper fitted with a 90amp (I think) leisure battery. On 12v fridge only lasts for about 2 hours and doesn’t cool that well plugged in at 240v. Does anyone have experience on this as I’ve been told it’s perfectly normal and 2 hours is all we should get on leisure...
  17. Dellmassive

    Fridges & Cold Beer -- How I Done It --

    Fridges & Cold Beer -- How I Done It -- For Most Beer Lovers, Cold Beer is a Must. (especially Larger) and for Her-Indoors a cold wine or G&T will always help smooth the situation . . . . maybe even Cold POP for the kids (My nanas term) Then there is the necessities of camping and Fridges...
  18. P

    Replacement waeco fridge

    Where would people recommend to buy a new fridge to replace my waeco fridge. It has stopped working so need to replace. Is waeco the best one to go for or is there any others that would fit the same hole in the van? But mainly where is the best place to buy from. I'm based in bournemouth. Mark
  19. Coly

    Has anyone fitted an IceQ 40 3 Way Fridge

    I am considering buying and fitting the above fridge. Unfortunately I can not find any fitting instructions. A video on line appears to show it having no external vent system to seal off the gas/ combustion. Is this correct as all the caravans we have had have two external vents. Any help would...
  20. Skyliner33

    Anyone got a Dometic CFF 35 or CDF 36? Looking for Opinions.

    As the title, Im looking for a fridge. But so many choices even if you just look for Dometic I'm getting a bit lost. Whats the difference between them as they range in price a lot. Eg CFX3, 35 or CFX 28 or CFF 35 or CDF 36. So, basically is it worth getting Dometic or are alternatives like the...