1. 3crispies

    For Sale Camping fridge and new toilet

    Used 3 way beer fridge has dent on top £80 Only used once still has cellophane on it and box thetford portaloo. £65 Located Cambs

    Sold 12v/240v compressor fridge

    Excellent condition, only reason for selling is we’ve bought a kitchen and now have a cr50 fridge to fit into the units. Looking for £250. Driving home tomorrow from Cornwall to lincolnshire … I think it’s 40l, could be bigger not sure I must say it’s a fantastic fridge and goes down to...
  3. RDT

    Sold Just Kampers 45Lt 12v-230v Electric Compressor Cool Box Fridge / Freezer £190.00

    Just Kampers 45Lt 12v-230v Electric Compressor Cool Box Fridge / Freezer £190.00 Sorry don't have a pic of it in my van, above is website picture. Collection from Cumbria. Website spec: Quality Just Kampers product, exclusive to JK. Designed to be fantastic quality and fit nicely inside...
  4. VW_T6Campari

    3j Sanjo fridge issues

    Hi All, Do you know of anyone else with this fridge having low voltage issues? It has worked fine for last two trips and was okay for the first two days of this one then stopped cooling and showing 1 & 2 flashes on the error code light inside the fridge. I’ve had it on hook up feed and leisure...
  5. Littleblackflash

    What's a typical fridge power consumption?

    I've a 3way fridge which is really old, but I still use it on a hook up. I've now decided to go off-grid and invested in a Renogy system. I've 2x 100w solar panels feeding a 100AH lithium battery which is all working fine. Unfortunately when I connected my fridge, it was drawing 6-7amps which I...
  6. Oceanis

    So how much energy does a T6.1 California Ocean fridge use? - I just measured mine.

    Since I got my solar running properly I have been testing to see if the system really is self-sufficient. That means fridge on 24/7 sitting on my driveway - trying not to move it. So some numbers .... Solar is regularly delivering 0,72 kWh a day (measured over the last 5 days running the...
  7. ChrisPatt71

    Vitrifrigo TL43 Fridge Installation

    Help needed! Attempting to fit a Vitrifrigo TL43 top loading fridge but they have not provided any installation instructions. The units from Evo allow it to sit in position but it is not snug, so I would assume it will move while driving. There are 4 bungs close to the rim which could be for...
  8. R

    Dead fridge

    Any ideas of why my fridge may have died? I have a sanjo fridge which has been working fine. I’ve checked the fuse box and everything seems to be ok. Is there another fuse I should be looking for or is it likely just to be too hot? It’s not registering or lighting up at all so guessing power...
  9. R

    Full Size Bed: Fridge Location

    Can anyone with a full width bed post a picture of their fridge location? I'm looking to start my conversion soon and ideally I'd want rotating front single seats with a full width rock n roll bed. But from what I've seen the fridge location will cause a problem. Either I need to have the...
  10. J

    Dometic fridge orange light flashing solar supply

    Hi I have a Dometic fridge in my van running off solar the orange light is flashing - any ideas how to get it working properly?
  11. M

    Dometic Coolmatic compressor fridge issue

    Hi all I have a Dometic Coolmatic compressor fridge which looks like it is working, fan is turning, compressor kicks into action but it doesn’t keep anything cool at all I have it set on highest setting but it still keeps nothing cool Any ideas?
  12. Dellmassive

    For Sale Quest Atlantic 3 way chest fridge - £150 collected / summer camp

    Quest Atlantic 3 way chest fridge - £150 collected / summer camp 42L 3 way fridge ( Gas, 240vac, 12vdc ) Our Opinion:- A very close copy of the Dometic RC1200 3 way chest fridge. Offering the same capacity and flexibility but at a more competitive price. This is a fridge so will maintain...
  13. Mescovery

    Isotherm fridge short cycling and draining leisure battery or failing battery causing short cycling?

    This weekend the fridge started short cycling (runs and cuts out after about a minute, stops for 3 seconds then starts up again and repeats this ongoing, still cooling) and it drained the leisure battery during the night to the point where the Sargent control panel started to beep occasionally...
  14. N

    Leisure battery problem, fridge not running but battery tests OK

    Following on a bit from an earlier thread thinking I had goosed my LB and hunting for a replacement, spoke to the original suppliers who suggested a few things to test the LB first. LB has a condition indicator, shows OK. Volts = 12.6v at rest. Suspect maybe not the battery at fault? Problem...
  15. F2JON

    Vevor 55l fridge how long would a leisure battery last

    As title, I have a vevor 55l fridge , I just wondered how long it would last if I hook it up to a leisure battery, going to camper jam this weekend just wondering wether to take it or not, here’s the specs if it makes any sense to anyone
  16. Bynxy

    portable fridge size maters

    Hi looking for a portable fridge/freezer for my van, I already have a domestic installed which is fine for the wife and I, but I have a large hungry dog who eats 1.2kg raw food a day a so need a big portable fridge or freezer I can cary his food in we have an igloo cooler which is ok for a few...
  17. Nosnittap

    Which terminal positive for fridge?

    I have a lithium battery, a Nemo split charger and a shunt and a dometic Cr49 fridge. I Know I put negative to shunt but do put positive to leisure battery or the nemo charger to battery terminal. It works with both. The attached photo isn't the final set up. Can someone tell me if the way I...
  18. J

    Fridge not cooling Smod DSX-40 B2E

    Hi all, I have a Smod fridge which is not cooling. It has power because the internal fridge light is working however it doesn't cool... or make any fridge noises. The on/off switch on the outside works in that it powers the fridge (fridge light) but it doesn't light up any more - I believe...
  19. Eli

    Sold Vevor 55L Fridge

    I am selling our as new Vevor 55L fridge as it is too big to sit on the sliding tray I have just bought and the rear shelf on the Cali Beach. Its has only been used once on the Bala 2022 meet for 2 days. I am so impressed with this that I am now buying the Vevor 45L as that will fit. Download...
  20. BoroBoy

    Outwell Deep Cool 50 L fridge - error message

    My neighbour has the above unit, which when powered up give a E02 message. Anybody have any experience with these units, which may point to the fault. TIA.