1. nikmartin1

    Dometic fridge wiring to Sargent EC160 advice

    Third post today. Not quite sure about wiring in the Dometic fridge with my Sargent EC160. There appears to be a couple of ins for it on the Sargent. I work with properties and so am fairly ok with wiring etc. But, I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be doing with the fridge. I think the...
  2. B

    Dometic Fridge orange flashing light?

    Hi, I got my first van conversion yesterday and been trying to get the fridge (Dometic CRE0050) working today. I seem to have a continuous orange flashing light (see photo) which I can’t get rid of and have left it for a few hours using the leisure battery, but still got the orange flashing...
  3. D

    100w solar panel enough for a fridge?

    Hi all, quick question ref a 100w solar panel that I’m having installed. I’ve also asked for a dometic fridge to be installed. Would the 100w panel be enough to keep the leisure battery topped up and keep the fridge going? Especially over winter.
  4. osman

    should I run my fridge on 240v or 12v whilst I'm hooked up

    Hi im puzzling over what I should do with my fridge when im hooked up to 240v .. I have the option of keeping the fridge plugged into my leisure battery OR plugged into the 240 via an adapter (240v Power supply) basically either way the fridge is running on 12v dc. So the fridge is un aware of...
  5. P

    Changing door hinge on dometic crx fridge

    Hi my converter has hung the fridge door on the right which makes it awkward to access. Any idea how I change this to the other side. Note it is already installed making it not as easy as manual suggests. Thanks
  6. P

    Indel BI41 Top Loading Fridge Freezer

    I've searched a few threads and noticed a few users have this fridge. I have one in my Van and I've been away all weekend and noticed that even on the 'lowest cooling' setting, that the majority of the stuff in there ended up freezing. Its apparent that the right side of the unit is the freezer...
  7. K

    CRX50 fridge killing battery after 2 hours

    Hi I’ve just bought a new T32 camper fitted with a 90amp (I think) leisure battery. On 12v fridge only lasts for about 2 hours and doesn’t cool that well plugged in at 240v. Does anyone have experience on this as I’ve been told it’s perfectly normal and 2 hours is all we should get on leisure...
  8. P

    Replacement waeco fridge

    Where would people recommend to buy a new fridge to replace my waeco fridge. It has stopped working so need to replace. Is waeco the best one to go for or is there any others that would fit the same hole in the van? But mainly where is the best place to buy from. I'm based in bournemouth. Mark
  9. Coly

    Has anyone fitted an IceQ 40 3 Way Fridge

    I am considering buying and fitting the above fridge. Unfortunately I can not find any fitting instructions. A video on line appears to show it having no external vent system to seal off the gas/ combustion. Is this correct as all the caravans we have had have two external vents. Any help would...
  10. Skyliner33

    Anyone got a Dometic CFF 35 or CDF 36? Looking for Opinions.

    As the title, Im looking for a fridge. But so many choices even if you just look for Dometic I'm getting a bit lost. Whats the difference between them as they range in price a lot. Eg CFX3, 35 or CFX 28 or CFF 35 or CDF 36. So, basically is it worth getting Dometic or are alternatives like the...
  11. S

    Fridge storage curved door replacement

    Hi, i have managed to crack the curved storage kitchen door covering the fridge ans trying to find what type of material it is. I have the shiny black plastic that helps. Or, is it easier to just buy new door. Thanks in advance.
  12. J

    Vent needed for Waeco crx50 fridge?

    Hi all just at the next stage of conversion , do you add a vent to the compartment , ie drop vent though the floor or a couple of holes in the end panel that faces the back of the drivers seat , I will be fitting a sink above the fridge , so this is to give extra air flo or is it not needed ...
  13. L

    Dometic Crx50 Working Ok?

    OK so I camped in the van last night and noticed the fridge was kicking in a lot more regularly than I remember. Fridge was taken to temperature while on hookup and cold beer was added. After a few hours on hookup I disconnected to make sure the rest of the system was still working but knocked...
  14. OllieGBR

    50 Ltr Vs 65ltr Fridge

    Is anyone running the 65 Ltr Webasto fridge in their van? Pictures? Webasto Cruise 65 liters Fridge In terms of depth, I can see it’s 480mm vs 450mm of its smaller 50ltr version, and will probably need a 500mm cupboard width, but only protruding another 30mm is slight for the additional 15...
  15. Stripy

    Fridge Stickers

    Have any of you got fridge stickers on your fridges, I have just got one from monstergraphics and was wondering what is the best gear to stick it on with . Is it best to take the door card out to do it, if so is it just a case of taking the top of the fridge door off and sliding the card out ...
  16. OllieGBR

    Top Loading Fridge Options

    I’m going for a top loading fridge for my LWB conversion. As always, there are lots of options out there but if you’re willing to share your experiences I’d appreciate the additional information. I’m thinking of a top loader plus some type of drinks/ beer fridge. I think having these separate...
  17. D

    Drawer Fridge

    Hi guys, I just wondered if anyone has a drawer type fridge under their seat and how they find it. Im just planning my t6 conversion and looking at the possibilities, this is one I quite like the idea of but It would be good to hear from someone who has one. Thanks
  18. Y

    For Sale Webasto Tb41 Compressor Fridge

    Pics to follow. Webasto TB41 compressor fridge. 39 litre capacity Electronic thermostat Selling as am about to have some conversion work undertaken which will included a fitted fridge. £350
  19. Bobbych

    Which Fridge?

    So, Im at the point of putting together my design of the cabinets for my DIY T6.1 conversion. The Mrs has stated she wants a top opening fridge which will allow a better look of the cabinet fronts. I get that, but was wondering what the real time in use pros and cons are of a top opening fridge...
  20. OllieGBR

    Dometic/waco Internal Fridge Amp Draw

    From what I can find the 12v Dometic fridge draws 3.33Amps @ 12v, so around 40Watts. This will be the largest 12v draw on my leisure battery system, so 11Amp wire all round will suffice? (For everything, lights etc) I'm just about to purchase all the cabling, any suggestions? I was going to...