firmware update

  1. secretK9agent

    T6.1 Discover Media Software Update

    Is there anywhere I can reference or anyone who knows what the lastest software update is for the discover media in a t6.1? I do all OTA updates, curious if I'm behind on VW updates that would be done at the garage?
  2. C

    SD card slots

    I have just bought a new sat nav sd card from Sat Nav Sytems. They upgraded the radio to the sat nav system some time ago. The issue I have is when I put the new sd card I get this message on the screen. When I put the old sd card back in, everything works fine. I have spoken to them, & they...
  3. shaiboyuk

    VW Sat Nav Map Update without SD card

    Hi, So got my van, but the dealer (not VW) couldn't find the SD card for sat nav, but "promised" would get one asap. I tried the DiscoverCare app, and seems to suggest that you can put map on a standard SD card and it will work.... Tried it, and still says "Navigation database not available"...
  4. vandox

    Software/firmware Update L56vw2 Infotainment

    Has anyone updated/downloaded any software or firmware update for the l56vw2 stereo? Mine shows version 055 but i believe there is an updated version. Any info or links would be a help Thanks
  5. dmk

    Firmware Update For Postcode Input In Discover Media?

    I have a 2017 T6 with the Discover Media head unit. I originally thought the satnav was rubbish as I couldnt search for postcodes via "new destination" option, as it seemd to not accept more than 4 characters. After some initial hatred of the unit, I then read on a blog that you have to dig...
  6. Martin Stockwell

    Auto DAB / FM Switching

    This worked fantastic on my Merc, and when I saw the option on the T6 I was thrilled, I prefure to listetern to everything in DAB where possible, mainly BBC Essex. however, in the odd place where the is no DAB signal but a perfectly strong FM signal isn't the radio suppose to switch from DAB to...