firmware update

  1. vandox

    Software/firmware Update L56vw2 Infotainment

    Has anyone updated/downloaded any software or firmware update for the l56vw2 stereo? Mine shows version 055 but i believe there is an updated version. Any info or links would be a help Thanks
  2. dmk

    Firmware Update For Postcode Input In Discover Media?

    I have a 2017 T6 with the Discover Media head unit. I originally thought the satnav was rubbish as I couldnt search for postcodes via "new destination" option, as it seemd to not accept more than 4 characters. After some initial hatred of the unit, I then read on a blog that you have to dig...
  3. Martin Stockwell

    Auto DAB / FM Switching

    This worked fantastic on my Merc, and when I saw the option on the T6 I was thrilled, I prefure to listetern to everything in DAB where possible, mainly BBC Essex. however, in the odd place where the is no DAB signal but a perfectly strong FM signal isn't the radio suppose to switch from DAB to...