fiamma f45s

  1. G

    Fiama F45s awning - stoppers

    Hello, could anyone tell me whether the 4mm stainless steel awning stoppers with the ring fitting, will they fit in the 4mm sailcloth channel of the Fiama F45s awning. Thanks.
  2. G

    Fiamma F45s awning sides drip gap

    Hi I have a F45s awning fitted to my T6 together with side panels. I have sorted the rain ingress issue along the van edge using the pipe insulation method recommended by many and works a treat. However, I still have an issue with water running down the inside of the side panels where the...
  3. The Flying Scotsman

    Rattling Fiamma canopy

    I’ve just fitted a 3m fiamma 45s I’ve used the correct brackets and it’s solid but my trip away last weekend the rattling did my nut in. I love the fact that my camper has zero squeaks knocks or rattles and drives really smoothly so I’m looking for ideas on how to stop it rattling. I think...
  4. fax001

    Fiamma F45s End Caps

    The aluminium end caps (98673H002 & 98673H001 on the diagram below) on my Fiamma F45s are starting to look really tatty, with the paint flaking off and the ali starting to oxidise. I am happy to paint them rather than replace them. It is only a visual thing, after all. Awning continues to give...
  5. C

    Fiamma 45s replacing the arm but stuck !

    Hi I am replacing one of the arms on our fiamma f45s awning. As part of the process we need to remove the current arm from the dual shock absorber. If you watch the fiamma video this is super easy… if you watch me it’s not It might be sized I guess. We have got the WD40 on it but no joy...
  6. Jimmmmy

    Fiamma F45s Privacy Room

    First outing with the Fiamma Privacy room. Vids say it goes up in 10 mins, took us twenty but it was the first time and would be quicker now we`ve done it once. Pegging on a hardstanding was a bit hit and miss but would be easy on grass, overall very pleased with it so far.
  7. G

    Fiamma F45S privacy room v’s front / side blockers

    Hi I have a T6 LWB with a 3m Fiamma F45S awning. We have a Vango Hexaway awning but considering something a little smaller for short stays. I’ve seen a couple of options to attach the our wind out awning on the Fiamma website. Does anybody have any experience of either their privacy room lite...
  8. C

    Awning direct fit to van

    Being told by a company who quoted to fit a F45s that they rivet and bond the awning straight onto the van, Is this quite normal and are there any pitfalls ?, Always had a rail on previous two occasions Cheers
  9. G

    F45 awning sheared off

    Our 1st proper trip in our brand new T6. Came back from our walk to find awning had sheered off, another camper had lifted it back up. The articulated arm had sheered off and then a pool of water had caused the bracket rivets to fail. Hence the awning fell and scratched our 6 week old van...
  10. Camper_Chris

    Fitting Fiamma f45 to Vamoose multi rail

    I looking to fit a Fiamma f45 to my T6 which has a Vamoose multi rail. Looking on Fiamma's website they list several kits for fitting to multi rails ranging from Reimo, Vamoose etc. What recommendations/experience does anyone have of there Combi rail kit or their other kits?
  11. Sackmycook

    Wanted Fiamma F45 front blocker

    Looking for a Fiamma F45 front panel/blocker.... What have you got ?
  12. Stantman

    Fiamma fitting with roof bars LWB

    I am considering a wind out F45s for the van. Currently has roof rails fitted which I use. As it's the LWB I have the second from the front mounting point free and the one at the rear jus in front of the very back point. They are nearly 1.7m apart. Would these be able to be utilised to fit the...
  13. Mike Dean

    Wanted Fiamma F45s with privacy room.

    Looking for a fiamma F45s + privacy for SWB. Cash money ready, what's out there? :thumbsup:
  14. MrD

    Fiamma F45 v F35 material

    Does anybody conclusively know whether the F45 material is the same as the F35 , I have read in 1 item description the F35 is water resistant in light rain . Also while I am asking I keep seeing "left hand drive " versions does it actually make a difference if used with UK spec adapters?
  15. W

    Fiamma F45S or Thule Omnister?

    Hi All, Looking for your opinions for the best wind out awning - Fiamma 45S or Thule Omnister? Also, any recommendations of professional fitters in the Cardiff area to fit to a T6 with skyline pop top would be appreciated. TIA
  16. M

    Wanted Fiamma F45s or Thule Wind Out wanted

    Hi All I'm looking for a Fiamma 45s 260 in black ideally with the brackets for the 'C' Rail (aka factory roof bar prep) if anyone has one for sale. If no Fiamma I'll be tempted by any Thule ones out there too in Anthracite Thanks in advance
  17. Sackmycook

    Fiamma F45s compatibility with Skyline standard pop-top

    Just had a major wobble about whether I need to alter what's in the picture when my pop-top is fitted on Tuesday next week Anyone offer some reassurance or otherwise....
  18. Sackmycook

    Tight kador strip on Fiamma F45s

    Just test erected my new (to me) Kampa Air awning.... ....the Kador strip on the figure of 8 kit I bought is nice and easily slideable unlike the slot on the front of the F45s van awning. Seems pretty tight. I'm sure they are both 6mm slots. Is there a technique to it or an easy cheat I could...
  19. T6ChrisO

    Wanted Fiamma F45 Wind Out Awning

    On the off chance if anyones thinking of getting rid, im after a Fiamma F45 wind out awning (ideally in black). Im based in Manchester
  20. Sackmycook

    Wanted Used Fiamma F45s or similar

    As title.....for a friend not me