fiamma f40

  1. R

    Sold Fiamma F40 awning

    F40 awning as new fitted but never used change of vehicle is reason for sale open to sensible offers.
  2. chris5802

    Fiamma F40 van brackets rattling..

    Does anybody know how to stop F40 van brackets from rattling
  3. Eli

    Fiamma F40 Awning With Roof Box

    Does anybody know if it is possible to fit a roof box with a Fiamma F40 awning. I’m looking to buy an F40 so I can remove it as and when required
  4. I

    Fiamma F40 Review

    Looking at getting a Fiamma F40 and was wondering if anyone else has one, or experience of them? I don’t have a pop top and like the idea of the lower profile it offers. Any advice? Thanks...
  5. Olly T6

    Fiamma f40...

    come on guys let's see your f40's?
  6. Mojo80

    Fiamma vs sun shade vs event shelter

    Hoping for some help with deciding between a Fiamma 45s, a more basic sun shade/canopy and a Coleman Event Shelter. We already have a Vango Driveaway awning, but I'd like to get something else for shorter trips that a) can just provide sun shade for the kids and b) doesn't take up half the boot...
  7. Fish

    Fiamma's new F40.

    Been chatting with John Cross(awnings) today (in prep for ccm show) and fiamma have released a new variant for vw T5/6, called F40 due out in March/April .(images on google too). However, speaking with Fiamma trying to pre-order it, they are only available for Left hand drive.. so may be of...