1. T6 dork

    Wanted someone help to pik a wheel up in Coventry deliver J30 M1 area

    I've bought 1 Amarok wheel with tyre on ebay and its pick up only the wheel is in Coventry i live 5 mins fron J30 M1 any help would be gratefully recieved thanks
  2. MikeT6

    Credit where it’s due!

    Having joined this forum approximately 4 months ago I have to say that the knowledge / information and just general helpfulness on here is something I’ve never come across before in other groups to anywhere near the same level...... This really stood out to me when a few weeks back I was...
  3. P

    For Sale Banded Steel Wheels 17” (need Refurbing) £125

    17" Banded Steel Wheels, suitable for VW Transporter T6 and T5. 5 * 120 stud pattern. Wheels are marked as 950Kg loading, (I expect that is the original loading spec pre banding) Front pair are 9.5" in width. Rear pair are 10.5" in width. (Measured outside to outside of rims, approx 1" less if...
  4. superflyguy

    Recommended Couriers

    Anybody recommend a decent courier ? im wanting some wheels delivering from Shanklin to Lincolnshire, prices quoted so far are ridiculous !!
  5. T6180

    Sold Caravelle Sliding Door Cards

    One pair of Caravelle sliding door cards For Sale I'll get some photos in the morning Good condition a few marks £175ono
  6. Fish

    Forum Assistance Delivery Service

    Now, don't all jump on me of how this is a silly idea! I just thought that I would put it out there... Many off us busy from various auction sites, web-pages and such like. Therefore I was wondering if forum members would be willing to assist in collection / 'pass-on' / delivery assistance...