1. Skyliner33

    Courier cost for a set of wheels?

    I am looking for a rough price to send a set of wheels. So if anyone has done this help would be appreciated. Also, what company to use and what prep must be done to the wheels? Also send the wheels with or without tyres? Thanks
  2. Jimmi

    Dont suppose anyone is goingfrom Caldicot to London anytime soon?

    Seen some wheels on ebay but theyre too far away
  3. T6 dork

    Wanted FADS: 1 Alloy wheel needs picking up and transporting up the M1 please?

    there is a wheel in london for sale i need (no tyre) but the guy needs £70 cash on collection only if any kind person is willing to help i would be most gratefull i can paypal the £70no worries or give you the cash on meet up Anytime at all.. location of wheel is E12 5JG i am near J30 M1 thanks
  4. T6180

    Washington to Midlands Delivery Service

    Anyone close to Washington up north coming closer to the midlands who's willing to courier a few items for me?
  5. P

    For Sale Banded Steel Wheels (need Refurbing) £125

    17" Banded Steel Wheels, suitable for VW Transporter T6 and T5. 5 * 120 stud pattern. Wheels are marked as 950Kg loading, (I expect that is the original loading spec pre banding) Front pair are 9.5" in width. Rear pair are 10.5" in width. (Measured outside to outside of rims, approx 1" less if...
  6. cy294

    Alloy Wheel Couriers

    Afternoon all, Anyone used an alloy wheel courier for collection and delivery? I've come across Shiply, who seem to put the job out to tender. Looking at options to save me a 6 hour round trip to the Midlands. Thanks in advance.
  7. Dave F

    Delivery Help

    I was wondering if anyone can help. I am looking at a set of wheels that are located in Swansea I live in Newcastle upon Tyne . I’m trying to get a idea of cost to get them to me also if there any members that do delivery. This cost will determine wether it will be worth getting them. Many thanks

    Calling Forum Members Who Travel The Country!!!

    Anyone passing between Leicester and castleford/ferrybridge/Leeds Over next 3 weeks?! @Tourershine
  9. Olly T6

    A Little Help Fellow T6 Lovers

    hi guys just wondering if anyone up Coventry way is heading down south?
  10. T6180

    Sold Caravelle Sliding Door Cards

    One pair of Caravelle sliding door cards For Sale I'll get some photos in the morning Good condition a few marks £175ono
  11. Fish

    Forum Assistance Delivery Service

    Now, don't all jump on me of how this is a silly idea! I just thought that I would put it out there... Many off us busy from various auction sites, web-pages and such like. Therefore I was wondering if forum members would be willing to assist in collection / 'pass-on' / delivery assistance...