1. 2233locke

    FADS: Norwich to Leicester

    Help required. I need some T6 seats picked up from Norwich delivered to the Leicestershire area. Is anyone able to help? Happy to contribute to fuel and other costs. Kind regards Harry
  2. F

    FADS: Manchester to Southampton

    Long shot i know But does anyone do Manchester to Southampton any time? Im after 4 wheels being picked up, Or does anyone know how much a courier would be? cheers firthy
  3. G

    FADS: Anyone in Hatfield able to assist?

    I've found a hob/sink on fleabay but seller is adamant its cash on collection only. I'm near manchester and they are in Hatfield. Know these are hard times to ask a favour like this but don't suppose anybody is close by and can pick up and I can arrange hermes collect or something.
  4. Skyliner33

    FADS: Travelling Bedford to Manchester?

    Looking for help. Anyone travelling from Bedford area North to the Manchester area? Obviously beer tokens involved if you can help. Thanks in advance. Jon
  5. Dave F

    FADS: Anyone in Plymouth able to assist?

    Just found a set of wheels I like but they are in Plymouth and I’m in Whitley bay. The seller can’t put them on a pallet etc for collection so was looking to see if anyone was able to help or advice. I can travel to Carlisle or my daughter lives in honking if by the off chance anybody just...
  6. MikeT6

    Credit where it’s due!

    Having joined this forum approximately 4 months ago I have to say that the knowledge / information and just general helpfulness on here is something I’ve never come across before in other groups to anywhere near the same level...... This really stood out to me when a few weeks back I was...
  7. Gazbadge

    FADS: Anyone in Taunton able to assist?

    Hello all, I'm hoping for someone's help who lives in the Taunton area. I've bought a cab head liner from a chap on ebay but he is unwilling to post it to me (175 miles away in Sheffield). Obviously during these travel limitations and just the distance in general I'm unable to go and collect...
  8. andy greenwood

    FADS: travelling Devon to Yorkshire?

    As T6 forum users are such a friendly bunch i thought i'd be cheeky and ask the question......is anyone near exeter and would they be travelling north within the next week? I have some T6 parts that i am trying to get from exeter to west yorkshire without any damage. I know things are tricky...
  9. P

    For Sale Banded Steel Wheels (need Refurbing) £125

    17" Banded Steel Wheels, suitable for VW Transporter T6 and T5. 5 * 120 stud pattern. Wheels are marked as 950Kg loading, (I expect that is the original loading spec pre banding) Front pair are 9.5" in width. Rear pair are 10.5" in width. (Measured outside to outside of rims, approx 1" less if...
  10. cy294

    Alloy Wheel Couriers

    Afternoon all, Anyone used an alloy wheel courier for collection and delivery? I've come across Shiply, who seem to put the job out to tender. Looking at options to save me a 6 hour round trip to the Midlands. Thanks in advance.
  11. Dave F

    FADS: Anyone in Wales able to assist?

    I was wondering if anyone can help. I am looking at a set of wheels that are located in Swansea I live in Newcastle upon Tyne . I’m trying to get a idea of cost to get them to me also if there any members that do delivery. This cost will determine wether it will be worth getting them. Many thanks
  12. T6180

    Sold Caravelle Sliding Door Cards

    One pair of Caravelle sliding door cards For Sale I'll get some photos in the morning Good condition a few marks £175ono
  13. Fish

    Forum Assistance Delivery Service

    Now, don't all jump on me of how this is a silly idea! I just thought that I would put it out there... Many off us busy from various auction sites, web-pages and such like. Therefore I was wondering if forum members would be willing to assist in collection / 'pass-on' / delivery assistance...