1. Jordan250

    EBC discs and pads

    Im looking at some replacement Discs and pads for my T6 t32. I have been looking at the EBC discs and pads. Has anyone got any experiance with these? https://www.ebcbrakeshop.co.uk/_p31456258.htm https://www.ebcbrakeshop.co.uk/_p31456260.htm
  2. Dieseldonkey

    Best Brake Dust Repellent.

    I don't know if because it's a van with larger brakes, or if VW use a soft brake pad........or it's just cost cutting crap, but I've never known a vehicle that contaminates its wheels so quickly in brake dust. Clean them and after one drive, they're manky again. And I ain't heavy on my brakes at...
  3. Keaney

    Brake pad dust

    Had my T6 nearly a week now and the alloys are starting to look rather dusty off the brake pads. Has anyone changed them to something similar to ebc red stuff? Doesn't look like they do them for the T6 yet.