1. G

    Sold Dubflecta Wind Deflectors

    Hi, I collected my new (to me) van on Friday and have removed the Dubflecta wind deflectors and a set of OEM mudflaps. Mudflaps are obviously used but will still do the job. Van has done 36000 miles so I assume they’ve been on since new. Rears have caught the ground a few times by the looks. For...
  2. H

    Dubflecta :-(

    Has anyone had any problems ordering from dubflecta? I paid for a set of dubflecta sleek on October 1st and apart from the initial receipt I have had zero correspondence from them. I've emailed dubflecta@gmx.co.uk but received no reply I've called the number listed on the web site [07875...
  3. Buggirl

    Wind deflectors... which ones?

    Seen loads of these wind deflectors, brought some for our Touran but haven't fitted them yet. Just wondering which are the best fit and quality for T6. Was thinking of going with Machine 7 ones. Thoughts?