dsg oil change

  1. S

    Dsg gearbox oil service/capacity issue!

    Hi everyone. I've got 2.0 diesel Transporter with a 7 speed DSG gearbox. Its done 36k miles and was due for gearbox oil service. I've changed the oil filter and drained 6 litres of oil in total from drain plug and mechatronics unit. I've filled it with 6.8 litres of oil and during leveling...
  2. H

    DSG Service cost

    Have just been quoted £285 + vat to service the seven speed DSG gearbox on my 2016 caravelle. Just wondering if that seems reasonable as never had one done before. I’m in Nottingham If anyone has any recommendations for anyone cheaper. Thanks
  3. V

    VW saying they don't change DSG oil filter..

    Hello All, just spoke to Vw as i need to change my DSG oil I asked for the filter and oil price to be told they don't change the DSG filters as they are long life?? Is this correct as i need to go pick up the oil today.. He said you would need to strip the gearbox to change them as you need to...
  4. Loz

    T6 & T6.1 DSG Oil Change 2021-01-05

    Workshop procedure for DSG Oil Change
  5. C

    Mistakenly Opened Up The Dsg Filter

    Hi 1st time I've posted. I'm in a little trouble with the t6 204bhp, I accidentally opened up the dsg oil filter when I was doing my oil change for the 1st time and a bit of dsg oil ended up pouring out. Is the a way of topping it back up or am I going to have to get the van towed to a VW...
  6. G

    DSG Oil And Filter Change T6

    Hi, looking to do this soon. I gather vehicle has to be level, wondering where to position jack stands, or sissor jacks. Also wondering about filter change manual information. Seems I have 2 drain points for DSG. I have an infrared gun to measure gearbox temperature at the surface. I don't have...
  7. R

    Dsg oil and filter change

    What's the going rate to have the dsg oil and filter replaced?