door catch

  1. M

    Missing part on sliding door upper catch plate?

    Hello people, can anyone either tell me what’s missing from the sliding door frame or give me a link to buy the part! Many thanks
  2. Constalation

    [Resolved] Sliding door rear catch issue

    I have an issue with the door catch at the rear of my sliding door. I have taken it out and freed it and greased it in the past which worked but it is sticking again. This fault stops the door locking so I want to replace it. Does anyone have a part number? Van is a 2017 T6 204 Kombi
  3. wessex

    Don’t lean on your doors!

    Whilst on our holiday in Scotland a 70 mph gust of wind took my drivers door out of my hands and bent it back on the hinges, the door closes ok but there is damage to the door and wheel arch/front wing. When I took it to be assessed the guy said the doors do drop over time when you lean on them...
  4. D

    Do you stand on your wheels to get to the roof? How low did you go?

    I have sports kit I put on the roof. I stand on the back wheels to strap stuff onto the roof rack. I want to lower the van but don’t know how low I can go and still stand on the back wheel. How low have you gone in this situation?
  5. M

    Thud, Thud, Thud, Bang…

    Hello clever T6 folk. Here’s a little scenario for you to consider. I’m interested in your thoughts on this… Thud - the satisfying sound of my passenger door closing Thud - the chunky (and still satisfying) sound of the sliding door closing Thud - the barn doors closing with a solid, meaty...
  6. K

    Vw T5 / T6 Stainless Steel Door Catch Covers

    Vw transporter custom made stainless steel door catch striker covers. Simply clean down the contact area with an evaporative cleaning agent and stick into position with the 3m tape provided on the rear. These wfit the two front cab doors to hide the ugly torx headed bolts. 3 color options...
  7. Dazmitch

    Barn Door Handle Cord

    Hi I've just fitted a rear camera to one of the barn doors and can't get the pulley for the top catch to work any more. There is an L shaped pin on the cord that is supposed to go in the hole and held in position by a plastic clip but the clip no longer holds it correctly and it pops out as soon...
  8. Phil Harris

    Major Mod!

    Bought from Kyle Hartley from FB