Vw T5 / T6 Stainless Steel Door Catch Covers

Kyle hartley

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Vw transporter custom made stainless steel door catch striker covers. Simply clean down the contact area with an evaporative cleaning agent and stick into position with the 3m tape provided on the rear. These wfit the two front cab doors to hide the ugly torx headed bolts.

3 color options available

Silver polished chrome ( £8 2pc set)
Black polished chrome (£8 2pc set)
Carbon effect (£10 2pc set)

Free delivery within UK.

Other items available on FB at CDCVAG. 20190611_201050.jpg 20190611_200953.jpg 20190611_201024.jpg

How to buy....

Please make payment to...

U must include...

1. Full name and address
2. Color and quantity needed.
3. Type required. (T5 or T6?)
4. Payments made via family/friends. If u would like to pay via goods/services please add 5% to the advertised price shown.

Thanks everyone for your support.
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New design Kyle..


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Does this new design work around the issue with the standard T6 bolts in the door scratching the covers?


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It does yes indeed. This new designs means u do not need to change the dome headed bolts to flat headed. ✅
Is there other text options available.
Like "Das Auto" in Black chrome?

Multivan or Highline could be other interesting options although Das Auto is a favorite.