1. dhod

    Thermo Fleece Insulation. 100mm or 2x 50mm

    Hi all! This weekend it's back to the camper conversion and one question I had which may hopefully help others is the 50mm and 100mm thermo insulation rolls. The 50mm Dodo is available in plentiful supply but the 100mm has been out of stock for ages (other brands available). My question is...
  2. Sabre

    Wanted 60cm-ish thermo fleece

    Hi all. Has anyone got a leftover piece of dodo fleece or something similar. Only need a little bit so a cut off would be cool if someone has a piece left in the box.
  3. F

    For Sale Dodo Mat DEADN single roll - NEW

    Hi, having recently finished our van, I am listing a bunch of items that are surplus to our conversion now. Here is the list of items for sale and I can post them all (prices are without postage): - Dodo Mat DEADN single roll (brand new) - £60 (Only needed one roll from a twin pack)...
  4. H

    Sold Dodo Mat DEADN Duo Twin Pack

    Untouched, Still in original box, left over from project. Supplied as two 47cm x 540cm rolls Coverage 5sq.m (53.8 sq.ft) £130 Collection from Leicestershire, or happy to quote for courier Details here: Dodo Mat Deadn Duo twin pack
  5. H

    DODO Mat DEADN DUO under the cab floor?

    Hi - does anyone know if you can put the Deadn Duo Mat (6.8mm) under the cab floor without it causing any issues with raised height? thanks
  6. J

    Sold Dodo super liner - free

    Hi guys - sold my t6 and have a box of dodo super liner if anyone wants to collect from Essex - it’s new and unopened - just ask you make a donation to cancer research - only needs to be a few quid Amazing forum and wealth of knowledge gained from members so thought a good deed was welcome...
  7. V

    For Sale Dodo Thermo Fleece 100mm

    Collection only. 100mm £20 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  8. V

    For Sale Dodo Thermo Liner Pro 10mm

    Collection only. Unopened. £70 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  9. V

    For Sale Dodo-Mat Deadn-Duo Twin-Pack

    Not used - collection only. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire £140
  10. Sabre

    Sold Box of dodo fleece

    I have a full box of Dodo Thermal Fleece available. Anti-itch and made from recycled bottles. Looking for £20 collected in MK.
  11. M

    For Sale Dodo Thermo Van Liner

    After sound proofing and insulating my van I have 2.65 metres left from a 3 metre roll of Dodo Thermo Van Liner for sale. I'd like £25 (plus postage if you want it posted) - prefer collection (from Derby) Thanks for looking
  12. affetron

    Sold Dodo Mat Extreme, 2x 5M rolls, new unused.

    I have 2x five metre rolls of Dodo Mat Extreme left over from insulating my VW Transporter. This stuff is specifically made to be thicker than standard insulation, but still fit a Transporter properly. I had no issues, very easy to work with. No bulging panels Product link Dodo Thermo Van...
  13. C

    Deeper sliding door step

    Well my vanstyle raised step doesn’t seem to fit with my 12mm ply floor, the bottom section doesnt sit on the base metal... although the rear piece fits perfectly. Any ideas on which others I should be looking at that would fit? It’s for a pannel van, ply sitting on top of the metal ridges...
  14. T6DSGChris

    Wanted dodomat silent coat... anyone got some left not doing anything?

    done all my van except tailgate and got front doors etc to do at a later date plus front roof area etc... just wondered if anyone had any left from doing their they want to get rid of for some dosh 2mm silent coat norm stuff...must be dodomat. cheers chris
  15. Ads_Essex

    Sold Dodo Thermo Liner Extreme

    Dodo Thermo Liner Extreme Half a roll leftover - approximately 2.74m (by 1m) left. Freebie. VIP members will get priority over free forum members. Postage is just under £10 with ParcelForce.
  16. col661

    Sold Dodo Fleece and Thermal liner

    Hi All! Got some left over fleece and thermal liner left over from a build. About half left in a box. £30 for the pair! Collection from Aldershot (J4 M3). Cheers! 07717158454
  17. cfdave

    DODO THERMO VAN LINER Shortage . World panic!

    HI all I was about to buy Dodo Thermo Van liner, only to find a mass shortage. I cant find a roll anywhere. So has anyone used the 'Dado Thermo liner SE' ? I thought this would be identical to the Van liner, just in sheets. But its only 6mm not 7mm? Does anyone have any thoughts, or...
  18. Apretext

    For Sale Dodo thermal liner extreme roll

    Unopened roll of Thermo liner extreme, selling as it’s a bit too thick for what we want on the floor (but perfect for the walls). collect from Swindon, or I might be able to meet with it (subject to social distancing, etc). I’m travelling to ringwood tomorrow. £65 (it’s £80 from
  19. Apretext

    Dodo Mat Duo under rubber cargo floor.. between ridges or over battens?

    We've got the campervan extreme kit from which comes with some silentcoat, and 2 rolls of the dodoliner extreme. The instructions say to use the dodoliner on the floor and walls, and the silentcoat on the walls and wheel arches, etc. Just checking, will we still be able to fit a...
  20. S

    Sold Silent Coat And Dodo Mat

    Full pack of silent coat 2mm (40 pieces) and approx 5 metres of dodo mat. £60 collect from scunthorpe.