1. M

    Anyone with AP or TA Technix coilovers?

    I'm thinking of mounting AP Coilovers on my T6 LWB T30, but not sure if they will lower enough for me. Is there any one who is running AP on it's lowest setting that could drop a picture of it? The second thought (if AP's isn't lowering enough) is TA Technix Deep. I know this is a cheaper...
  2. Ian28

    Advice on Copenhagen Trip please?

    Hi, my son and I are planning a pilgrimage to the Nick Cave exhibition in Denmark the last week in July. Does anyone know how long it’ll take to drive from Rotterdam to Copenhagen? Also any suggestions for campgrounds as near to Copenhagen as possible. Planning to drive from ferry port in...
  3. Ian28

    Scandinavia Ideas Please

    Hi, Planning a 'pilgrimage' with my son to the Nick Cave exhibition in Copenhagen this summer in my T6 and wondered if anyone could offer any travel tips for the region? Trip will be a week-ish and I'll start by sailing Newcastle to Amsterdam and then driving up through Germany etc. Probably...
  4. J

    Hello from Denmark

    Hello World...!! The Machine..: VW T6 "Panel Van" 102hk Brand New - Black Metallic - Just Today updated with Pioneer Navi, Pioneer Sub ( Modified 4,5cm. in length to fit behind Passenger Bench ). Comming sometime ( Probably Spring / Summer )..: Doors to be modified with _Proper_...