dash speaker

  1. Clive

    Anyone put hinges on the VanX top dash speaker console for a T6 ?

    Anyone put hinges on the VanX top dash speaker console for a T6 ? Looks like it could make a tidy lid, and much cheaper than the offical VW dash storage lid.
  2. BoroBoy

    Bluetooth Speakers.

    Can anybody recommend a good slimline bluetooth speaker, or other speakers to install under the VanX dashboard speaker grill.
  3. BiTurbo

    VanX dash top speaker console

    New panel from Van X Just clips into rear trim fixings, sadly it doesn’t hinge. But there is room to fit speakers and adapt.
  4. Minkey

    Dash Centre Storage-Tray

    Anyone know how this comes off? I have trim tools. Just need to know method and which direction to pull/push/jump on it? :D Cheers
  5. K

    Dashboard centre storage hole

    Hi has anyone retrofitted comfort dash top centre panel to normal t6 dash Please see attached photo
  6. M

    Dashboard modification required - tacho housing

    hi to all, Matt from Belgium, I'm the "happy" owner of my 3rd Kombi, this one has been delivered with a DIN box on the top dashboard, due to an encoding problem when ordering... seriously ugly , I need your help to find a replacement solution the original dash was cut to feed the plugs, so...
  7. Mattsvan

    Dashboard modifications

    time to kick off a new thread on all things dash related? My new top glove box has arrived today with piano black lid, let the fettling commence... Photos to follow when I work it out