dash speaker

  1. Bynxy

    Dash mounted bass speaker

    Has anyone replaced the top storage on the T6 dash and fitted a dash mounted bass speaker and if so what did you use as, it would be an ideal location now that I have fitted the Alpine Halo 11 seing as the screen is in the way!
  2. Keaney

    Van-X dash-speaker or sub?

    Looking at the van x top speaker console, has anyone actually used a speaker in it or sub to some success? Debating installing one along with wireless CarPlay in their glove box thing
  3. Clive

    Anyone put hinges on the VanX top dash speaker console for a T6 ?

    Anyone put hinges on the VanX top dash speaker console for a T6 ? Looks like it could make a tidy lid, and much cheaper than the offical VW dash storage lid.
  4. BoroBoy

    Bluetooth Speakers.

    Can anybody recommend a good slimline bluetooth speaker, or other speakers to install under the VanX dashboard speaker grill.
  5. BiTurbo

    VanX dash top speaker console

    New panel from Van X Just clips into rear trim fixings, sadly it doesn’t hinge. But there is room to fit speakers and adapt.
  6. Minkey

    Dash Centre Storage-Tray

    Anyone know how this comes off? I have trim tools. Just need to know method and which direction to pull/push/jump on it? :D Cheers
  7. K

    Dashboard centre storage hole

    Hi has anyone retrofitted comfort dash top centre panel to normal t6 dash Please see attached photo
  8. M

    Dashboard modification required - tacho housing

    hi to all, Matt from Belgium, I'm the "happy" owner of my 3rd Kombi, this one has been delivered with a DIN box on the top dashboard, due to an encoding problem when ordering... seriously ugly I need your help to find a replacement solution the original dash was cut to feed the plugs, so...
  9. Mattsvan

    Dashboard modifications

    time to kick off a new thread on all things dash related? My new top glove box has arrived today with piano black lid, let the fettling commence... Photos to follow when I work it out