crossover box

  1. Dave Lawson

    Found Hertz crossovers

    Don’t know if they are of any use to anyone? Brand new/unused.
  2. W

    New speaker x/over - use the same wiring?

    Hi just got focal component speakers they come with crossovers but I wanna know if I can use the old tweeter connectors and use them on the new ones ? Thx
  3. Skyliner33

    Room for crossovers in a T6.1 door?

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted crossovers into a T6.1 door card? Hardly any flat surfaces to mount on (not to mention the sound deadening), so I cant see where there is room?
  4. Skyliner33

    Best way to connect speaker loom to crossovers?

    Just wondering if there is a better or preferred way to connect the audio loom to the crossovers. Two methods I've looked at are in the photo. One just wrapped round the screw and the other using a connector:
  5. K

    Here's where I stuck the hertz crossover / t6.1

    Just in case this is useful to anybody.. The t6.1 has a completely different internal to the t6 and where others had stuck the hertz crossover it no longer fits.. so after a few on and off with the door card I found this spot. I first stuck it on with a bit of dual lock but ended up fixing...
  6. N

    Speaker Things And Leisure Batt Charge

    The guy before me had fitted some speakers with these kenwood things, I’m guessing I will have to retain these, there were four of them under the drivers seat so relocating them also not sure where the jumpers should be, I disconnected them all before realising I may need to keep them, also...
  7. 20190429_153949


    installation behind glove box
  8. X

    Hertz speakers - Crossover Location?

    I am currently installing the Hertz speakers supplied bu @Absolut5 . Going OK so far with sub installed, passenger side cables, passenger side speaker and passenger side dynamat. Can anyone post a photo of where you have installed the crossover in the door? Its quite bulky so trying to work...
  9. oggie

    speaker upgrade

    hi guys i am thinking of upgrading the speakers in the dash of the t6 , could you advise me please what to get , also i am thinking of upgrading the 2 rear speakers in the rear trail door which i got fitted , BUT there is not a great sound of the ones that were fitted...