conversion companies

  1. T

    Goose poptop

  2. D

    Convertors or repairers in cornwall

    Hi all My brother in law has a Autohaus camper which has a few faults that I have so far been unable to test for as he lives 400 miles away in cornwall. So the solar panel isn't charging (possible panel failure) No power to the Webasto heater No power to the fridge Other 12v sockets lights...
  3. N

    Camper conversion - converter to register and certify?

    Hi all, Very new to all this and wondering if anyone can give some advice please? We’re struggling to find the SWB VW T6 interior we like together with a low mileage and not too silly a price, so we’re considering getting a company to do a conversion with the interior and extras that we’d...
  4. M

    Recommendations - Side window installers - Loughborough/Eastmids

    Hi All. Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for all the great content, its help solve many an issue and modification. I hope a couple of you will be able to help. I have a T6 2016 Kombi LWB with what seems to be the standard leaking side windows. I've tried all the resolutions...
  5. col555

    Insulation / Sound proofing and lining North East Scotland

    Looking for any recommendations to get my Kombi, insulated, sound proofed, carpet ply lined in the North East of Scotland. I did know of Old Mill Customs in Insch but unsure if they are still trading as the website has disappeared. Any recommended places would be much appreciated, cheers. Colin
  6. B

    Cali or coachbuild?

    If given the chance would you guys swap your self converted van or coach built camper, for a vw california, do you guys see the benefit in owning g one
  7. W

    Appleyard Leisure

    Hi all, just joined and first time posting on here. We are buying a T6 LWB this weekend and very excited. The company that did the conversion is 'Appleyard Leisure' in Huddersfield. Looks like they may have stopped trading. Does anyone know of them? Cheers Allan
  8. R

    Camper conversion companies, south coast

    Hi all Am new to the forum here, but lurking a while over on some of the "other" forums :-) I've looking to fit solar charging to my Caravelle which has an existing split charge leisure system, running fridge and lights. Have read the What Solar Panel & Controller? thread which is a great...
  9. T

    New manufacturer of pop-top

    Been looking for a pop top for a while and wasn’t that impressed tbh till I found a chap in East Sussex thats about to bring one to market with a panoramic center panel and the construction is 2nd to none.have a look at the frame work on this thing.
  10. D

    Conversion companies in the SE?

    Hi Looking at converting my lwb T6. Any recommendations on good companies? Visiting SK conversions in etchingham later but would welcome any advice. Thanks!
  11. D

    Man in a shed websites

    With a build date pencilled in, I’m firming up my conversion plans. Specifying equipment is part of my day job, but the vendors for van stuff seem to be competing for the most opaque product info. I think the marketing brief was “can you make us look like two blokes in a garage with an angle...
  12. T

    Top Campervan Converters for holding price

    Hi All, I'm sure this is a question that has been asked many times, but I wanted to come at it from a resale angle, I'm in the process of buying a new T6.1 and want to use a converter that when it comes time to sell on in the distant future, which conversions hold their price better? Are there...
  13. Amymax18

    Questions to ask conversion company ?

    Hi all, I currently have a SWB T5.1 that is soon to be replaced with a LWB T6! The SWB has a somewhat DIY conversion in it and my plan is to send the LWB to a conversion company. I'm currently trying to find a conversion company in Scotland to fit - diesel heater, pop top with solar, electrics...
  14. AJCConversions

    AJC Conversions, Derbyshire

    Hi all, Brandon from AJC Conversions, i thought we better get involved with the T6 forum and show off some of the things we have been producing in the workshop on the quiet. We used to be very active on T4forum, forgive me if that's a swear word on here lol. All of our furniture is hand made...
  15. milner993

    Full interior upgrade cost?

    Thought I would show the quote I received today and hoped to get your views on the pricing, does the quote seem reasonable? I'm going for a day van build, is there anything else I should be considering? I haven't added a diesel heater due to costs at the moment. I only added a 12 volt...
  16. Stuart D

    Leisure battery & night-heater install in Wales

    Hi, looking for recommendations for a leisure battery & Eberspacher heater installation in South Wales? I want the heater to be fitted as per factory, underfloor & blowing out of front step + B pillar. Anyone had this done & happy? TIA
  17. N

    Newbie - loving this site - not far off taking the plunge - conversion company thoughts please

    Hi there. First time posting on here, although something tells me this won't be the last! A public thanks to all the amazing people in here too - so much info and opinion when you're knee deep in the research phase before pulling any triggers. Fundamental question is any opinions on 3...
  18. Alan Watts

    VW-Type approved conversion companies?

    Anyone offer any guidance on this list please? Last I counted was six
  19. R

    buying conversion or already converted?

    Hey folks! I'm after a T6 camper, with the standard conversion kit. May also consider T5, if the price and spec is right! We're not after anything too fancy or modern. Hoping to spend no more than 35k (which seems a challenge looking at the value of some) rough spec: T6 2015-2018? mileage -...
  20. L

    Night Heater installer - Scotland

    Hi all I have recently bought a night heater and a leisure battery etc for my T6 as a sort of day van. Does anyone know of anyone who would install the electrics and night heater which needs to be piped into the main tank around the central belt in Scotland? Thanks for any help much...