conversion companies

  1. N

    Newbie - loving this site - not far off taking the plunge - conversion company thoughts please

    Hi there. First time posting on here, although something tells me this won't be the last! A public thanks to all the amazing people in here too - so much info and opinion when you're knee deep in the research phase before pulling any triggers. Fundamental question is any opinions on 3...
  2. Alan Watts

    VW-Type approved conversion companies?

    Anyone offer any guidance on this list please? Last I counted was six
  3. R

    buying conversion or already converted?

    Hey folks! I'm after a T6 camper, with the standard conversion kit. May also consider T5, if the price and spec is right! We're not after anything too fancy or modern. Hoping to spend no more than 35k (which seems a challenge looking at the value of some) rough spec: T6 2015-2018? mileage -...
  4. P

    Conversion recommendations cornwall.

    Hi I recently bought a 2018 t6 and live right down in the end of cornwall I have had a few quotes from some companies near me and was just wondering if there any company people can recommend in cornwall/Devon. Thank Pete.
  5. T

    Status 1 Automotive or Van Haven

    Hello everyone I’m new here and buying my first T6.1. Very excited except the chip shortage is playing havoc… I’m looking for a high spec 4motion van and so far I’ve narrowed down two dealers who can get stock. What are people’s experience of either / or Status 1 Automotive or Van Haven? Both...
  6. R

    Conversion company recommendations in Hampshire

    Hi thanks for letting me join , I’m after some help regarding conversion , we are picking up our new t6 in around 5 weeks and would like some help with who and where to take it for conversion / we don’t mind travelling to do this , we are in Portsmouth and we do have a rough budget but I know...
  7. California 4x4

    Finding a campervan conversion company

    @Loz has has kindly agreed to me highlighting a new website that is designed to advise people interested in buying or converting a campervan called It is based on a database of over 800 UK campervan conversion companies and enables a user to enter their postcode and find...
  8. G

    Sales question- 2019 T6 conversion

    Hi there, we bought last Monday a 2019 T6 conversion from a caravan company near Holmes Chapel. The van had 30k mileage on it but the conversion was new. 2 days later,the fuel gauge stops working and the EML is on! Straight to the caravan company whose garage supervisor was pretty annoyed that...
  9. C

    Conversion companies in the Reading / Oxford area?

    Hi, Would anyone recommend a T6 conversion company in the Oxford or Reading area? Thanks!
  10. cfdave

    Wales - converters

    Does anyone know who could fit my 2+1 seats please? (In South Wales) I’ve completed the rest of the work. Seat belts etc. I just don’t have the facilities to be able to drop the tank myself. Or I’d do it. Or would you say I should just buy some ramps for the front wheels and do it? I just...
  11. RealGoneKid

    Sunset Campers Limited - Bromsgrove (Camper Conversion)

    After months and months of waiting for a new t6.1, and even longer research on all things campers and conversions, I chose to use Richard Naylor of Sunset Campers in Dodford, near Bromsgrove. Let me assure you I am quite analytical, detail driven, try to be a perfectionist (perfectionists never...
  12. F

    Pop Top Installer South East

    Searching for a pop top roof fitter in Kent area. Any recommendations? Has anybody tried Converterama?
  13. Undertoker

    looking for a reputable conversion company

    Hi guys I am looking for a reputable conversion company to convert my LWB TSI into a 4 berth camper I want someone who will do it properly. If anyone can recommend a company who will do the whole thing including fitting a roof bed I’d appreciate the pointer Thank you in advance John
  14. Morris67

    Camper conversion in Surrey

    Morning guys does anyone out there know where I can get my t6 converted to a full camper in the Surrey or southeast area as I have asked around and most of the people near me ie wambam campers have a 6 month waiting list looking to get it booked in to a company ASAP if possible
  15. Sackmycook

    Snug Campers, Malton, North Yorkshire

    Just got my van back from Snug Campers of Malton after some interior works, carpeting, sound proofing and insulation. Dave Harman is the driving force behind this new business and impressed me with his depth of knowledge and attention to detail. He gave excellent advice and listened to our ideas...
  16. M

    thinking of buying a T6 and wondered if anyone can recommend any quality conversions please at reasonable price around north east of England

    Hi, I’m seriously thinking of buying a T6 and wondered if anyone can recommend any quality conversions please at reasonable price around north east of England or surrounding areas. Many thanks Mal.
  17. C

    Who is the "premier converter"

    Hello everyone, My name is Chris and I am dipping my toe into campervan possibilities (T6) The original idea has grown from the idea of a DIY van capable of transporting my motorcycles, a kind of sleep ready bike station. Since the wife has come on board, lifes little luxuries have become...
  18. F

    Converter recommendations in Essex

    Hi, Looking for any recommendations for converters in NW Essex / Cambridge area. I have seen a similar post where Cambridge Campervans was recommended. I have email them and they only do full conversions. I am looking to do the following: - remove the fixed triple bench (rear) and fitting a...
  19. B

    Looking for NE conversion company

    Hi, I've ordered a new T6.1 panel van that should arrive in March next year, now need to sort a company to do a full camper conversion. Has anyone got recommendations for reliable, good quality companies in the North East? Thank you.
  20. R

    Conversion companies Bristol /Bath

    Hi all, any recommendations for a good conversion company in the Bristol / Bath area and surounding area (50 miles) Got a budget of about 22k on a lwb conversion. Many thanks