conversion companies

  1. riverstown

    T6.1 T28 150 DSG - Conversions

    Hi. New to this forum, so hello everyone. I have just ordered a bay leaf green 6.1 whith expected delivery in 12 to 14 weeks. In advance of its arrival can anyone recommend a conversion company, for pop top and interior fit. The van will come with side bars, front splitter, rear spoiler, and two...
  2. James1000

    Converter recommendations for partial?

    Hi I need to get a van partially converted - Pop top roof, insulation lining, 6x windows and electrics to give a blank canvas internally. I’d rather use one but for specific jobs they all seem to offer one or the other. Any recommendations appreciated
  3. L

    So it starts

    Hi I am new around here, but just ordered my Van T6.1 T28 150 DSG Highline Panel van, its being sent without back seats and bulk head. Trying to find a conversion company is proving difficult, was hoping to spend £20k but after adding all the extras it always seems to go over this. Has...
  4. Curryzz

    All Seasons Leisure Campers Vans

    Good Evening, I’m excited to be in the market for a T6 Volkswagen camper and I’m struggling to find the best place to spend my money on a well built conversion. I keep going back to All Seasons Leisures website as I like the look of there vans & conversions. Unfortunately I’m not local so I...
  5. Oldrat

    Crafter article in VW bus Mag

    This is a fabulous van, and has had everything thrown at it, it’s a real showcase for RHALES Conversions. Richard is also the guy converting my Crafter. I nearly went for the electric bed but was vetoed by ‘er indoors.
  6. C


    Hi everyone - brand new so apologies if any of these have been answered somewhere already. I've just sold my first VW Camper - a very cheap SWB conversion on a T5.1. Basically decided that we love it and having had our big trip cancelled this summer thought now is the time to sell and get the...
  7. nikster

    Camper converter co near Christchurch Dorset

    Hi all I think we’re in the market now to move on from our lovely Beryl T6 Velle and go all out camper, starting to look around but thought I’d reach out to you guys to get the thoughts on who’s top notch nowadays. Have seen a lot of ‘we will source the van for you and convert‘ which obviously...
  8. C

    Who is the best for full conversion

    New to forum and looking for advice. I am scouring the VW dealers nationally for a T6 to convert. Spec wise i would like the DSG Highline.........not sure on the T28 or T30 ???????? there seems to be a few about but not sure who is best to buy from. Also any recommendation for a full...
  9. phoenixfc7

    Austops Pop Top Install Help! (not installed by Austops BTW who have been brilliant)

    Hi, I would like some advice on what to do about a recent install of an Austops pop top T6 SWB. At this point I want to make clear that Austops did not the roof so this thread is no reflection on the Austops roof or the company but looking for guidance on the install. Lots of pictures bellow...
  10. R

    Creative Vdub

    I would not recommend Creative Vdub & not trust anything Joe Turner promises I’m writing this review as a result of disappointment. Creative Vdub took a large deposit from me for some work to be completed. Every time I made contact I was fobbed off with endless promises. I went through what I...
  11. bullracing

    Westdubs Pop Tops - Worcester. Unhappy Customer.

    I really do not want to do this and its taken a while for me to give chances for a professional outcome but unfortunately they have been unable to solve any problems so I will explain my problem so you can all avoid the same. I am never the one to want to damage a company but I feel a little...
  12. J

    Conversion Companies Up North?

    Hi, Just about to acquire a nearly new T32 LWB and am looking for suggestions/recommendations for conversion companies to speak to up north...I’m in West Yorkshire but happy to travel to get the right supplier if need be. Vehicle already has external upgrades (wheels, splitters, sides etc) and...
  13. mommabear

    Vw T6 Camper By Momma Bears Adventure Company.

    LUNA £34,995. WE CAN NOW OFFER FINANCE. LUNA is brand new for 2020 - and she’s a beauty. Our customers know that we are a very small independent converter, who only produce a few vans per year and Luna is really special...
  14. H

    Recommendation For A Conversion Company That Will Fit Lithium System

    Having been seriously let down by a 'professional' firm of converters who have ruined my vehicle I am looking to source another vehicle and have conversion done once I get my money back. One of my requirements is lithium/solar system. I think I know what I want but would really like to find a...
  15. C

    Help To Buy 1st Camper Please

    Good evening, I am looking to buy a VW Camper which was converted in September 2019. The dealer selling the van cannot find out who professionally converted the van (not in paperwork). From my enquiries it seems that insurers want to know the conversion company name before giving a quote. Does...
  16. czmate1999

    Camper Conversion - 1 Converter Or Choose The ?best? From Different Suppliers

    Hi All, Another thread I'm afraid, but hopefully others may find it useful. Up until now I have been looking at individual camper converters to do my conversion. I have looked at the likes of Exploria, New Wave, CMC, VW-T, Van-worx, etc. but now i am wondering if it would be worth choosing...
  17. Kfant1

    Gocampervan Specialist Chesterfield.

    I would like to point out the fantastic experience we have just had with this company... The guys at Gocampervan (Justin and Simon) are just fantastic. From start to finish I’ve been 100% happy with the service they provide. We rented a camper in the summer which was a GoCamper conversion...
  18. Ann3x

    Who Fitted Your Hilo Roof?

    Ordering a Hilo soon for fitting in a couple of months, looking for a good, experienced fitter in the NW or midlands. Currently thinking of Xtremevan or Hilo themselves (they do fitting directly now). Anyone got any feedback on these options or any other good suggestion?
  19. Eskie

    Business review - Slidepods

    This time last year I bought my first Transporter with the idea of converting it into a camper. I read lots of reviews and went out to visit a few places including Slidepods and I was impressed with what I saw there and Jonny's attitude, so I went ahead a booked my van in for the whole hog - SCA...
  20. Dean@VanDoc

    Van Doc... Hi everyone, Van Doc is new to the T6 FORUM so i thought i would introduce the company history and our services on offer. We are a conversion company based in Inkberrow, Worcestershire. We have a unit which can hold 3 vans and plenty of secure parking in front of...