comfort dash

  1. Steview

    Sold Comfort Dash Centre Console £300

    Rare centre console from a Comfort Dash Comes with cup holder drawer and lower bottle cooler. Missing the top gear stick surround section. U.K. postage included in the price or collection welcome from NE22
  2. Yackers777

    Wanted T6 comfort dash bottle holder

    WANTED T6 comfort dash bottle holder or just the clip as mine is broken and can’t buy separately TIA
  3. Steview

    Sold T6 Comfort Dash Centre Console

    Centre console from a Comfort Dash, comes with the cup holder drawer and lower bottle cooler. Missing the gearstick surround section and the pipe that links the cooler to the glove box. £300 Collection from Bedlington preferred but can post at extra cost.
  4. D

    T6 head unit - No usb [Resolved]

    Hi, I wondered if anyone can help? I have recently purchased a 2016 Highline with the above head unit. There appears to be CarPlay on it and after reading other posts people are saying you have to connect your phone via usb for it to work. The trouble is I don’t seem to have a usb port anywhere...
  5. Devaprem

    Comfort Dash cigarette lighter removal

    Hello. I am replacing the centre console comfort dash as the centre console storage compartment closable lid broke. I have the VW replacement part and have managed to remove the old one.... except I cannot find a way to get the cigarette lighter out of the old one! I've read the thread Cigarette...
  6. Mbaines81

    Comfort Dash - Spare Parts

    Hi, does anyone know the part numbers for these? Bought a comfort dash secondhand and they were missing.
  7. VanDamMan

    For Sale OEM VW Glove Box/stowage trim

    For Sale Used….very good condition. £45 Collect or will take to Busfest 23
  8. H

    Phone holder for T6 with comfort dash

    Looking at options and ideas for a phone holder for the T6 but comfort dash. correctly using iPhone but guess most holders grab anything. Seen the 3D ones on here but don think they work with the comfort dash option. Any ideas appreciated
  9. Gazbadge

    Sold Comfort dash center console

    Comfort dash center console. This center console, although in good physical and visual condition, has been apart and reassembled. It was covered in black vinyl which has now been removed. The console has been reassembled and is fit for purpose. Center dash console with lower bottle holder and...
  10. Gazbadge

    Sold Lower comfort dash parts

    Lower comfort dash parts in Moonrock gery. All in great condition. Swapped my lower dash for Black so have these avaliable. Center dash console with lower bottle holder and drawer with cup holders and rubber inserts. **You will need to buy the top panel that has another storage space and a...
  11. F

    Comfort dash- any courtesy lighting?

    I saw a 3d printed site with items for the t6 and in a few pics the phone storage space had a courtesy light. Nowhere on my dash is a courtesy light,phone storage/ glovebox, I haven't been able to visit another van. Should there be dash compartment lights ?
  12. JiMsHaDY69

    Sold Genuine VW T6 Upper Glove Box Compartment

    Due to not researching if this fits a standard dash (it doesn't without modification to the dash) I have a brand new Genuine VW T6 Upper Glove Box Compartment in a gloss black for sale. Ideal replacement if you already have the comfort dash or if you are braver than me and fancy hacking up your...
  13. gmaster

    Comfort dash upgrade.

    Hi All, I was lucky enough to get the comfort dash on my Kombi as requested. The question is....Has anyone upgraded the light coloured lower dash to the darker caravelle version? I'm about to order the parts which also means my light coloured comfort dash components will be for sale soon (and...
  14. R

    Cupboard 12V socket query - 2019 T6 Edition

    I have a 3 year old T6 Edition. The 12V socket inside the small dashboard cupboard appears to be dead. I've looked at the various discussions on here about fuse locations etc. and my van doesn't seem to correspond with anything I've read! I cannot see any fuse box under or around the dash area...
  15. P

    T6.1 TCS button removal?

    Hi, I've just completed the 'comfort' dash upgrade in my T6.1 so it matches the California. However, the wrong part was ordered that covers the traction control button and there is no cut out. As the TCS can be disabled via the infotainment (and some calis don't have the button) can i just...
  16. R

    Sold Comfort glovebox & regular dash surround and upper glovebox

    Managed to find a used comfort dash so up for sale is my old regular one. The glovebox is the comfort version and Is flocked, used but decent condition. Small tray has melted a bit where I had to heat it up to remove the 12v socket. Not sure if you’ll be able to reuse it but I’m sure they...
  17. S


    Brand new, unused in perfect condition, and in original box this comfort dash centre console panel with storage that surrounds gear lever. Fits manual and DSG. £50 Can post at extra cost.
  18. T

    Comfort dash USB issues

    A Has anyone had issues with the USB port on their comfort dash? Or know how to remove to replace? I don’t believe it’s the fuse. Thanks in advance
  19. Andyman

    Damaged storage cover

    Hi all Having a little problem with this cover It had a cable caught in it and I had to give it a little shove to open it, now it stays open, although it’s supposed to click closed, anyone know how to remedy it please??