comfort dash

  1. Alan Ginger

    Double bench seat and Comfort Dashboard

    Hi: I am aware that if you fit the comfort dashboard the leg room is restricted- which isn a problem. My question is: can y
  2. Mike Dean

    Custom Dash Part List.

    Hi All, I see that the comfort dash upgrade is a popular one and something i'm interested in doing myself. I had a search but could not see a definitive list of Part Numbers. If someone has made the order it would be great if you could share please? Guide to complete seems very simple, nice...
  3. Keefff

    USB Splitter Box for Comfort Console

    Just completed a Comfort Centre Console fit and ended up zip tie-ing the dash USB inside the dash and feeding a usb and aux cable through to the cubby hole on centre console. Does anyone know if there’s a kit or part no’s for parts to split the usb feed to a secondary socket see pic of what I...
  4. J

    Caravelle dash swap

    Who has done a Caravelle dash swap? what’s involved? Has anyone made a “How to” yet?
  5. BobbyDoughnut

    6 up with a comfort dash

    Hi. I sold my last T6 a month ago because it wasn’t being used. Big mistake. Now I’m looking for a replacement but struggling find a six seat Kombi of the right spec so I’ve been thinking of adding a double passenger seat to a 5 seater. Is it possible to easily remove the storage area next to...
  6. Kev23

    12v Socket not working

    Anyone know why this socket (on dash) would just stop working ? No idea which fuse to look at
  7. Captain Rick

    Remove lower Caravelle dash holding carpet

    I want to remove the front carpet from my 2016 Caravelle but cannot work out how to remove the centre piece of trim that is trapping the carpet to the floor. The trim wraps round from the drivers footwell to the passengers and is the part that holds the big drinks bottle - I've already removed...
  8. DTT6

    Center console for VW T6 with comfort dashboard

    I have been looking at storage options for my caravelle and found a German site advertising ‘Center console for VW T6 with comfort dashboard’. Has anyone seen this in person or purchased? Are they good quality? from here;T6 Mittelkonsole Komfort
  9. Cnud

    Retrofit left and right cup holders

    Hi, I have a kombi highline with a comfort dash and passenger airbag but without the left and right cup holders. I absolutely detest the centre console cup holders bouncing around and being too narrow for two coffees, so was wondering if I could retrofit the upper window level cup holder by...
  10. bullracing

    Factory fridge glovebox - Retrofit

    Took my glove box out and theres a blank on the back of the glove box and behind that there is what looks like some sort of duct outlet. Its not connected to anything but its there ready to be connected from what it seems. Has anyone retrofitted this and know what parts are required to get it...
  11. C

    Comfort Dash USB blanking-cover?

    Hey up. Anyone know where to source a blanking cap for the USB hole inside a retro fitted comfort dash?
  12. Montecha

    For Sale Titan Black Wine Cooler Trim

    I have a Titan Black Wine Cooler Panel with a broken latch for sale. Ideal for someone upgrading from Moon Rock, or scratched their Titan Black It might be possible to buy a new latch, I haven’t checked. But you can certainly remove it. I bought the new cooler thinking that I’d have to...
  13. kiter

    For Sale Instrument Cluster Surround

    Brand new instrument cluster surround, this matches those fitted to comfort dash models. Rrp from vw is £109. £60 inc postage.
  14. M444TCC

    For Sale Genuine T6 Comfort Dash Parts

    We have had a change of plan with our T6, So these are no longer needed. They are New & Genuine Comfort Dash Parts (Not VanX) X1 Upper Glove Box X1 Dial Surround £250 (Both Items) Collection is preferred (Radcliffe M26 4), Although I can post at cost. I don't accept PayPay by GIFT! Goods...
  15. kiter

    Sold Comfort Dash

    Set of the light coloured comfort dash plastics, main plastic, bottle holder, drawer thingy and the surround for the gear stick/chubby hole. Glove box (no light but holes for it) and drivers side lower panel if you need them as well. £350 plus postage. Be end of the week before I can post.
  16. Lasse Multivan

    Phonebooth And Cup Holder Compartment Rooms.lights?

    Hey all. 'm drivving a T6 2017 multivan, and i'm wondering if the 2 comparment rooms in the gear consol, should have lights? mine is dark and it is a little fiddly to find the usb plug and so on in the dark.
  17. Ethan Andrews

    Heater Surround Around Radio

    Hi all, I have managed to loose one of the yellow clips into the dashboard cavern somewhere! I am guessing VW sell them? But I also want to replace the whole grille with the one I have seen on the California which has a silver line around the circumference. And on/off knobs. Does anyone know...
  18. ChrisR

    Comfort Gloss-Black Dash Air-Vents

    Hi all, I want to change the dash vents in my Kombi for those that come with the comfort dash so that I get the separate wheel to close the vents. It’s bloody annoying having to adjust the vents every time you happen to close and then open them. Does anyone know part numbers and where I can...
  19. Martin Gibson

    Another Beige Be Gone Thread

    Hello,i know this has been covered before but i am struggling to see who has done it with the smaller centre console and who has done it with the larger one like i have with the bottle cooler etc. I have just changed the door cards to the Caravelle ones and am thinking about changing the lower...
  20. malcharr17

    Cup Holders In T6 With Comfort Dash

    hi I have a lovely t6 Kombi from Vanworx lowered on Bilstein coil overs so a sporty ride, the cup holders in the central console bounce about like a mad thing and are pretty much unusable, are there any fixes to damp down the cup holders to stop bouncing around?? Cheers and thanks