1. andy greenwood

    Diy Valeting/ Snow Foam/waxing ?

    after spending £90 earlier this year getting a local company to valet our campervan ( outside only), I have decided I would like to do it myself. I have to be honest and say I have never waxed a car/van before, what is the best procedure to get a nice and shiny looking campervan ? and what are...
  2. Lighty

    Shiny Shiny Ceramic Coating

    Full iron removal De-Tar 2 stage clay 2 stage machine polish including the alloys Hand polished Then a multi layer of Gyeon ceramic coating applied :)
  3. Dellmassive

    Wash & Wax Time . . . . . . But Which One And How?

    Wash & Wax time . . . . . . but which one and how? So kinda as the title implies it time to wash the van... (getting tree sap on paintwork from that poxy tree) took to the local american hand car wash was yesterday for the external wash . . £10 later all nice and shiny but they never do a...
  4. karl brierley

    Clay bar and detailing

    I’m wanting to make time with the 2 weeks I got off over xmas. To get the t6 clay bared and detailed ect. Can anyone recommend someone in or close to the Leeds area Thanks in advance
  5. CRD

    Clay bar from new

    So, as the delivery date grows ever closer for my Kombi in blackberry (first week in September), I have started wasting spending my hard-earned on cleaning and detailing products. So far I have bought- micro-fibre wash mitt Demon shine snow foam Demon shine tyre shine Armor-all wheel seal...