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  1. T

    Cigarette plug behind passenger seat not working T6 Beach [Resolved]

    Hi I would appreciate some help please. I connected the polarity incorrectly on a diy plug that went into the cigarette plug behind the the passenger seat on my T6 Cali Beach. When I connected an appliance there was a quiet click from somewhere in front. It is now not working. After following...
  2. B

    Amp's of 12v socket in new t6.1

    Hi I'm trying to find out the amp rating of the 12v sockets in my t6.1. Heard it was 20amps. Can anyone confirm. Cheers B
  3. C

    12v socket retrofit wiring

    Hello. First question on the forum from a new member. My 2016 T6 LWB doesn’t have a top tray 12v but does have a blanking plug. I bought an OEM socket and cables from a breakers that’s exactly for this vehicle. I’m going to wire it in to the ignition-on 12v supply using a piggyback. I’m aware...
  4. M

    third grey wire in top 12v socket

    Morning all, I'd like to replace all the 12v sockets with USB ones, and 2 new USB in the buttons for android auto etc. Basically following dellmassive's guide, excellent as always. I'd like to take a 12v supply for my usb hub, but I dont have any of the fuse tap off devices. There should be 12v...
  5. S

    Inverter will not work in cig socket

    Hi, I have a 12v system in my T6, with a cigarette plug which is powered by the leisure battery, I plugged a small inverter (300w) into it and it will not work even though the power is just over 12v, inverter works in the main van cigarette plug to the engine. Not sure why it doesn’t work? Any ideas
  6. H

    T5.1 cigarette-socket fuse

    Hi everyone , I have recently purchased a T5 camper van (2015) and have spent the past week trying to fix the lighter and dash sockets. So having researched for hours online , contacted the previous owner and the original converter no luck whatsoever in locating the fuse as neither person had...
  7. Pauly

    T6 12V Sockets Wiring Diagram 2017

    12V Sockets Circuit Diagram This diagram covers all socket outlets fitted to vehicles that DO NOT have factory fitted second battery VIP Membership is required to download this document
  8. Loz

    Top Dash 12v cigar socket fuse locations

    Depending on what options you have and whether you have a factory second battery etc. the top dash fuse can be in different locations. This first location is below the centre socket by the tray is highlighted below. The empty slot just below it is one of the Top Dash socket fuse locations...
  9. B

    T6.1 Front dash 12V socket fuse

    Hello everyone! 1J0919309B - the park which doesn't operate is. Please advise where can I fund a fuse box for coin tray 12v socket. What is the number of this fuse in the box? How and what to remove to reach it? Thanks in advance. P.S. Unfortunately I registered quite recently so I don't...
  10. P

    T5.1 cigarette plugs not working - can’t locate fuse.

    VW T30 Fuse Numbers. Can anyone help me locate the number chart for the Internal Fuse Box? both my cigarette plugs are not working want to check the fuse… there is no fuse chart diagram… Paul
  11. T

    Max voltage at the 12v cig socket

    Quick couple of questions regarding voltage levels if I may I’m sure someone on here will have tested this 1. what is the max voltage that the alternation will generate? 2. the accessory sockets in the van namely the one on the dash top and the one in the comfort cubby tray are they stabilised...
  12. Jez

    T6 Fuse panel layout - Engine and Cabin

    Hi there. Does anyone have a fuse panel layout for a T6 for the engine compartment and the cabin. I read my manual that VW did not publish a layout when the vehicle was delivered because it was still under development. It is pretty disappointing because there will come a day when a fuse will...
  13. G

    solar panel via cigarette dash socket

    Hello...I have read posts regarding changing alligator clips to cigarette lighter sockets to run foldable solar panel. I am looking at Lensun 100 watt foldable and would like to run it via dash 12volt sockets. have you all had long term success with this, or do alligator clips direct to battery...
  14. Nigel W

    Max charge through Cig socket

    I have read the previous posts on charging but I can’t find a definitive answer to this question......what is the safest maximum charger I can use to charge the vehicle battery via the internal cig socket? I have been using a small solar panel but now the winter nights are here it isn’t really...
  15. nuggetwillow

    I want my Cig lighter to be ignition-live only

    How can I make the ciggerette lighter only become live when I turn the ignition on .I want to use it from my dash cam
  16. Rodeorichx

    12v dash DIN (lower)

    Does anyone know where I could get a replacement part for my dash? I've looked on eBay etc but they are all too big and the official VW ones are about £60 which seems a bit excessive for a plastic trim. Any help would be apprieculiated. Pictures attached. Thanks Rich.
  17. S

    Dash Mounted Solar Panel

    I am thinking about buying a dash mounted solar panel that plugs into the 12 v socket to trickle charge the starter battery. Can i use either of the two sockets fitted as standard on the dash? Does it have to be unplugged when the engine is running? I've just hard wired my dashcam and i'm...
  18. S

    Where does the feed for the C-pillar cigarette lighter in my T6 caravelle come from? (Not working yet others are)

    Hi all, I’m after some help! I’ve searched and looked through lots of the downloads but can’t find the answer. There is a 12v cigarette lighter socket just behind the sliding door on the drivers side and it’s not worked since I’ve had the van. The front socket and the one by the tailgate work...
  19. alter

    T6.1 Coast 12v cigarette sockets

    Hello everyone, a friend of mine bought a new T6.1 Coast, but he doesn't have the instruction manual ... he would like to know which 12 volt sockets on the dashboard are connected directly to the starter battery and which ones to the services. .thank you
  20. S

    Power Consumption

    Hey T6 fellowship At the moment I’m using my t6 as my daily driver, on the job doing road side maintenance. I’ve put a led warning lightbar on the roof, which gets its power from one of the cars 12volt sockets. There a constant power in the plug, even when the ignition is switched off. My...