cigarette lighter

  1. HarryPea1882

    Lower Dash Cigarette Lighter T6 2016 Fuse Location

    My Lower Dash Cigarette Lighter isn't working on my 2016 T6. So that I can put a new fuse in I need to know where the fuse box that houses this particular fuse is located? After what I thought would be a straight forward search on YouTube I was left even more confused and am now having to guess...
  2. G

    solar panel via cigarette dash socket

    Hello...I have read posts regarding changing alligator clips to cigarette lighter sockets to run foldable solar panel. I am looking at Lensun 100 watt foldable and would like to run it via dash 12volt sockets. have you all had long term success with this, or do alligator clips direct to battery...
  3. Nigel W

    Max charge through Cig socket

    I have read the previous posts on charging but I can’t find a definitive answer to this question......what is the safest maximum charger I can use to charge the vehicle battery via the internal cig socket? I have been using a small solar panel but now the winter nights are here it isn’t really...
  4. nuggetwillow

    I want my Cig lighter to be ignition-live only

    How can I make the ciggerette lighter only become live when I turn the ignition on .I want to use it from my dash cam
  5. Rodeorichx

    12v dash din

    Does anyone know where I could get a replacement part for my dash? I've looked on eBay etc but they are all too big and the official VW ones are about £60 which seems a bit excessive for a plastic trim. Any help would be apprieculiated. Pictures attached. Thanks Rich.
  6. S

    Dash Mounted Solar Panel

    I am thinking about buying a dash mounted solar panel that plugs into the 12 v socket to trickle charge the starter battery. Can i use either of the two sockets fitted as standard on the dash? Does it have to be unplugged when the engine is running? I've just hard wired my dashcam and i'm...
  7. S

    Where does the feed for the C-pillar cigarette lighter in my T6 caravelle come from? (Not working yet others are)

    Hi all, I’m after some help! I’ve searched and looked through lots of the downloads but can’t find the answer. There is a 12v cigarette lighter socket just behind the sliding door on the drivers side and it’s not worked since I’ve had the van. The front socket and the one by the tailgate work...
  8. alter

    T6.1 Coast 12v cigarette sockets

    Hello everyone, a friend of mine bought a new T6.1 Coast, but he doesn't have the instruction manual ... he would like to know which 12 volt sockets on the dashboard are connected directly to the starter battery and which ones to the services. .thank you
  9. S

    Power Consumption

    Hey T6 fellowship At the moment I’m using my t6 as my daily driver, on the job doing road side maintenance. I’ve put a led warning lightbar on the roof, which gets its power from one of the cars 12volt sockets. There a constant power in the plug, even when the ignition is switched off. My...
  10. P

    fuse location for pull out cup holder/cig lighter ???

    i have from new a VW T5 2015 hillside birchover conversion (started as T28 panel van startline swb 5 spd 2.0 TDI) i am lookiing for the fuse for the standard front facia 12 volt cig liter/ power point. /pill out cup holder itis not in facia panel fuse box and not in floor under front passenger...
  11. L

    12 volt socket on top of dash

    Hi, does anyone else here find that the socket is a pain, due to how tight the fit is and gives a feel of self destruct on extracting the plug. If so, have you done anything to alleviate having to hold the dash down
  12. Goyt

    Top-dash cig-socket removal?

    All tips and hints gratefully received. How in the big man up stairs name do you get the 12v socket out of the dash. My knuckles are red raw. I can see it, take photos of it. But can I get it out, NO.
  13. Stooble

    12v socket switched live

    Hi all, what's the simplest way of changing the 12v socket on top of the dash on a T6 from permanent live to switched with the ignition. Many thanks..
  14. BrianK

    Cigarette Lighter Woes

    Hello All, Hopefully someone can help with what I think is a strange one. Bear in mind mines a 2015 T5 not T6 sorry :oops: Whilst recently instaling 2 new leisure batteries and re-wiring the entire setup I noticed I had no power to the cup holder cig lighter socket and read on here that the...
  15. BoroBoy

    Top Dashboard 12v Cigarette Lighter.

    Good Morning, I am looking for the power supply/ fuse is located for the top dash 12v supply. I have checked against the forum fuse charts and cannot locate said supply. Also, can anyone advise what the power supplies are that are located under the passenger...
  16. SAF1981

    Replacing 12v Cigarette Charger With A Dual Usb Charger

    Hello I'm looking to replace the 12V cigarette port in my T6 with a dual USB charging point. Has anyone done the same and is it pretty straight forward? Thanks in advance
  17. BoroBoy

    Dashboard Cigarette Lighter Removal.

    Has anybody removed the cigarette lighter socket from the lower dashboard from their van's? Is it easy to do? Do I need to take the dashboard apart? Any tips would be welcome.
  18. Mocko1962

    Front Dash 12v Socket Fuse

    Anyone know what front coin tray 12v socket number fuse and where located . I've blown it taking out coin tray to modify as switched voltmeter Can't see any blown fuses looking at the fuse box of ones I can see
  19. M

    Battery Charging

    Just ordered a ctek time to go charger as main battery voltage is low. Do i need to disconnect the battery leads before connecting the charger? Vw T6 2016. Thanks...
  20. J

    12v Socket On Top Of Dash Not Working

    Hi guys My dash cam fuse plug burned out and became dismantled in the socket - don't know how! I had to fish out the remaining parts, cue sparks etc. Now the socket is dead, so I assume the fuse for this has gone?? If so, how do I go about identifying the fuse and replacing it? Thanks in...