cigarette lighter

  1. W

    T6.1 “Never feed electricity into the socket”

    Hi, T6.1/22plate/150bhp/stop-start/No leisure battery/manual. So, thinking about the 12v cigar(ette) sockets, to trickle charge the battery without leaving the bonnet open and wires trailing onto the street etc, I was thinking of getting an Ecoflow River 2 (or similar leisure power supply), and...
  2. Devaprem

    Comfort Dash cigarette lighter removal

    Hello. I am replacing the centre console comfort dash as the centre console storage compartment closable lid broke. I have the VW replacement part and have managed to remove the old one.... except I cannot find a way to get the cigarette lighter out of the old one! I've read the thread Cigarette...
  3. ginkster

    [T6] 12V Dash Sockets both not working

    Both of my 12V sockets on the dash (top one and the centre one by gear stick) have stopped working for some reason. I’ve checked the fuses in the central fuse box under the gear lever and these are ok. I changed the 20A one (SF11) for an LED fuse but this does not light and have checked the 15A...
  4. jordanL

    Under passenger seat fuse for 12 cig lighter

    Hi, my 12v cig lighter doesn't work and I believe there's a fuse box for this under the passenger seat. I can see some wiring and blocks and they seem fixed to under the seat. Are there fuses in there and how do I access them? I've checked other locations for the fuses and they seem fine. Thanks.
  5. E

    T6.1 with Factory fit 2nd Battery Cab Socket Poll

    On my 2023 T6.1 both the cab sockets were factory wired to the factory fitted leisure battery. I‘d like to know if this was a standard change from T6 to T6.1s (2019 onwards) or whether it “just depends” on equipment fitted. Advice is often that you can charge the starter battery from one of the...
  6. T

    T6.1 12v socket/cig lighter fuse location

    Hi all. Recently purchased a 2022 5 seater T6. It has 2 12 volt sockets. One by the gear shift and one above steering wheel on top of dash. Factory fitted. Neither are working. I have looked at all available fuse layouts and threads and they refer to the fuses being under the passenger seat...
  7. General-Monty

    Anyone tell me how to remove the lower cigarette lighter trim piece?

    Can anyone tell me how to remove this trim piece please ? I need to fit a new surround to the 12v socket. I’ve had the trim tools around it for the last 15 minutes, but I’m getting nowhere. By the damage around it, I’m guessing the last owner also had the same trouble, before giving up.
  8. steve-r

    Charge a second battery from a cigarette lighter socket

    I thought this was an easy one but I can't find the answer anywhere. My van is all set up with power solar etc and great. However I want to use my mobile fridge in another car. I have a portable leisure battery I can use for the fridge when parked but how can I charge the battery from a...
  9. S

    T6.1 fuse for the 12v charging socket next to the shifter.

    Hello all, i have a problem whit my t6.1 transporter commercial van. I cant find the fuse for the 12v charging socket next to the shifter. Can someone help.
  10. VesselPal

    [T6] Disable 12V socket

    Is there a way to disable the 12V cigarette socket when the key is removed / engine turned off? Only interested in software solutions, like via obd11.
  11. 109LWB

    Lower dash 12v socket not working [Resolved].

    When we whet camping last week, I plugged our 12v cool box into the middle dash cigarette socket and it instantly blew. I've just changed the 15a fuse which was blown, but the socket still isn't working. Are there any other fuses controlling it? I have no fuses under the passenger seat as some...
  12. G

    Sold 12v blank and some led interior bulbs

    Hi, Whilst having a clear out I found a 12v blank and a couple of packs of led bulbs! £5 delivered Pic:
  13. R

    Cupboard 12V socket query - 2019 T6 Edition

    I have a 3 year old T6 Edition. The 12V socket inside the small dashboard cupboard appears to be dead. I've looked at the various discussions on here about fuse locations etc. and my van doesn't seem to correspond with anything I've read! I cannot see any fuse box under or around the dash area...
  14. Skippygriff

    Cigar Lighter element that actually fits

    I just want to find a lighter element plug that fits into the socket either on dash or below head unit. I thought one of them was for cigar lighter. I have a vw element and it doesn’t fit into either? Hoping someone knows the part number because I can’t find it.
  15. Sparky6

    T6 12v Dash Sockets. Both on Same Fuse??

    Hi All, Just a quick question, I have a T6 Highline which is slowing turning from a panel van into a kombi/family/day van and am wondering if the two 12v sockets, one on the top of the dash to the right of the storage tray and the one lower down to the left of the gear stick are on the same...
  16. jacobk

    12v outputs for factory fitted aux battery

    I have a 2016 Multivan (TDI, 204, 4motion, DSG, Highline, Dynaudio) with a factory fitted battery under the driver seat. The car has a aux heater, electrical sliding doors (both sides), electrical driver seat. I'm trying to figure out if the 12V socket in the trunk and next to the backseat of...
  17. T

    Cigarette plug behind passenger seat not working T6 Beach [Resolved]

    Hi I would appreciate some help please. I connected the polarity incorrectly on a diy plug that went into the cigarette plug behind the the passenger seat on my T6 Cali Beach. When I connected an appliance there was a quiet click from somewhere in front. It is now not working. After following...
  18. B

    Amp's of 12v socket in new t6.1

    Hi I'm trying to find out the amp rating of the 12v sockets in my t6.1. Heard it was 20amps. Can anyone confirm. Cheers B
  19. A

    Is cigarette lighter 12v socket connected to the engine or leisure battery?

    Hello guys! I own a T6.1. I was wondering, that cigarette lighter socket in the front (next to the USB-C plug), it is connected to the engine battery or leisure battery? once my engine battery was dead but I was still able to charge my phone with that 12v plug, so I am confused... Thanks a...
  20. Deviant Tubs

    USB or 12v Sockets?

    Hi all! I'm in the process of deciding what extra bits and pieces are going into my T6.1 conversion and I arrived at the subject of 12v/USB power supply. I've been speaking with the company that will be doing the build and so far I'm thinking... 2x 240v Sockets 2x USB Sockets (Each with...