child lock

  1. B

    [Resolved] Sliding door issues.....

    I am having a nightmare today with the sliding door on my T6.1. Please forgive me as I am a knob when it comes to mechanics. It was fitted with a Loc8 table, but do not think that has caused the problem, but you never know. So, as far as I remember, the sliding door opened from the inside (and...
  2. The Ham

    Is there something missing from my Tailgate child lock?

    Whilst sound deadening my tailgate I keep knocking this small latch off, looks like it can isolate the inner handle or something, it comes off really easily. Is it missing a cover of some sort? If so, does anybody know the part no for a new one? it was like this when I got the van.
  3. C

    Little Black Cover!

    Hi all - anyone help me with a part number for the little oval shaped cover - I’m missing one to the right of the tailgate lock as in the picture. Not vital but bugs me every time I open it! Thanks in advance
  4. Farnorthsurfer

    Child Lock Ejected From Sliding Door

    Anyone else had the child lock plastic fitting in the sliding door fall at their feet when the doors is opened? Done it couple of times now. Seems like the plastic fitting is very loose in the hole provided in the door. Just shoddy tolerances by the look of it. Anyone else had the same problem...
  5. E

    Child Seats

    HI. Anyone managed to get 2 child seats to fit on front passenger seat?
  6. katmav1

    Electric Thing Inside Tailgate

    Hello campers! Can anyone identify this please? What it is / what it does?