centre caps

  1. R

    For Sale Steelie centre caps - as new condition

    Hi I have a set of 4 x steel wheel centre caps. They are suitable for 16, 17, and 18 inch Amarok steel wheels. As long as they’re genuine vw steels. There as new condition or near as damn it. No broken bits. And will packed correctly. Free postage uk mainland only. £30
  2. R

    For Sale Steelie centre-caps - black, well used.

    Hi I have a few sets of ( used condition ) steel wheel centre caps , they’re not broken on the backs. Just have scratches, and white marks or offspray on them. £15 a set posted anywhere in the uk. Thanks for looking.
  3. DWS

    For Sale Rare chrome steel wheel centre caps

    These don’t seem to be easy to come by and took me a while to find, but look great on a set of banded steels! Steel wheel centre caps. Set of 4 slotted with chrome badges in great condition. £85 posted.
  4. DWS

    For Sale Steel wheel centre caps

    Hi have for sale a set of plain black slotted steel wheel centre caps in really good condition, and come as a set of 5, so 1 spare! £35 posted.
  5. R

    For Sale Steelie centre caps ( used )

    I have a set of 6 x used centre caps these would be in good condition if it weren’t for the grey offspray that’s on them. £20 for the 6 no broken bits . Posted anywhere in the uk mainland.
  6. J_Con19

    Wanted Dynamic centre caps

    Looking for 4 dynamic centre caps if anyone's got any lying around
  7. R

    Sold Plain black centre caps

    Hi I have a few more sets of steelie centre caps. Good condition. No broken bits . £20 posted and will be packed correctly too. Thanks for looking and Happy Christmas to all the gang.
  8. R

    Sold Steelie centre caps x 5

    I have for sale a set of ( very good useable condition ) steelie centre caps . Very ,very light scratches here and there. £25 for the set of 5 . Posted Free anywhere in the uk mainland. And will be packed correctly too.
  9. R

    Sold Steelie centre caps / locking bolts / wheel bolt covers

    Hi there I,m having a wee clear out just now and have several plain black steel wheel centre caps . (Very useable condition ) light scratches and light marks . I have 2 sets of 5 at £20 posted anywhere in the uk mainland and a set of 4 at £14 posted anywhere in the uk mainland….. I also have 2...
  10. J_Con19

    Wanted Dynamic centre caps

    Looking for dynamic centre caps if anyone has any? Looking for 4, thought I'd ask here first
  11. Bronco

    Borbet Sportline Mk1 centre caps?

    Just picking some of these up for a home refurb. The large 5 spoke early ones. Centre caps are missing. Where might I acquire some new ones? The proper name for the wheels might give me a lead to search for. Regards David Like these
  12. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, used.

    Hi I have a couple of sets of good but with slight scratches on them standard black steel wheel centre caps. There are no broken back bits and are perfectly useable. Looking for £15 posted anywhere in the uk mainland Free. Thanks for looking.
  13. C

    60mm Centre Caps.

    I have purchased some new 18" Bronze coloured alloys and tyres from Wheelbase. Wheelbase dont make a VW centre cap for their alloys so leaves me having to source some self adhesive sticker/caps to fit over the top of the new caps supplied with wheels. Problem is the supplied centre caps have a...
  14. Rossi17

    Wolfrace Alutec centre cap sizes

    Hi, I’ve got 18” Wolfrace Alutec alloys fitted to my T6 and I’m finding it difficult to find the VW logo centre caps to fit them. I measured the Wolfrace caps what was sent with them 65mm, so I found some VW ones on eBay same size 65mm but when I tried to fit them the inner diameter of the...
  15. Ads_Essex

    Sold Sportline Centre Caps x3 tatty

    I’ve got three Sportline centre caps i frugally held on to that are no longer needed. They’ve lost their colour and look tatty, but may get you out of a bind if you’ve lost one/some of yours. Free, just cover postage.
  16. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, good condition.

    I have for sale good condition 2 sets of steel wheel centre caps. No broken bits. £25 each set. Free postage anywhere in the uk.
  17. timthetinyhorse

    Wanted Steel Wheel bolt covers/centre caps

    I have gone for a set of steel wheels so looking for a set of centre caps if anyone has a set they no longer need? Cheers
  18. SamD

    Sold VW Dynamic Centre Caps & Wheel Bolt Covers

    I have got for sale 4 x genuine VW Logo Black & Chrome-effect dynamic/spinning centre caps, they are used and have some very small marks on them. £65 inc postage The Part Number is: 000 071 213 C / 000071213C, these centre cap can be used to replace the centre caps with part number 5G0601171XQI...
  19. Veedubd

    Cantera - Dynamic Centre Caps?

    Hi all, i have bagged myself a set of Canterras which are currently getting powdercoated in satin black, i also have a set of the VW dynamic centre caps but they are too small to clip into the wheel, has anybody come up with a solution to this? im thinking a small 3D printed reducer maybe pushed...
  20. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black.

    Hi I have 2 sets of very good condition vw t6 plain black centre - caps no broken bits either and will be packed correctly too. £25 a set Free postage anywhere in the uk mainland.