centre caps

  1. R

    For Sale Vw centre caps ( used condition )

    Hi there I have a good few plain black centre caps , they’re in good useable condition No Broken back bits or big gouges out of them . They’re just scratches or white stuff on them. But they’re perfectly useable. They fit all genuine vw steel wheels 16, 17, and 18 inch Amarok steels too. There...
  2. T6Plumber

    For Sale VW Centre Caps Chrome VW with Slots £75

    Evening all! I’m looking to move on these Centre Caps as they sit a bit too proud for my liking on the GP7’s I’m running with the THQ Bolt Extensions. I’m changing over to Navis’ own ones now (been told they sit more flush) & would rather see someone else put these to use rather than have...
  3. Leemondo12

    For Sale Custom Wheel Center Caps

    HI All, As you all know I make custom number plates, and have made quite a few sets for guys on here, who I believe are very happy with my work. I have been experimenting and wanted to show you what I have come up with. Since fitting banded steel wheels to my van I was looking to add my own...
  4. Leemondo12

    Found Steel Wheel Center Caps

    Hi There, Does anyone have any of these lying around? I’ve lost two off the same wheel since fitting my banded wheels, no idea why! I’ll take a set if anyone has them, would rather my money went here than eBay :) Cheers Lee
  5. ma77y

    Wanted Centre Caps

    I'm looking for a set of round style centre badges for my Devonports if anyone has a spare set going cheap. Also I'm in need of 3 wheel nut covers. Cheers
  6. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, well used.

    Hi I have a few sets of ( used ) condition centre caps suitable for standard steel wheels . £15 posted Free. No broken back bits . Mostly scratches and offspray. Will do someone a turn through the winter.
  7. Pedro20001

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, used. Set/£25 posted

    Hi all, as above, excellent condition posted anywhere in UK . Pm for details, cheers pete
  8. kg1709

    Sold Black Steelie Centre Caps, Great Condition. £35 posted

    Selling as I no longer have the steel wheels I used these on. Great condition, £35 posted.
  9. kombisnaps

    Sold 4 x Steelies Centre caps - like new

    As title says 4 x steelie centre caps, like new. £40.00 plus postage :), or collection from E17 London.
  10. abunnyuk

    Wanted Davenport centre caps

    Hiii. I recently bought a set of Devonports and, whilst the alloys are in good condition, the centre caps are trash. Before I decide to buy an expensive set of brand new caps, is anyone selling any or know of an affordable place to buy them? Also are other centre caps compatible, such as...
  11. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, good cond.

    Hi there I have a decent collection of Used condition centre caps they have scratches and stuff on them. But might do someone a turn . £14 a set posted Free anywhere in the uk mainland. No broken back bits.
  12. R

    Sold Steelie centre caps - as new condition

    Hi I have a set of 4 x steel wheel centre caps. They are suitable for 16, 17, and 18 inch Amarok steel wheels. As long as they’re genuine vw steels. There as new condition or near as damn it. No broken bits. And will packed correctly. Free postage uk mainland only. £30
  13. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, well used.

    Hi I have a few sets of ( used condition ) steel wheel centre caps , they’re not broken on the backs. Just have scratches, and white marks or offspray on them. £15 a set posted anywhere in the uk. Thanks for looking.
  14. R

    For Sale Centre caps chrome vw + dots x5

    Hi I have a very good to near immaculate set of 5 centre caps with the chrome vw and dots . And a spare unused 1 still in its bag. 1 centre cap has a slight scratch. ( very annoying ) no broken bits . Looking for £100 posted anywhere in the uk. Or collection from Renfrewshire. Thanks for looking.
  15. DWS

    Sold Rare chrome steel wheel centre caps

    These don’t seem to be easy to come by and took me a while to find, but look great on a set of banded steels! Steel wheel centre caps. Set of 4 slotted with chrome badges in great condition. £85 posted.
  16. DWS

    Sold Steel wheel centre caps

    Hi have for sale a set of plain black slotted steel wheel centre caps in really good condition, and come as a set of 5, so 1 spare! £35 posted.
  17. R

    Sold Black centre caps with chrome VW - used

    Hi I have a set of ( used. Condition ) centre caps with chrome vw sign . Not perfect but useable . £15 posted Free . No broken bits.
  18. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, used.

    Hi there I have 16 x black centre caps in ( used condition ) scratches and either offspray or primer on them. No broken back bits or broken bits at all. £12 a set of 4 . Posted free.
  19. R

    Sold Steelie centre-caps - black, used.

    I have a set of 6 x used centre caps these would be in good condition if it weren’t for the grey offspray that’s on them. £20 for the 6 no broken bits . Posted anywhere in the uk mainland.
  20. J_Con19

    Wanted Dynamic centre caps

    Looking for 4 dynamic centre caps if anyone's got any lying around