camp sites

  1. S

    Welsh toilets open yet

    Eh up anyone know if Welsh campsites can open toilets yet ?
  2. Ricardo T

    Recommendations please for New Forest campsites.

    Anyone have recommendations for small farm/ or otherwise campsites in the New Forest please. Cheers.
  3. jimc91

    Fakenham Racecourse Caravan, Motorhome & Camping Site

    I've had the following email from Fakenham Racecourse - stayed there in 2020 and its highly recommended as a base to explore the region Site re-opening We very much look forward to opening the Fakenham Racecourse Caravan, Motorhome & Camping Site from Monday 12th April 2021, when a warm welcome...
  4. Nickcatt

    Motorhome/ camper van debate in the SW

    Living in the Southwest and listening to the local news there is a debate going on about post lockdown and whether motor homes and campers should be allowed or banned from sleeping in car parks and parking on the seafront etc So if your V5 says motorhome you may not be able to park and sleep in...
  5. T

    Cotswolds recommendations?

    Hi all Planning a weekend trip to the Cotswolds - never been out this way before so are there any recommendationsfor particular towns, villages & campsites? After somewhere suitable for dog walks and a decent local pub. Cheers
  6. joe_j_barnes

    Campsites near London?

    Hi all, after many years planning my van will be done within the next few weeks I am planning a little trip away with my wife 2 kids and dog plan is to head to London sight seeing but with stop overs first 28 May booking a weekend in camp site for the kids with a view to break up the drive...
  7. Ricardo T

    Where NOT to camp!!
  8. L

    2021 camping in Cornwall

    I hope this is ok posting .....I spent so long researching campsites which ticked the box , beach, kids dogs etc etc that in the end last year filled up so quick we couldn’t get the weeks we wanted anyway we have taken the plunge and pre booked for 2021 at McDonald’s farm in Cornwall. The new...
  9. Rosie&Co

    Picnic location ideas within the South East

    We are based in Beds, and want to take the van for a picnic somewhere where you can stay next to van. Any ideas in South East?
  10. I

    Campsites - too soon?
  11. Pete C

    Greener Camping Club

    I came across this club/website last night looking for a site on the Pembrokeshire coast in Aug/Sept. What I found really useful was the search/availability function, where you put in roughly where and when you want to go, and other info like what facilities you...
  12. F

    Fife / St Andrews area camping

    Hi folks, I’m looking for a night away with the misses to test run the van conversion. We are not looking for a campsite but somewhere to park up for the night and not get hassle from the locals. Anyone know of any nice wee spots. Can be beach or inland. Cheers in advance. Mike
  13. BoroBoy

    Campsites near Amesbury and Salisbury.

    I am due to visit Absolut5 workshop in August. Anyone have any recommendations for decent campsites near Measburt/ Salisbury?
  14. RyanGerry

    Camp Sites In Wiltshire

    Looking at going camping somewhere close to home (Tidworth/Salisbury) area in a few weeks and wondering if anyone can recommend any sites that have good facilities.
  15. Pete C

    Campsites open this weekend - who’s going where ?

    We are off to C&MC site at Longleat from Mon to Wed this coming week. No particular reason for choosing that one other than a massive desire to go somewhere (anywhere ?) and it had spaces. Anyone got anything planned in the next few weeks ? Pete P.S. Going to the T6 forum meet at Brook Meadow...
  16. Pink78

    Road trip - Cornwall?

    Hi guys, with covid I don’t fancy flying or going abroad in the van this yr , so I’m planning trips to Cornwall, any recommendations for family Sites ? Cheers
  17. W

    Camping in France

    Hi All, Looking at a possible camping trip to France in August. Never camped before and was wondering about the best regions to stay and looking for ideas. Happy to be around lakes or the sea - but really want something that allows us to get out in the day to see different things without...
  18. Tourershine

    Getting into Europe and using aires?

    So i've just spent, or actually my wife has just spent the last 4hrs on the Eurotunnel website trying to book our crossings for August. It's well reported across the internet that is under a huge amount of pressure due to the whole country trying to make bookings after the latest...
  19. Ali-G

    Certified Locations.

    Quick question chaps. I’ve joined the Caravanning and Camping Club so that I can gain access to their CL’s. I found out the other day that the Caravan and Motorhome Club also have CL’s. Does anyone know whether each club has their own CL’s, or are they shared. I’m just trying to decide whether...
  20. Ayjay

    Camping and Caravan Club Membership Extension Due To Lockdown

    I was under the impression that current memberships for C&CC were being extended to compensate for the period of lockdown when sites have been closed. However, ours expires next month and I have just had a letter asking me to renew from then. To be honest, I'm already questioning whether I want...