camp sites

  1. B

    Recommendations for winter camp sites

    With most camp site closing at the end of September early October Has anyone got any recommendations for sites that stay open all year round Cheers
  2. N

    Advice needed please which electrical appliances can be used whilst on site and on grid - electric pitch

    Hi there completely new here , need advice , help and recommendations on appliances that can be used and will work whilst on grid on a site that won't trip the power out in our T6 * eg kettle - would a travel one work okay ? *Would one of those teeny sized ceramic heaters work okay for some...
  3. Camping_SwissFarmHenley.jpeg


  4. Trouts


    had a couple of nights away in Shropshire last weekend so just a quick recommendation for the campsite we stayed at, just outside of Ellesmere, on the Oswestry Road. here: a beautiful site, adults only and a tad expensive at £30 a night so it'll not suit everyone...
  5. True Romance

    Norfolk and Suffolk

    Planning a tour around Norfolk and Suffolk starting next weekend. Never been to either before so after some pointers. Site recommendations, nice towns/villages, good dog friendly beaches or beach side camping? Any do's and don'ts? Thank you.
  6. A

    Pendine, Wales

    Evening all I have to work at Pendine in a couple of weeks and need somewhere to stop for the night. I’m taking a couple of colleagues with me who need a pub with rooms if possible. Any suggestions for either a suitable pub with rooms for them and a campsite for me (with decent facilities - I’m...
  7. S

    Campsites in Cornwall/Devon with surf school nearby

    Hi all, can anyone recommend nice campsites in Cornwall/Devon which are within walking distance of a surf school? We have never been to the area before so would be very grateful for some advice. We would like to explore the area, staying in a couple of campsites along the way, whilst at the same...
  8. S

    Cadiz, Spain.

    On our way to Cadiz in couple weeks. Any suggestions?
  9. J

    Campsite on Île de Ré

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a campsite on Île de Ré
  10. M

    Scotland (West Coast)

    We’re thinking of a 5/6 day tour up in Scotlands’ west coast. Maybe with a jaunt over to one of the islands in the Highlands. Mrs MD also wants to do the Glencoe thing too. Will most likely be doing single night stopovers but the Mrs always likes EHU so proper sites will be a must. Don’t mind...
  11. N

    Our French road trip

    We have recently returned from a 2.5 week trip around France in our camper van and I thought it might be usual for others if I gave an overview of our holiday and where we stayed etc. Our adventure began at Dover where we used the ferry to Calais. It was the Friday that it all went wrong in...
  12. jimc91

    Norlands Camping and Caravaning - Staple, Kent

    Stayed one night at this great little campsite in Kent. Handy for exploring Deal, Sandwich and the surrounding area. The site only has room for about 10 camper vans or caravans. Very well maintained site, spotlessly clean toilets/shower, £19 for the night with hook up, great pub The Black Pig...
  13. DebandTerry

    Overnight in South Cornwall Recommendations

    Hi guys, last minute shout out for a wild camping location near St Ives but with easy “getaway” for the day after.
  14. IestynD

    Camping in Cornwall - Penzance - Dove Meadows

    We are camping in Cornwall this summer. It’s bit hit and miss with the weather but mostly sunny/dry. We went to a very basic site - Ryn Gowri Farm. Cold showers and compost loos. AMAZING views though. We got the bus to Cenen Cove (10minutes walk to bus stop) so no stress over parking and a...
  15. Angela

    Wild Camping - Wales

    i was surprised last weekend to see that Black Rock Sands is a Wild Camping Spot. I asked a police officer on the beach and apparently in the Summer months sometimes there is someone in a booth to take money for parking overnight but not in the off season. At 630 the beach was filling up...
  16. Alan Ginger

    Ashridge Campsite in Ashwell near Baldock

    Off to Ashridge Site near Baldock . Nice site well maintained nice friendly management. - the village Ashwell has a nice pub The Three Tuns. Nice food nice beer and only a short walk from the site. what more can you ask for for your weekend away.
  17. N

    Campsite near Dijon

    Evening everyone. We are sorting our summer road trip and we have the following planned: 1 x night Calais (Chateau Gandspette) - booked 1 x night Dijon (not booked) 5 x nights campsite Lake Annecy - booked 3 x nights chalet Bourg St Maurice - booked 3 x nights campsite Lake Orta (Italy) -...
  18. P

    V5 Documentation requested at campsite?

    Just been rejected a campsite booking due to the van not being registered as a campervan by the DVLA. This was at a independent owned site. They say the can’t get insurance. Anyone else had this? Called Caravan and camping club as were booked with them at the weekend and they are fine, as long...
  19. JonnyTee

    Any decent campsites heading north from Transporter HQ?

    Got to head down to Transporter HQ for a late afternoon appointment on a Friday so just wondering if there’s a decent campsite around Leicester/ Notts area? I will be heading North once they have done with the van.
  20. Ricardo T

    Small sites in Pembrokeshire, recommendations?

    Heading to Pembrokeshire after Camperjam so looking for some recommendations for small basic sites if anybody has any? Cheers T6ers!