camp sites

  1. Bav

    Recommendations for a campsite near Falkirk

    As per title, seeking recommendations for a campsite in/near Falkirk. We were intending to stop overnight at The Kelpies visitor centre, but our visit coincides with their 10th anniversary celebrations, so overnighting isn't available on the dates we need. TIA
  2. Andpopse

    Campsite costs UK

    Heading off to Bala soon, the cost of campsites has increased so much, I booked a 3 bed bungalow for not much more. Site increases are killing camping. What do people think is reasonable per night ?
  3. M

    Best way to find camper spots in Europe ?

    Might be a noooby question but I’m planning my first small trip now I’ve finally (nearly) finished my conversion! What’s the best way to find camping spots (or just anywhere I can park up over night)? Im finding loooads of places that look cool so any experience people have of nice places would...
  4. Andpopse

    Bala North Wales

    We are heading to Bala soon, please can you suggest any interesting places to visit etc. Thanks
  5. slocumjoseph

    Extreme North

    I’ve been on a couple of trips to Orkney in the last eight months. If anyone is thinking of going that far North I now have a couple of great campsites to recommend. The first is a small but perfectly formed site, just outside the Gills Bay ferry and close to John o Groats. It’s called Ferry...
  6. Stay Frosty

    France for the first time in years...

    Going to France for the first time in probably 20yrs and never in a campervan so wondering how everyone else goes on with autoroute tolls, paying for fuel and food etc ie. cash or card? Got our Crit sticker and all sites booked but would be good to have a bit of an heads up to see what has...
  7. tinctina

    Malaga winter

    Hi going to spend 3 months next jan around malaga any one knows a good site for me wife 2 dogs t6 and drive away tent struggling please help first time with campervan abroad. Thanks Peter
  8. G

    Winter Campsites on the South Coast

    Hi all, I've just bought my T6 camper and can't wait to give it a spin. I live in Hampshire and all the campsites I would usually use in the New Forest are closed until late March. Do you guys know any winter / all year campsites in Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, etc.
  9. B

    Lake/loch side campsite.

    Hi all, After suggestions for a UK campsite for/with the following. *Lake or Loch frontage with fishing and waters ports. *Electric hookup. *Not too busy *Preferably no permanent lodges just tourers etc. *Family and pet friendly. *hot showers and clean toilets. *wifi for teenagers *For May...
  10. Bargy62

    C&CC Ready Camp Safari Tent Heads up

    From what my daughter in law has just told me the C&CC has just cancelled all bookings in their safari tent breaks and they are no longer doing them any more and their web site shows all dates sold out
  11. B

    Recommendations for winter camp sites

    With most camp site closing at the end of September early October Has anyone got any recommendations for sites that stay open all year round Cheers
  12. N

    Advice needed please which electrical appliances can be used whilst on site and on grid - electric pitch

    Hi there completely new here , need advice , help and recommendations on appliances that can be used and will work whilst on grid on a site that won't trip the power out in our T6 * eg kettle - would a travel one work okay ? *Would one of those teeny sized ceramic heaters work okay for some...
  13. Camping_SwissFarmHenley.jpeg


  14. Trouts


    had a couple of nights away in Shropshire last weekend so just a quick recommendation for the campsite we stayed at, just outside of Ellesmere, on the Oswestry Road. here: a beautiful site, adults only and a tad expensive at £30 a night so it'll not suit everyone...
  15. True Romance

    Norfolk and Suffolk

    Planning a tour around Norfolk and Suffolk starting next weekend. Never been to either before so after some pointers. Site recommendations, nice towns/villages, good dog friendly beaches or beach side camping? Any do's and don'ts? Thank you.
  16. J

    Dog friendly campsites in North/Mid Wales.

    Hi all, I'm looking for a dog friendly site in North to mid Wales for a few days next week. Ideally really close to a pub or shops for the wife who's not a great walker. I did look on the search and couldn't find what i was looking for. Ideas please.
  17. A

    Pendine, Wales

    Evening all I have to work at Pendine in a couple of weeks and need somewhere to stop for the night. I’m taking a couple of colleagues with me who need a pub with rooms if possible. Any suggestions for either a suitable pub with rooms for them and a campsite for me (with decent facilities - I’m...
  18. S

    Campsites in Cornwall/Devon with surf school nearby

    Hi all, can anyone recommend nice campsites in Cornwall/Devon which are within walking distance of a surf school? We have never been to the area before so would be very grateful for some advice. We would like to explore the area, staying in a couple of campsites along the way, whilst at the same...
  19. S

    Cadiz, Spain.

    On our way to Cadiz in couple weeks. Any suggestions?
  20. J

    Campsite on Île de Ré

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a campsite on Île de Ré