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  1. RyanGerry

    Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or Vw Van Centre Swindon ???

    So the vans due it’s first service in 500 miles and I have two dealers within the same distance to me. Does anyone have any experience with either garage? Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or VW Van Centre Swindon
  2. catfood12

    Tensioner Replacement On 2018 204pv

    My van had started sounding like the alternator bearings were on they way out - sounded like a pile of spanners in a tumble dryer after 12K miles. It was in for this to be looked at, new tensioner and belt, now back to sounding like a proper diesel. Faultless service from Breeze Commercial in...
  3. P

    Sliding Door Problem - rear won’t latch.

    My T6 van + conversion is less than 12th old and I have an intermittent problem with the sliding door. VW garage not interested because it doesn't fail in the garage. Told to make sure I had breakdown cover in case it fails when i'm camping! They saw a video I took but still say it has to...
  4. Cherokee

    The Story So Far......

    Well, I'm around 6 months & 4000 miles into ownership. So maybe it's the right time to tell my story so far. Before we start, these are my ramblings and thoughts only. Some of them you may well consider to be daft, incorrect, right-on-the-money, or idiosyncratic. Nevertheless, here goes. My van...
  5. Cherokee

    3-strikes & Out!!

    First off, loving the van. 6 months old now. 1). After 400 miles oil service warning was coming up. Re-set this a couple of times myself (thanks for info Bug Girl). However, it kept returning and I couldn’t be ar*sed any more. 2). Info screen freezes and blanks sometimes. At times on reverse...
  6. J

    Recommendations For Garages In Bournemouth / Southampton Area?

    Hi All, I need to get my VW T6 campervan serviced and a few issues fixed, any recommendations for Garages in Bournemouth / Southampton way?
  7. Russ74

    Rear parking sensor help

    Hi guys. Help Can anyone inform me on how to get the rear parking sensors to work? They were working, checked for damage wiped them down in case they were too dirty. I've looked online for clues but no luck Any help would be appreciated