1. C

    T6.1 Blackvue Dashcam Install

    Hi all, I have the BlackVue DR750X-2CH Plus which I want to hardwire into my 2022 T6.1 transporter. I need to find a suitable permanent supply and a switched supply in the fuse box. I will earth it somewhere on the body. VW don’t supply a diagram so I am struggling. Here is a pic of my fuse...
  2. Ethan Andrews

    Nightmare trying to hardwire Blackvue Lipo

    I am actually wondering if my Blackvue B124-X is faulty. I can charge it from the cigarette lighter. But using the mini blade fuse adapter nothing. I found an ignition switched 12 volt feed as shown in photo. But it is as if the feed on the supplied piggyback cable is open circuit. As no...
  3. The Ham

    Blackvue Power Magic Ez

    Am gonna get a BlackVue and was wondering if getting the power magic ez that plugs into obd is a good idea or not?
  4. S

    Dashcam: Blackvue vs Thinkware

    Hello again. So, I think we may have a completely addicted family (which might be a good thing). I set my husband the task of finding a company who will install a Ghost security system and he has... ... but they also do dashcams. Front and rear. They have a few different different options...
  5. Hactus

    Blackvue Dashcam Install

    Thought I would post a few photos of the Blackvue cameras that I fitted in the Kombi at the weekend. I have the Blackvue 650s 2-Channel Cameras and a Power Magic Pro which I mounted in the passenger footwell. I brought the power cable across from the fuse panel and up the passenger side...