1. M

    Is it possible to fit bikes into a SWB Kombi without taking the front wheels off and with the rear seats still in?

    Is it possible to fit bikes into a SWB without taking the front wheels off and with the rear seats still in? (I thought it would work with a 60/40 rear seat - flip up half of it and wheel the bikes into the gap, but they don't flip up, do they?)
  2. M

    Sold Trek marlin 5 mtb small

    The other half is selling the above. Bought direct from Trek Sheffield last August. Blue/black frame colour with fluorescent yellow accents. Hardly used. Currently £495 on their website but like last year there are stock shortages. Wants around £400. Selling due to illness.
  3. cgtmiles

    Sold Cannondale CAAD12 disc 105 frameset 54cm

    Adding this on here as I know there are plenty of cyclists squeezing bikes in their vans! £500 collected from HP1 or delivered at your cost and risk. Great condition cannondale frame, only used for ~1000 miles in good weather. Sale includes frame, forks, seat post and seat, BB, chainset (new...
  4. Sackmycook

    Sold Tacx Cyclemotion workstand

    Selling due to lack of use, in good condition and includes magnetic tooltray. New price is £90-140... Looking for £60 collected from York area
  5. Bigredonion

    Sold Kids bike - Frog 62

    For sale: Frog 62 - team sky colours This bike has been used by two growing kids and has some marks on it! Rides nice as best friend is mechanic so always well maintained mechanically. Going for 200-250 on the frog Facebook page but thought would offer to the van army first... Looking for £180...
  6. CarpyT6

    Sold Brand X Ascend dropper seatpost

    (Please delete if not allowed) I know there's a few fellow mountain bikers on the forum so thought i would advertise my dropper post... Brand X Ascend 150mm drop seatpost 30.9mm diameter Brand new warranty replacement Includes inner and outer cable, 1xshifter and all the other fixings you...
  7. Niknak

    For Sale Mountain bike Carrera kraken

    Carrera kraken mountain bike front suspension 27 speed very good condition anyone interested before I eBay it
  8. cgtmiles

    Sold Tacx Flux S turbo trainer

    Hi All I know there’s a lot of cyclists on here so I thought I’d advertise it here before it goes on eBay. If anyone wants to continue cycling over the winter months this is a perfect solution with all the functions needed. Bought just before Xmas from chain reaction for ~£550 and used 3 times...
  9. H

    Bike lift for rear e-bike rack

    I’m looking for some kind of bike lift to assist in getting heavy bikes up onto the rear tailgate mounted bike rack. I’ve seen fiamma and Thule versions but they are only for motorhomes from what I’ve seen. Has anyone come across such a Lift?
  10. Village

    Matt Jones' "Ultimate MTB Van Build"

    Matt Jones' Van Haven build. I'm not sure i'm quite there with this being the "sickest thing ever", but it's definitely worth a watch for a MTBing van lover, or vanning MTB lover. I do like the bike tray, but it isn't overly space efficient. And, speaking from experience, a nice cabin and...
  11. czmate1999

    Which eBike?

    Hi All, A little off topic, but thinking more and more about an ebike since riding a few over the summer. Has anyone got any recommendations. Brands i am currently looking at are: - Cube (thanks @moomin-j) and - Haibike Also at the start of summer there was talk of Govt subsidies for eBikes...
  12. The Van Cave

    For Sale S-Works Tarmac SL4 Road Bike

    I'll start by saying that I'm not sure how to value this bike, there are a few on ebay, but nothing with this exact build spec, so it's up for what I would be willing to pay for it if I were looking. If it doesn't sell I won't lose any sleep, I'm not desperate to sell it, but I'm not riding...
  13. Jayjmac

    Found Full suspension MTB

    Hi all, Just wondering if any of your lovely lot have any full suspension mountain bikes your looking to get rid of? I’m after Specialized stumpy, canyon enduro or trail or a YT Jeffsy. Normally a large in size would consider a XL in the YT. or any decent full suss that anyone is willing to...
  14. Roberts

    T6 LWB Indium Grey - MTB Camper Build Thread

    Long time lurker but I have finally taken the plunge and got myself a T6 LWB from Salop Vans. They were great, very flexible and worked with me on what I wanted. I could not recommend them enough. Van is now a perfect base for what I want. Externally complete and internally very clean ready for...
  15. Pete C

    Sold Bowman Palace R road bike

    I thought I would offer this here, before I go the usual routes, as I know there are a few cyclists around. This is a Bowman Palace R road bike which I built in 2017. Since then Strava tells me that it has only done 1,350 km, and all of those have been in the dry. I have quite a few bikes...
  16. S

    For Sale MTB-YT JEFFSY

  17. M

    LWB internal bike storage solutions

    I’m looking for a storage solution for up to 4 MTB bikes in the back of a LWB Kombi. Has anyone found an off the shelf solution or has anyone fabricated something they’d be prepared to share. looking for something that can be removed easily and doesn’t require wheels to be removed. Thanks
  18. Farnorthsurfer

    Off grid eBike charging

    Have just bought an eBike for the Boss and am wondering if it’s possible to get a 12dc charger for the Bosch Gen 4 motor and battery. Tried a lot of searches on Google and it looks like Bosch used to have a car charger but it’s discontinued. Anyone done this for the van? I have a 100ah Lithium...
  19. T6180

    For Sale Road Bike Carbon Seat & Seat Post

    Good Afternoon you wonderful people, I have just replaced my saddle and seat post for one that suited me. So I now have a Saddle and Seat Post, both carbon surplus to requirements The Saddle is a San Marco Aspire Carbon FX, very comfortable and very light. Cheapest I have found this one line...
  20. Kev23

    Any mountain bikers

    Any folks clued up with mountain bikes? i have a cube reaction GTC, running 26" wheels, how ever i require a new set of wheels, seems to be alot of variants for these, anyone advise?