1. P

    DPF light on and start up smoke - should I buy?

    Hi all, new to the forum (introduced myself over on the new members bit) and looking at purchasing my first Transporter for a camper conversion. I'm looking at a 2.0L TDI (180bhp) with highline spec / 2015 (15 plate). It's on sale in a dealership, but is being advertised "as seen" as they have...
  2. G

    Sold Kombi Sportline 60 DSG SWB 2015/65 180PS | Twin-slider | One owner | White/Black roof | 72,300 miles. £19.5k +VAT

    One owner from new (01.09.2015), candy white with gloss black roof, genuine 72,300 miles Factory fitted options; (approx. list price at the time for all these options was £3,500 +VAT): Candy white/black roof Bi-xenon self-levelling headlights with LED daytime lamps and power wash Heated front...
  3. CarreraRSR

    For Sale Darkside Developments 180 bitdi CFCA EGR Cooler blanking plate kit As per link here are some Darkside Developments T5 T6 EGR cooler blanking plates for 2.0 bitdi 180 CFCA used on my engine for a few months. All good re useable condition as...
  4. Westy78

    Turbo/super charger underboost fault codes - 204 DSG

    Hi all, some advice please. Last Friday van started lacking power, flashing coil and engine management light on. Carista codes were 15560 EGR sensor A circuit, 23957 & 25958 turbo/super charger underboost. I've changed the EGR valve which has cleared that fault but van still lacking power and...
  5. Ashok2429

    2018 204ps Turbo gone @96K -To be expected, early or just unlucky?

    Hi all, So on the way down to Cornwall last week, got as far as Exeter, van went in limp home mode with an all mighty screech coming from under the bonnet. Managed to get her off quickly at the next service station and rang the RAC. This isn't thread about how poor they were (they left the Mrs...
  6. Steved55

    Fitting diesel heater in a bi turbo - any pitfalls?

    I've offered to help a friend of a friend install a planar heater in his t6 - I've put a planar in my old t5, dropping the tank to fit the pick up pipe, and in my current t6 shuttle by teeing into the auxiliary heater feed pipe - but I've learnt that his van is a bi turbo. Does this make any...
  7. RunDSG

    2017 204ps Bi-Turbo issues - Seized turbo!

    I guess it's my turn? Driving up to Caravan and Camping Show, coil light starts flashing, ad blue suddenly low (topped up fully one week prior), no power. Engine temp fine, oil fine, engine sounds fine. Turned around and went home. Brought to a VAG specialist garage, they say: - split vacuum...
  8. S

    Sportsline Turbo problem

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem with my Sports line T6 on a 68 plate. While travelling on the motorway the van went into limp mode (40-50mph) once I got home and restarted it wouldn’t go any faster That walking pace. I took it to a garage I normally use, they told me it was the Dpf filter and...
  9. B

    For Sale 2015 T30 SWB T30 BiTDI 180 DSG Highline Kombi Van office. £25,200

    VW TRANSPORTER T30 SWB DIESEL - 2.0 BiTDI BMT 180 Highline Kombi Van Automatic DSG 7 December 2015 T6 Model Extras: Sun Roof, DAB Radio, Heated Seats and heated front windscreen (winter saver!) Current mileage: 46,900 Current valuation in without taking into account £12,500.00...
  10. J

    BiTDi EGR cooler C version: buy or avoid?

    Hi all, I know this is a long talked about subject but I have found my dream spec van but it’s an early T6 BiTDi with the ‘C’ revision EGR (I asked the dealer for the code on the EGR!). My thought is to go to the dealer with an oil test kit, send it off to be tested, then if it comes back bad...
  11. M

    Engine oil usage 180PS Bi-TDi

    Hi Everyone, whats the average oil consumption for a 2.0 tdi 180 bi turbo.
  12. Jon

    Sold MY18 T32 DSG 204ps BiTDI SWB Highline Kombi. £30k

    Due to a sudden change in circumstances we have a very reluctant sale of my kombi van. I bought this van from new and I am the only registered keeper in July 2017, It came through as 2018 model year with the front assist sensor in the bumper. Factory options included, Indium Grey Metallic...
  13. Tourershine

    Tale of woe

    A couple of people asked recently why I seemed to have gone quiet lately. Well, I haven't actually gone quiet, I've just had a catalogue of issues with my T6 recently, which sadly still aren't quite resolved. This all started with a cracked exhaust manifold, which we removed and went to order...
  14. C

    Power issue, 205bhp bi turbo

    Right guys, badly stuck, mechanics head is boggled. Van had recently got a head gasket replacement, and reconditioned injectors, bad diesel i think.. but now, van went great for few days after work, then apparently lost all power, black smoke, hasnt went right since. Hes checked turbo, egr, all...
  15. V

    2016 180 Bi turbo CFCA engine failure is the EGR valve corrosion the cause of the scored and worn out bores

    Hi all Just stripped down and rebuilt the engine on a 2016 T6 180 bi-turbo CFCA engine after it failed on the A557 heading for Widnes originally had the van recovered to VW van center Liverpool for repair as I thought it was just a failed injector. After a couple of weeks, they said it had no...
  16. J

    Biturbo or not biturbo (and dsg?)

    Hi - brand noob to Transporters, looking for the right day van or something to make into one. A couple of people we've spoken to have said single turbo manuals are better because they're more reliable and more efficient. Is that true and to what extent, ie are biturbos a nightmare and dsg never...
  17. Jon

    Oil leak [gearbox oil filter seal]

    I have noticed a few drips of oil on the floor where I normally park. Looked under neath to see a bit of a mess. It's oil I would say and quite clean oil at that. Took the under pan off to investigate and this is what I have found. I would normally take it straight to my local vw indy who do...
  18. S

    Foam on oil cap and strong blow-by 204

    Hi I’ve got a T6 with the 204 BiTDI engine and upon opening the bonnet and looking at the oil cap I found a large amount of white/brownish foam on the cap and neck. I then started the engine and most of it blew out however some still remains. It is 2 and a half years old and has only done just...
  19. S

    Did the 150 come as a bi-turbo?

    Seen a van I like, and it’s advertised as bi turbo with 150bhp, is this right?, I though only the 180 and 204 were bi-turbo Next question, are they any good?
  20. F

    65 plate T6 BiTDI engine… good or bad?

    Hi I have seen a T6 65 plate bitdi Now my question is will this have the early engine being a 65 plate same as the 5.1 with all the problems? It’s done 100000 miles and is quite cheap,I thought t6 bitdi where 198 bhp, Any thoughts. This looking for a t6 is harder than buying a Cosworth lol