1. J

    BiTDi EGR cooler C version: buy or avoid?

    Hi all, I know this is a long talked about subject but I have found my dream spec van but it’s an early T6 BiTDi with the ‘C’ revision EGR (I asked the dealer for the code on the EGR!). My thought is to go to the dealer with an oil test kit, send it off to be tested, then if it comes back bad...
  2. M

    Engine oil usage 180PS Bi-TDi

    Hi Everyone, whats the average oil consumption for a 2.0 tdi 180 bi turbo.
  3. Jon

    Sold MY18 T32 DSG 204ps BiTDI SWB Highline Kombi. £30k

    Due to a sudden change in circumstances we have a very reluctant sale of my kombi van. I bought this van from new and I am the only registered keeper in July 2017, It came through as 2018 model year with the front assist sensor in the bumper. Factory options included, Indium Grey Metallic...
  4. Tourershine

    Tale of woe

    A couple of people asked recently why I seemed to have gone quiet lately. Well, I haven't actually gone quiet, I've just had a catalogue of issues with my T6 recently, which sadly still aren't quite resolved. This all started with a cracked exhaust manifold, which we removed and went to order...
  5. C

    Power issue, 205bhp bi turbo

    Right guys, badly stuck, mechanics head is boggled. Van had recently got a head gasket replacement, and reconditioned injectors, bad diesel i think.. but now, van went great for few days after work, then apparently lost all power, black smoke, hasnt went right since. Hes checked turbo, egr, all...
  6. V

    2016 180 Bi turbo CFCA engine failure is the EGR valve corrosion the cause of the scored and worn out bores

    Hi all Just stripped down and rebuilt the engine on a 2016 T6 180 bi-turbo CFCA engine after it failed on the A557 heading for Widnes originally had the van recovered to VW van center Liverpool for repair as I thought it was just a failed injector. After a couple of weeks, they said it had no...
  7. J

    Biturbo or not biturbo (and dsg?)

    Hi - brand noob to Transporters, looking for the right day van or something to make into one. A couple of people we've spoken to have said single turbo manuals are better because they're more reliable and more efficient. Is that true and to what extent, ie are biturbos a nightmare and dsg never...
  8. S

    Foam on oil cap and strong blow-by 204

    Hi I’ve got a T6 with the 204 BiTDI engine and upon opening the bonnet and looking at the oil cap I found a large amount of white/brownish foam on the cap and neck. I then started the engine and most of it blew out however some still remains. It is 2 and a half years old and has only done just...
  9. S

    Did the 150 come as a bi-turbo?

    Seen a van I like, and it’s advertised as bi turbo with 150bhp, is this right?, I though only the 180 and 204 were bi-turbo Next question, are they any good?
  10. F

    65 plate T6 BiTDI engine… good or bad?

    Hi I have seen a T6 65 plate bitdi Now my question is will this have the early engine being a 65 plate same as the 5.1 with all the problems? It’s done 100000 miles and is quite cheap,I thought t6 bitdi where 198 bhp, Any thoughts. This looking for a t6 is harder than buying a Cosworth lol
  11. Texxaco

    BiTDi oil filter and replacement sump plug help

    Evening all, Simple question you may think although I am struggling to find the genuine part number, can anyone shed some light please? Cheers all.
  12. S

    Should I or Shouldn't I ? - BiTdi EGR worry!!

    I'm about to put a deposit down on my most expensive vehicle yet - a 2016 4Motion 180 T32 T6... And I'm bricking it. I've been doing so much research around the forum and net but can't find a definitive answer on the 180 BiTurbo issue with the EGR. Lots of information on the problem, but only a...
  13. C

    DSG issues - Bi-Turbo. Not selecting gears

    Hi all, I've done a forum Search, but couldn't find what I was looking for. So my DSG on my 2017, 160k miles 204 PS Bi-Turbo is having 'issues'. Symptoms including not selecting gear at all, or 'dumping the clutch' in a *very* nasty way at a random point on the revs. Typically happens either...
  14. P

    Twin turbos = 204 ?

    Hi, sorry stupid question alert, does have an engine with an twin turbo equal 204 bhp, please , thankyou
  15. Epic-Rob

    Bi Turbo lag bordering on dangerous.

    I have a 2016 Bi turbo DSG and the lag on take off is bordering on dangerous. There is no Regen (whatever that is from previous thread) it hasnt been mapped - as far as i know. But pulling away nothing happens for the 1st few seconds till it gets to about 1000 rpm then all hell breaks loose :-)...
  16. V

    180PS burning through oil

    Hi, I have now done 10000 miles in my new van (180) I've now put in a total of 4 litres of oil!!! My dealer says it's normal to use 1 litre per 1000 miles!!! (Oil ain't cheap anymore!) Is this right? I also have a very annoying vibration that I think is coming from the small box compartment on...
  17. Farnorthsurfer

    Lumpy Low Revs, Cause And Cure?

    LWB EU5 180 On the way to work the last couple of days I have noticed that in slow traffic at low revs there is a rumble and vibration at small throttle openings. In typical fashion I decided to warm it up and give it some red line beans, clean things out a bit. Now runs much better without...
  18. B

    Issues With Engine 2.0 Bitdi 204hp

    Has anyone else had an oil warning light come on? Just had the oil warning light come on and done a check. The oil is right at the bottom of the stick. Anyone else used much? It's a 204ps with 6,000 miles.
  19. GONA66

    180 Hp Bi-turbo T6. ( Australian Spec).

    Morning all, looking for advice please. Having read previous stories of the 180 bhp model suffering from increased oil consumption etc,etc ,is the latest 2019 T6 180 hp model ,still an issue ? or is all sorted. I've contacted VW commercial and the person I spoke to seemed uncertain , but...
  20. O

    Whats The Deal With The Bitdi?

    Hi guys, So I've been looking at T6's and found a t6 which is on a 66 plate with 22k on the clock, after some digging (it's not on the advert) I've seen according to the finance on it its a BITDI 204ps TSPTR KV T32S 2 0 BITDI BM to be specific The spec is unreal, and the price is very keen...