1. M

    Sold Exploria Kombi bed - size 4 - £600

    I’m selling my Exploria Kombi bed as my van is going in for conversion this weekend. I’ve had this bed for about 2 years and it has been brilliant from the first outing. We were away at Brands Hatch in the van last weekend, and had another very comfy nights sleep and will be sad to see it go...
  2. Amymax18

    Wanted Single sliding bed / L shaped bed

    Hi all, thought I should ask before committing to some to long lead times. Does anyone have a single sliding bed with storage or L shaped bed (similar to van furniture or cammit design offerings) for sale? Ideally 1800mm long. Thanks
  3. G

    Wanted Bed or Slidepod

    Hi, I'm looking for a bed or maybe slide pod for a kombi. Thanks, Gary
  4. M

    Gap between bed and doors

    Hi folks Has anyone done a mod for the gap at the back of rock n roll bed ? I’m wanting to sit back against the barn doors for watching movies when the bed is down but gap is quite big has anyone got any ideas please ✌
  5. M

    Sold Exploria Kombi Bed - Size 5

    Hi everyone, Selling my Exploria Kombi bed (size 5), as I'm having rock and roll bed fitted shortly. Plenty of room underneath to store 'stuff' Bed is practically brand new and has only been slept on a few times as we've tended to use the awning / roof. Upholstered in black vinyl with red...
  6. Pedro20001

    Wanted Wanted slide out ply bed

    Hi, as above, anyone got one for sale? Thanks
  7. MikeT6

    Wanted Cab Bunk-Bed (between doors)

    Hi all, Is anyone looking to sell a Cab Bed (the one that spans the front doors when closed) as looking to pick one up for our youngest as safer than being in the pop top just now! Please let me know if you are looking to shift one before I buy new :thumbsup: Mike
  8. B

    Kids bed

    Hi, I’m looking for ways to sleep kids in a Kombi T6.1… I’m thinking across the front and back seats. I’ve seen hammock type things (by Kiravan and others) and cabunk but kids are 5&6 so a bit old for that. I’m thinking more along the lines of the new fourty winks cab bed for the front and maybe...
  9. Jay586

    Sold Exploria Kombi bed size 4 - £650

    Excellent bed, very useful as a parcel shelf for extra space and security. Extends over kombi seats. Vinyl covered, very hygenic and hardwearing. Bolts fit in standard VW lashing rings. When it stops raining, I'll take some more pics...first pic is in previous T6, second in current van...
  10. Mike Dean

    Front Cab Bed Mattress (Forty Winks)

    Anyone using the Front Cab Bed Mattress by Forty winks? Looks perfect for what I need. Looking for some honest feedback on support/comfort and overall quality. :thumbsup:
  11. G

    For Sale Smartbed Evolution Two 2 Rock and Roll Bed.

    Smartbed Evolution Two Rock and Roll Bed (fixed not rail) Brand new and never been fitted. We've been converting our T6 but decided to use the bed space to have some dog crates made instead as we can't see ourselves camping in it for a while (someone decided it was a good idea to get another...
  12. revdecal

    For Sale VAN KING

    Link to web site Selling my Van King system for a SWB Kombi with a bench seat. Mostly used as a parcel shelf with the mattress in dry storage at work. Great condition. Super comfortable. Collection from Braintree in Essex £500
  13. G

    For Sale T6 LWB Kombi Rubber Floor. Folding 3-Seat Bench Seat in Simora. Electric Sunroof. Full Size Bed.

    All genuine VW Original Used Parts from my 2015 LWB Kombi Transporter. Lots more Pictures available... Please contact me for more information. Triple Bench Seat In good working order & tidy condition... comes with all floor Fixings & 2 VW Seat Belts & fixings. £250 Rubber Floor from LWB Kombi...
  14. Sackmycook

    Found Sliding bed, ply

    Before I go 'new', anyone looking to move on a decent birch ply sliding sofa/bed ? 1600-1800mm Long, 1100-1200 width. Cash waiting....
  15. Sackmycook

    Sold Exploria Caravelle/PV bed

    Advance to follow. Exploria 2 bed, one of the taller sizes, excellent condition with grey pvc cushions. Came from a Caravelle so has solid lower frame. Caravelle fittings removed but could be reinstated. I just use with tie down straps on the D rings. All excellent condition...
  16. Skyliner33

    Sold Van Furniture sliding bed

    I am selling this Van Furniture sliding bed as I am looking to fit something that can also be used as a seat for travelling, so there wont be room for this in my van. Its still in untreated condition. All I have done is added a couple of drawer handles (in a hidden position) so I could use...
  17. F

    Full width bed on rails

    Id like to replace our kombi seats with a full width sliding rock and roll bed in my LWB. I was planning on getting a fortywinks bed but realised once the bed is down there will be no room in the van to even get changed for bed. Main requirements are it needs to be comfy as most of the time it...
  18. Andyman

    Rock and Roll bed recommendations

    Hey everyone Anyone got any ideas please on getting a single seat R&R for a Caravelle Did a Google search but always find forum recommendations best cheers happy Saturday :waving:
  19. K

    Caravelle bed comfort?

    I’m looking at fitting one on the rail system in my next van. Question is, are they comfortable? Was thinking the factory VW one second hand full width. Any pros/cons or other brands you’d recommend? Definitely needs to be on a rail. Thanks !
  20. Roberts

    Which bed on rails?

    Hi Guys looking for a bit of advice, Looking to put a bed (undecided at the minute) on rails for the flexibility. I've found a used set of caravelle rails but I'm unsure if it contains everything I need. Where are you guys getting your rails and what are the recommendations? I'm looking to be...