1. F

    Full width bed on rails

    Id like to replace our kombi seats with a full width sliding rock and roll bed in my LWB. I was planning on getting a fortywinks bed but realised once the bed is down there will be no room in the van to even get changed for bed. Main requirements are it needs to be comfy as most of the time it...
  2. K

    Caravelle bed

    I’m looking at fitting one on the rail system in my next van. Question is, are they comfortable? Was thinking the factory VW one second hand full width. Any pros/cons or other brands you’d recommend? Definitely needs to be on a rail. Thanks !
  3. MFielding

    Is Hilo roof too low for RIB bed? RIB/HiLo Combination

    Hello fellow T6ers. I'm having a hilo fitted right now to our SWB T6 and have a RIB 112 on order. Jason at Jaibow informed me when I dropped off my van to him about the RIB seat being particularly high and potentially an issue. Something that I hadn't realised. Due to covid I hadn't been able to...
  4. D

    For Sale Kombi Bed - Sliding double bed with matching VW upholstery

    Very solid double bed which slides over the rear seats when they have been folded down. In normal driving mode the retracted bed locks into position (without any rattles). This also provides a useful 2 level storage area in the rear of the van with items underneath not visible through the...
  5. C

    Rib Altair beds

    #first post! Hi guys, just acquired a new T6.1 and looking to fit a fixed 150 rib, may sound like a really stupid question but when fitted in the standard position what is the dimension from the fixed frame to the inside edge of the threshold? Forward storage planning! Appreciate any replies, cheers
  6. R

    Bike beside Bed dilemma

    Looking to install a slim bed in my kombi that will allow me to fit a MTB down the side. Narrowed it down to either the van furniture sliding bed or the infinity customs slim bed. Just wondered if there were any other options I've missed?
  7. G

    Variotech 3000

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a Reimo Variotech 3000 bed on rails, 1200 wide to allow cupboard units. Does anyone know if these fold to give a rear facing seat to allow us to sit facing out the back of the van when parked up? I know some of the R&R beds do this but I'm struggling to work out...
  8. MikeT6

    Kombi Nation Bed

    Evening All, I’ve just got to the point in my conversion whereby the interior is pretty much there except for the bed / kitchen...... As I’ll not be in a position to purchase those this side of the summer, I’ve considered installing a Kombi Nation frame so as to be able to do some nights away...
  9. tintim

    Wanted SWB VanKing Kombi bed

    A long shot, but is anyone thinking of selling their VAN King bed? Thanks, Tim
  10. S

    Homemade kombi bed

    Anyone made thier own kombi bed out of steel, looking for ideas and pictures if you have any, would like to build one that is easy to assemble and put up when at desired destination
  11. Captain Rick

    Caravelle 3 seat settee used as a bed

    I've been converting a 2016 T6 Caravelle into a camper. Got the furniture sorted in the rear and now concentrating on the bed. Using rear facing front seats with the 3 seater bench opened out as a bed - but it isn't very flat! The front face of the 3-seater is at least an inch too high (on...
  12. T

    Bed size and storage

    Greetings from The Land Downunder! As I write the outside temperature is nudging 42 degC - thank goodness for A/C! Anyway, I’ve a T6.1 on order and am having a full conversion done by Skyline Campers when it finally arrives. Their standard layout is sink, cupboards etc etc from behind drivers...
  13. tonywvr

    Found Stitches and Steel Front Bunk Bed

    Anyone have one of these for sale due to kids outgrowing it etc, before I buy brand new? Based in Oldbury B69. Can collect if close enough or pay for delivery. Cheers!
  14. A

    Rock & roll bed security locks

    Hi. My rock & roll bed has some security locks that I do not manage to open without help. I am trying to find a convertor near London that could change them or even change the system for the rock & roll bed. Any recommendations not very far?
  15. Y

    Sold IKEA Hammarn Sofa Bed - perfect condition

    I am selling my IKEA Hammarn Sofabed because I am upgrading my conversion and this will no longer fit. It is in excellent condition and offers a comfortable and affordable sleeping / seating solution for those starting out with their conversion or who want to be able to remove the bed easily. It...
  16. Pexell

    RIB Altair 112 dimensions

    I am planning to build a T6 LWB interior around a RIB Altair 112 bed. This could be a disaster unless I find the accurate dimensions for the bed both up, pulled forward and folded down as a bed. Does anyone have these dimensions or could point me to a diagram? I've failed to find one. In...
  17. Sackmycook

    Reducing height on an Exploria bed...

    I'm possibly going to look at reducing the height on my bed as SWMBO finds it too high (sigh). Anyone got any experience of doing this ? I'm guessing my little metal B&Q saw wont cut the mustard on the steel legs. What would I need ? Do Exploria do a px swap out on legs ? Any info gratefully...
  18. D

    Flatout camper beds

    Came across their page on Facebook. Look ideal for my requirements. Wondering if anyone has used them and have any feedback? TIA
  19. S

    For Sale TWO SEAT / BED / STORAGE UNITS Easily removable.Adaptable

    Two black metal tubular frame units with ply tops and ends. The ply has been carpeted. Designed to provide rear side benches which can then be extended (extensions not included) to make single beds, the offside one being quite narrow, or if an infill panel was added (not included) a double. It...
  20. Phil Blackburn

    Sold Exploria Kombi Bed

    Putting my Exploria Kombi Bed up for sale, the Bed is size 4 so works with the Kombi seats fitted as you can see from the photos, black vinyl covers on the pads which are great as you can take them out and use them on the ground wipe them down and put them back in. The frame legs have been...