1. J_Con19

    For Sale Folding bed

    Fold away camp bed, fits in the back of a swb no problem. Never been used like new Collection Dundee £20
  2. Lee540

    Wanted Bench Bed/Single Unit

    A wanted please. A bench bed and a single unit. I've seen a few styles now and looking for something like the photo. This still give me plenty of room to fit motorbike in so unfortunately rules out U shape furniture. I'm down in SW Cornwall but happy to travel anywhere in south/south west as...
  3. C

    For Sale Exploria kombi bed £500

    Hi Exploria kombi bed size 6 with simora cover for sale £500 Ono . Hardly used , not at all the the last 12 months . Size 6 so lots of storage space underneath our two German pointers fit under with ease . Taken out of the van so ready to go . Need the space as it's in the dining room now ...
  4. R

    best 12 v electric blanket

    hi can anyone recommend the best quality 12v electric blanket for cold nights. thanks so much
  5. G

    Slimline kitchen to fit alongside 130cm bed?

    Has anybody opted for a slimline kitchen with a 130cm Rib bed? If so, what do you have? Any photos or recommendations please? Thanks in advance
  6. J

    For Sale Wessex Vans Kombi Bed

    Wessex vans LWB Kombi bed. Fitted from new but never used. Reduced in width to 136 cm (double bed size) for ease of removal and fitting. Selling with homemade 18mm ply sections to make an adjustable size shelf. Collection only please. £600
  7. Paynewright

    For Sale Ikea Table Legs (for bed platform)

    Set of 6 black Ikea screw on table legs originally purchased to make a platform with some ply as a quick and easy Kombi bed. Legs unscrew for storage of the platform. Legs would need trimming to height. Called Adils and currently £5 each from Ikea. All 6 for £15 - collection South Leicester...
  8. bmc054

    For Sale Wessex Vans Kombi Bed

    I’m selling my Wessex Vans Kombi bed as I’m looking for a slidepod type system or Ovano I’ve looked on the forum at previous sales and pricing around that It was in the van when I bought it and it’s like new £500 ono Would be happy to give this plus cash for a slidepod or other slide out system...
  9. sipep

    Bed board options (storage idea)

    Hi. Before I purchased my t6, I looked at a bongo.. one thing I liked about the bongo was the when the poptop was up, there was was a storage area towards the cab.. I am getting my pop top fitted in two weeks and told them that I would sort out the bed board as I am doing the carpeting...
  10. LakelandStu

    What make of bed is this?

    Hi, I got my van last year and love it. I've realised I have no idea what make/who makes the bed in the van. It's a fixed frame and quite a deep back section compared to other rock-and-roll beds. Apologies for the shoddy photos but any idea who made it? The van is a 2020 so at most it's three...
  11. BikerPa

    SteeFree universal folding sleep system

    Interested in these having found them doing a Google search . Now it seems they have been picked up by Campervan seating STee FRee - Universal Foldaway Sleep System - Campervan Seating UK Rather than their own website...
  12. J

    Reimo Variotech 3000 vs California bed system

    Hi, i am looking at converting my T6 and install a slideable bed, either the Reimo 3000 or California bed system. I need to know which is the best quality and what the restrictions are of each bed type. The differences i know so far are: 1. California 2 seats, Reimo 3, both have isofix. 2...
  13. J

    For Sale Reimo Bike and Surf Bed

    I’m selling this bed and mattress that we bought last December for our Kombi camper van. We had it in the van until about March but it’s been used about 7 or 8 times, we use the pop top more and it’s taking up quite a bit of space stored in the house! The bed fits either side of the van, the...
  14. chrissielesmore

    Locking catch for Rock & Roll bed

    Hi all, The locking catch on my Rock & Roll bed has failed (it is the type where the base seat slides forward then the two seatbacks slide down, to create a bed). There is a metal ‘U’ that locks into the catch to keep it down, and then a small handle (which has a cable attached) that you pull...
  15. Jonesy68

    Inflatable sofa/bed any experiences of this?

    Looking to make better use of the awning space and thought this could be good. Anyone used one? £55 on Amazon at eh moment.
  16. Jonnydub

    For Sale Cabbunk double hammock beds (bed system)

    Cabbunk double hammock system with triple headrest support (designed for twin passenger seat). Great condition. Getting a pop-top installed so no longer required. Asking for £200 (paid £349 new)
  17. H

    Sold Forty Winks SWB Carpeted Bed for Kombi including mattress for sale £550.00

    I have a forty winks bed & mattress that I’m looking to sell. Barely used Forty Winks SWB Carpeted Bed for Kombi Transporter complete with mattress (mattress never used). Great condition, only really used as a shelf to load stock into van. £550.00 ONO SA4 – Swansea Collection only...
  18. B

    For Sale Full Width Easi-Lift Streamline Bed

    Full Width Easi-Lift Streamline Bed finished in Tassimo. Got this with recent van purchase but not required. Looks like it's hardly been used. Supplied with cushions and bolsters. Integrated seatbelts and as per Streamline web site Full Width Easi-Lift – With Headrests – PBS (Panelled...
  19. W

    Sliding Rail bed - Can this be added?

    Hi All, We have found a van we would like to buy but the only thing stopping us is that is doesn't have a bed on rails which is something we would like. There doesn't seem to be many LWB automatics with a rail bed. So am wondering if there is an option to remove the fixed bed and get a company...
  20. SAF1981

    For Sale £600 2 seater Rock and Roll bed full width

    Hi I'm having a rib bed installed this week and was wondering if anyone is interested in my current rock and roll bed which will be surplus to requirement after this week... This will be for sale for any interested. Collection only Cheers