banded steel wheels

  1. Tourershine

    Sold Banded Amaroks.

    This is less an advert for my wheels to buy now, more for anyone that wants to reserve them. To explain: As many of you know, I'm currently running a new set of Duchy Banded 18" Amaroks in 8.5" fronts and 9" rears, in my normal Chrome powder. On the basis that my chum @shane lightbown has wider...
  2. Kyle lannerz

    19” banded steels vendor

    Evening gents Thinking of getting some 19 banded steels for my T6 T32 just wondering on where you get them from? Much help would be appreciated Thanks kyle
  3. minmax89

    Banded Steel Wheels leaking air

    Hello you lot! Here's my beauty and I love her!!! they are 9" front, 9.5" rear and it sitting on So-low's at their highest all round. So there's a slight rake (as opposed to being level) Tyres are 255/50's rear and 235/50's front. Soooo comfy with 55's and coilovers on their highest. BUT, I've...
  4. C

    Weight: banded steel Vs alloy

    So I'm currently debating changing my 18in alloys for either 18in banded steel wheels or 20in wheels. I've run standard 18in steels before and did notice they were a fair bit heavier than my alloys. I've read a lot about 20in extra weight, bigger rolling radius etc but has anyone looked at the...
  5. Tourershine

    Sold Brand new Banded 17s

    Duchy has just banded a new set of 17" GP's for me in 9 and 9.5" and finished them in the stunning Chrome. These were going on my T6 as my winter/daily wheels, but something else has just come up, meaning these potentially won't be going on my van as daily's. They are finished and still with...
  6. J88arv

    Wanted Banded steels smooth 19”

    As above, I’m looking at changing from my 20” alloys to a set of 19” banded
  7. Jayjmac

    Sold Pauls 19 banded steels

    I’ve always liked the look of these on other vans that I’ve seen. I really like them on mine but they aren’t the direction or look I was going for! ideally I’d want to change the colour I think but with these particular set it would be criminal to change them as they are a one off I’m looking...
  8. Tourershine

    Sold Banded 19s for sale again.

    After trying on a set of different wheels yesterday, it's time for a change of look on my van, so the 19s are up for sale again, and I won't bottle out this time. Plus the suspension will be changed shortly, meaning I need to change the profile of my tyres anyway. 19" Range Rover steels...
  9. phil_n

    For Sale 17” Banded Steels with tyres £400

    I’ve a set of 17” banded steels for sale. I can’t remember for certain, but I think they’re 9” and 9.5”. They cleared the door and suspension no problem on my T5 running VanSlams with a hub mod. 215/55/17 Keter Sport Macro 5mm to the front. 225/55/17 Avon ZV7 5mm and a Arrowspeed N6000 6mm...
  10. 87_DR

    18” Amarok Banded Steels... 9.5” Fronts???

    Hi, new here ‍♂️, Iv got a project I’m working on (not the one in my pic) and I’m in talks with Duchy Banded Wheels in regards to making some 18” Amarok steels into 13” rears ( don’t ask ) and 9.5” fronts as apposed to 9 inch fronts. Does anybody here run or know of anybody that runs 9.5’s on...
  11. Tourershine

    Sold Banded 19s

    This might come as a surprise to some, but after a couple of years running my RRs i'm contemplating changing to a different set of wheels. I'm not in any way desperate to let them go, but i'm fast running out of storage space for wheels and tyres in my garage after buying yet another set of...
  12. P

    For Sale Banded Steel Wheels (need Refurbing) £125

    17" Banded Steel Wheels, suitable for VW Transporter T6 and T5. 5 * 120 stud pattern. Wheels are marked as 950Kg loading, (I expect that is the original loading spec pre banding) Front pair are 9.5" in width. Rear pair are 10.5" in width. (Measured outside to outside of rims, approx 1" less if...
  13. Tourershine

    Team Banded Brothers.

    I cannot take the credit for the title, this inspirational name came from the brain of @fezza68, but, I can kick off the team. Pictures of your Banded Steels are a must to join this hard metal team. I will kick off with mine wearing the King and Queen of the banded world, I will let the reader...
  14. DWS

    First Picture Post Now With New Boots!

    here’s a couple of pics of my T6, I got it in the summer, it’s a T32 Sportline Kombi SWB. It came with 19” ABT DR’s but I’d always liked the idea of some banded steels, so when @Tourershine posted his up for sale I jumped on them.... so here’s a few pics! And massive thanks to Paul as he...
  15. Tourershine

    Sold Banded Amaroks

    Certainly not a huge surprise but I'm missing my 19s a little too much and testing the water slightly. 18" Banded Amaroks, banded a few weeks ago by Duchy, using new 18" steel wheels. The wheels and tyres are as new and unmarked, plus ceramic sealed. 8.5 and 9.5" staggered. These are fitted...
  16. T6180

    Sold 17" Banded Steel Wheels

    I'll have set of 17" banded Steels up for sale shortly. Now before I decide on getting them powder coated I thought I'd offer them and the buyer can select the colour of their choice These steels will be banded by Duchy Banded Steels, who is excellent Width will be 9" front 9.5" rear Total...
  17. minmax89

    Hello Everyone! Finally Got A T6!

    Hello all, Just thought I'd introduce myself as I've been reading this Forum for months now.... I'm a small builder here in Ireland and I was running around in a very reliable Trafic for years. It was solid and never had any grief with it at all, but it was a short wheelbase and the common 8 x...
  18. T6180

    Sold 19” Banded Steel Wheels - black

    Black 19inch banded steels up for sale...... Only done 300 miles since refurb 235/45/19 falken fk510s fronts done 300 miles max 255/40/19 falken fk510s rears, plenty of tread left £1400 with tyres £1300 without ...
  19. michael thorpe

    17 Inch Steel Wheels On Bilstein B14s

    Hi just ordered a set of Alcar 9125 Steel Wheels from duchy banded 9.5 rear and 9 front as anyone got any photos of a van running on 17s with b14s. Thanks
  20. marmite monster

    Amarok Steel Ideal Banding Widths ?

    Sending my Amarok's to dutchy for banding this week I'm thinking 8s and 9s anyone got any input on this ? Don't want any rubbing or arch rolling silliness cheers