banded steel wheels

  1. Davidoff

    For Sale B14 spares and standard suspension parts

    I’ve got a few bits for sale some people might find useful! (All parts are for T28-30) here goes: front and rear standard suspension removed at 10k £100 rear b14 shocks and springs used for 30k (new rear springs in may 21) £200 1 front b14 shock only £100 Standard anti roll bars £20 brand new...
  2. The Van Cave

    Sold Chrome Duchy Banded Amaroks

    These are currently off for a refresh in powder coat chrome, so will be available in a few days or so, but I’m getting them up for sale whilst they’re being done so that buyers can decide if they want the tyres refitted or if wheels only are the preference. The wheels and tyres have actually...
  3. Dave Lawson

    For Sale Duchy Banded Amarok Steels

    Duchy Banded Steels Fully refurbished by Jamie (not been on the van since) 8.5 front 9 rear Budget tyres, only done a few hundred miles, stubby valves, balanced and ready to go. 255/45/18 103Y Genuine centre caps included £1000 ono
  4. Tourershine

    Sold Banded Amaroks

    Another set of my Banded Amaroks are up for sale. Genuine reason for sale: I've got a different set of winter wheels on the way. These are my usual 8.5 and 9.5" Duchy wheels in Chrome, fitted with my favourite tyre, the latest Generation 3 Goodyear Vector 4 season, which I use as my winter...
  5. T6180

    Sold BRAND NEW - NAVIS Schmoov 20" Staggered Steel Wheels

    For Sale as surplus to requirements A brand new unopened set of 20" Navis Schmoov steel wheels in the following fitment Front 8.5 et35 | Rear 10 et40 Diameter: 20 Inch Bolt Pattern: 5×120 Fitment Only Centre Bore: 65.1 Colour: ANTHRACITE Style: Smooth Steel Wheel Load Rating 1100kg (per wheel)...
  6. kn0bby

    Sold Amarok Banded Steel 9” and 9.5” with nearly new Michelin CrossClimate tyres - Duchy Banded

    Amarok Banded Steel 9” and 9.5” with Michelin CrossClimate tyres Including VW Bolts and VW plasic centre caps. 3x 7mm on three tyres (brand new in Feb) 1x brand new tyre just fitted. 1x spare punctured repaired tyre. (Thats 5 tyres included in the sales) The wheels were refurbished in...
  7. A

    Sold Duchy Banded Amarok Steels 8.5" front 9.5" rear with very good tyres T32 Load Rated

    I've had these wheels for 2 years and I've lost track of the amount of people asking me about the size and what they are off :D They are 8.5" on the front and 9.5" on the rear. I am running quite low on So-low coil overs and I don't get any rubbing at all. The tyres are load rated for a T32...
  8. F2JON

    Sold 18” duchy banded Amorak steels

    I’ve decided to sell my duchy banded steels, I was going to keep them for winters now I’ve gone 20” but I don’t think I’ll ever use them, they’re in really good condition with almost new m+s Minerva frostrack 255/45/18 tyres if they don’t sell for what I want I’ll keep them for winters it’ll...
  9. fezza68

    Sold Duchy banded steels.

    18" duchy banded amaroks,8.5 fronts 9 rears. Just been refurbed by jamie so like brand new,in aluminium silver. Prefer pick up or can meet in between. Im in east manchester. £750.
  10. Tourershine

    Sold Banded steels

    I need to make some room for another set of wheels, meaning I need to get rid of one of my sets of Banded steels. I'm not fussed which set get sold, because they are both equally useful to me. The 19s are my normal 10" and 9" staggered, running 235/40/19 Goodyear Eagle F1's with loads of tread...
  11. T

    Are t5.1 and t6.1 same wheel fitment ?

    Am thinking of putting banded steels on 17 inch and n to my t5.1 2014 campervan wondered if there all the same fitting? Running 20s on skinny tyres on low suspension and am going to Scotland thinking might be more comfortable?? Any advice would be appreciated
  12. Mike Dean

    Found Banded 18” amarok steels

    Looking for a set of Banded 18” amarok steels. If from our friends over at Duchy that would be great. Cash ready, west Sussex.
  13. G

    Sold 18" Black Banded Smoothie Steels

    Hi, a friend is selling these so thought I'd post them on here. 18” Banded Smoothie steels (5x120) - originally from John brown wheels. Banding done by Duchy, 8j front 9j rear, powder coated black, excellent condition, covered around 1000 miles only. centre caps included - £550. Collection from...
  14. S

    Duchy amarok banded steels 18”

    Hi all I have for sale my banded steel in light anthracite Front is 8.5j and rear is 9j Van is on B14 bilstines and fully lowered Just had 4 new tyres fitted (Mitchelin pilot sport 255/45/18) only mark is on one front wheel where I clipped a curb *♂️ included in the sale is genuine Vw centre...
  15. C

    Sold 18in Banded Amaroks

    Hi, looking to sell these on. They are 8.5 and 9in Dutchy banded Amaroks. I had them recently re powdercoated in silver, there are a few little imperfections in the finish. Wheels only £745ono Offers around £700 including postage please. Based near Aberdeen in Scotland but can post.. Any...
  16. allthehobbies

    Banded Amarok Wheels - life span

    Hi, I’m looking at 18 inch banded Amaroks for my t32 shuttle. Does anyone have a view as to whether they have a life span? I’ll be doing 10-15k per year. Also winter weather driving, are they wheels people swap out for winter driving?
  17. minmax89

    What tyre pressures? 17” GP banded steels

    Hello everyone, does anyone have an idea what type pressures I should run? I have 17 inch GP’s that have been banded (from 7” wide) to 9” and 9.5”. The tyres are: Front 225/55/17 XL 103 Rear 235/55/17 XL 103 The van is lowered on Bilstein coilovers and is usually not too heavily loaded. thanks...
  18. JimVee

    Sold 18” Duchy Banded Steelies f8.5/r9.5

    Set of 4 x 18” Banded Steels in Candy white with baby half moon hubcaps. In good condition but will need new tyres. Some swirl marks on 2 hubcaps where the double sliding doors just rubbed on full opening. Made by Duchy Banded and done about 10,000 miles on my T6. The bus was lowered on...
  19. Tourershine

    Sold Brand new banded 17s and new tyres.

    Being in this scene, I feel it's my personal responsibility to push the boundaries with my own money, just so others can learn the answers to the questions no one dares to ask. Like for instance, would a 10" banded GP running a 50 profile tyre fit on a mega low static T6? No, it doesn't. My...
  20. Jayjmac

    Sold Banded amaroks

    As the title says.. these are nearly new. They have had tyres fitted and been fitted to the van taken off and now up for sale. They may show some signs of being put on at the bolt holes and some tiny marks from tyre install but I’m being super picky here. I know there shouldn’t be any marks but...