banded steel wheels

  1. C

    Sold Banded Amarok 9in / 9.5in set

    Bought the wheels this morning thinking they were 8.5 and 9in but turns out they are 9in and 9.5in. I have fitted and they look okay but might be going a different route so seeing if anyone wants them before I invest some more money into the wheels. Tyres are 245/50/18 rear and 235/50/18...
  2. Leemondo12

    For Sale Custom Wheel Center Caps

    HI All, As you all know I make custom number plates, and have made quite a few sets for guys on here, who I believe are very happy with my work. I have been experimenting and wanted to show you what I have come up with. Since fitting banded steel wheels to my van I was looking to add my own...
  3. Lee C

    Sold Banded one piece wheels 18”

    Hi all, I am selling my banded style ‘smoothie’ wheels, these are not the old fashion version of welding a band on to a steel, these are a solid one piece version. Tyres are Falken Wildpeak 255/55r18 109H and have covered very little mileage. These were on my standard T5 which I have now...
  4. B

    Sold 17” Banded Steels (8.5J / 10J) - Candy Red

    17 inch banded steels for sale. Not 100% sure on size but they measure the same as my new wheels that are 8.5J / 10J. Finished in candy red but all have some kerb marks (one much worse than the others, other three aren’t so noticeable when fitted) so may want a refurb. Falken Ziex ze310 tyres...
  5. C

    Wanted Banded Amaroks

    Might be looking for a set of Banded amaroks soon. 8.5 and 9in set. Trying out some Tuff Torque 19's but I think I prefer the Amaroks.
  6. N

    Wanted RR Banded Steels 19"

    As title suggests, I am after a set of RR banded steelies if anyone is thinking of selling up. with tyres preferred but without acceptable. Thanks
  7. B

    Sold Duchy banded steel wheels 18” amaroks

    gauging interest….. i bought these about a year ago, off a forum member, they have been sat in storage ever since, still boxed from duchy after a refurb, as new, no tyres, 8.5 inch fronts and 9 inch rears in gun metall grey, gutted I never got round to fitting these to the bus, but we are now...
  8. stev580

    Found Banded Steel Wheels

    Evening All Looking for a set of 18” Banded Steel Wheels, with or without tyres. I prefer the Amorak style wheel however any others considered Thanks in advance
  9. StueyStuey

    Sold Duchy Banded Steels GP 17’s with Michelin Cross Climate tyres - £1000

    17” GP Banded Steels in chrome, banded by Jamie at Duchy Banded Steels before he sadly folded his business. I bought these from @T6ARF in November as I needed some wheels with all season tyres for a trip to the alps. I believe he put roughly 7000 miles on them and I have done 3000. The wheels...
  10. H

    For Sale 17" Banded Steels Staggered (Graphite Grey)

    I am selling my Banded 17" staggered GP Steelies Two are 10" and the other two are 10.5" width i have owed them for 3 years from new i have had no problems with them at all no rubbing and they hold pressure I am located in Stourbridge in the West Midlands and they are for collection only. They...
  11. R

    Wanted Wanted banded steel wheels 18inch

    Hi wondered if anyone was selling some 18inch banded steel wheels . Thanks
  12. C

    Sold Pair of Banded 9.5in 18in Amaroks

    Have the full set of wheels up for sale but still considering selling rear pair to got 8.5in all round. Will sell as singles if both get buyers. Originally banded by Duchy. One did have a slight wobble which was balanced out when fitting the tyres. 9.5in width, finished in metallic sparkle...
  13. H


    18" DUCHY banded Amaroks with kumho tyres in gloss black. 8.5" fronts and 9" rears Just over a year old and have done approx 7k miles (see last pic for tyres size and rating etc) Decent tread on all 4 tyres, obviously rears have more than the fronts, don't have a tyre gauge unfortunately...
  14. J

    For Sale Unused / new Banded Steel Wheels 17” 9J

    For sale are brand new banded steel wheels. 17, 9J so thats 10 inch wide. Would look awesome on any Transporter or Cali (will allow for the big front brakes) with chunky AT or low profile tyres for that wide look. Done by the legendary ‘Banded Steel Wheels’ in Tiverton. Invoice attached which...
  15. Tourershine

    Sold Brand new Banded Amaroks. £1000

    I have a brand new set of 18" Banded Amaroks that are currently at the powder coaters being done in my usual Chrome, same as below. I purchased these last week, freshly banded in my usual 8.5" and 9.5" rears. They were banded using brand new Amarok steels, so literally haven't even had tyres...
  16. C

    Banded Amaroks set. 8.5 and 9.5.

    Decided to sell on my set. 8.5in front and 9.5in rear. Banded by Duchy. Finished in grey metallic with a slight blue flake in them. One does have a few small kerb marks see photos below. The front tyres have around 6mm and rear not a huge amount of life left in them. 245/50/18 103 rated...
  17. Tourershine

    Wanted Banded GPs

    Is anyone selling a set of Banded 17" GPs? I don't mind the colour too much, because if they aren't my usual Chrome, they will be after I've finished with them, but I do not want any that are rusty. I've sold 2 sets of these now, but I cannot remember who to :rolleyes: So if this was you...
  18. B

    Banded or Navis?

    Evening chaps, I’m hoping someone can sway me one way or another, I’m after some banded steel amoraks, but have seen the Navis holeys which look very similar, bandeds seem hard to come by these days, where as I can get the Navis‘s to order, both wheels look great, should I just buy the Navis as...
  19. Skyliner33

    Wanted 18" banded steels.

    Amarok wheels - Cantera (set or 1 spare) OR set of 18" banded steels. Thanks
  20. C

    Wanted 18in Banded Steels

    Anyone have a set of banded steels for sale? Might be looking for a set soon.