baker slots

  1. batmeister

    Easy ventilation win

    Afternoon all, I know a lot of people (who sit around in the back of their van a lot) like to fit roof fans for ventilation and removing propane fumes etc. I was wondering if an easier option would be to fit fans in front of the outlet vents in the rear quarter panels. Has anyone tried this...
  2. L

    Additional D-pillar breather vents for load compartment on T6.1

    Hi all, Does anyone know if you can shut/ close totally the breather vents that are as optional on the T6.1? They come as optional under description: Additional breather vents for load compartment on D-pillar. I've attached a picture showing the vents, if anyone has some "real life" pictures...
  3. Northern Monkey

    Found OEM Rear Quarter Vent / Baker-Slots

    As the title says anyone got some off their panel van that’s had glass fitted? Bit of a long shot but if you don’t ask you don’t get :) Cheers.
  4. Northern Monkey

    Where I Can Source These Rear Air Vent ‘Baker Slots’?.

    Well I’ve trawled the interweb to try and find somewhere that sell these, does anyone have any idea who sells them? I’ve totally drawn a blank.
  5. Keaney

    T6 GSV - Build Post

    After owning the van since Sept 2017 things will start to ramp up this year: Judd t311r 20” alloys - thanks to Paul at Tamar Sportline splitter - thanks to Elliot and travelinlite and Baz at c&s coachworks Abp suspension with Accuair Elevel - getting fitted by the install company early Feb...