1. TheGrapeEscape

    Sold SWB fixed windows BRAND NEW aftermarket

    For Sale A pair of fixed windows for twin slide/single slide doors. My sister bought these for her camper conversion, but has now decided to sell the van on before finishing it. £50 the pair collected from DE12 postcode
  2. J

    Wanted B-pillar table.

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone has a b-pillar swing out table. Figured it's worth an ask before I order them. Cheers.
  3. ssnep

    Retain metallic clip for a B-pillar trim - Multivan 2017

    Hello everyone, who could support me to find a replace for the retain metallic clip for a B-pillar trim? The vehicle is a multivan T6 my2017. I can't find the right replacement neither on ETKE and/or on the web. In attachment three pictures about the pieces I'm looking for. Thank you, ssnep
  4. Stagspares

    For Sale T6 Caravelle B-Pillar left

    T6 Caravelle B-Pillar trim, left £25
  5. Stagspares

    For Sale T6 Beach B-Pillar, left

    T6 Beach B-Pillar trim, left £30
  6. david173


    Has anyone fitted these from Vansyle? https://www.vanstyle.co.uk/van/gloss-black-post-door-pillar-guard-covers-p-9431.html I'm trying to decide between these ABS covers vs a vinyl wrap? was wondering if anyone had could offer some first hand experience?
  7. Dorlo

    T6.1 rear window washer fluid pipe repair/replacement.

    Has anyone had to do this? Mine has split somewhere and I’ve got water leaking from just behind the top of the b pillar. Just wondered if it can be accessed anywhere or if there are any joins in it. Thinking it might be easier to just pull a new pipe through and swap the connections over...
  8. Robs1000rr

    Wanted Wanted B upper pillar covers

    Hi does anyone have both upper B pillar covers with the holes in the sides for the grab handles . Not fussed if they are in rough condition as will be getting covered in carpet.
  9. T

    Cable route advice please

    I am trying to figure out the best way to route cables from under my drivers seat base (which will have various bits of kit installed) to the void in the side panel behind the B pillar and then along the void to an electrical compartment under my furniture. I am wondering about drilling a hole...
  10. Skyliner33

    Looking for a place that will retro fit night heater in OEM way to B Pillar.

    Hi I am trying to find a place that will retro fit a heater to the OEM location and up through the B pillar. Hopefully in the North West but willing to travel if I have to. Thanks
  11. Texxaco

    Drivers seatbelt lower B pillar mounting image

    Can someone share an image of how their drivers seatbelt is bolted in at the bottom of the B pillar? Mine seems like it’s fitted wrong although the bracket only lets it be bolted in one way. Cheers all.
  12. Samro

    Urgh- a dent!

    Dented my B pillar with a barely visibly dent, but I know it's there! Anyone know anyone in the Southampton/Lymington area that may be able to perform a mobile repair? I am gutted as I did this myself by being a clumsy idiot!
  13. 1

    Shuttle B-pillar trim removal

    Evening All, I need to remove the plastic trim on my shuttle as per the photo to mount a bracket for a small table. What’s the best way to do it?
  14. KombiKommando

    B-pillar swivel table

    I seen a van with a small turn out table behind the front passenger seat (I've taken to becoming nosy at other vans in carparks..... ) it was a small table about the size of a dinner tray, (you know, the one your nan used to have on her lap....) looks like it was attached to the pillar next to...
  15. Skyliner33

    California Webasto B-pillar night heater retrofit.

    In relation to this: https://www.t6forum.com/threads/genuine-california-webasto-diesel-parking-heater-vented-step-b-pillar-posts.31286/ does anyone know what controllers and other things I would need to get the heater working? Thanks
  16. E

    Sold genuine California Webasto diesel parking heater, vented step, b pillar posts

    basically started accumulating parts a few years back to retro fit this to a panel van using genuine parts. genuine Webasto air top. with bracket drivers vented step ( cold air intake) B pillar post with outlet vents b pillar ducting pretty much everything you need to retro fit the heater with...
  17. Stagspares

    Cali Beach Tour trim part-numbers

    Can anyone tell me please the part numbers for the following three interior trim pieces for the California Beach Tour (with the left hand sliding door):- Upper B-Post Cover Upper C-Post Cover Left Hand Cover that fits above the B, C and D Cover Trims. Thank you.
  18. F

    Struggling removing B pillar trims.

    Hello, Newbee here. Anyone can recommend the best way to remove the B pillar trims? Removed one of the upper one by levering with a trim tool and then pulling but it doesn't feel right. Very hard to remove and feel like it is going to break. Planning to carpet line tomorrow.
  19. JB26413

    B and C pillar trim options

    Are there any drawings around showing what upper pillar trims are available from VW? I'm starting planning the retrim after having a poptop fitted and my trims are from a shuttle which is designed to match up to the headlining panel. Options as I see it are: 1. create (and trim) some form of...
  20. cy294

    Torque: Seat Belt bolt - B pillar.

    In the process of replacing the cab door seal and have started to take the B pillar trim off. Any ideas what torque setting the bolt needs to go when fitting it all back? Thanks all.