1. F

    Struggling removing B pillar trims.

    Hello, Newbee here. Anyone can recommend the best way to remove the B pillar trims? Removed one of the upper one by levering with a trim tool and then pulling but it doesn't feel right. Very hard to remove and feel like it is going to break. Planning to carpet line tomorrow.
  2. cy294

    Torque: Seat Belt bolt - B pillar.

    In the process of replacing the cab door seal and have started to take the B pillar trim off. Any ideas what torque setting the bolt needs to go when fitting it all back? Thanks all.
  3. Tsixty

    Kombi B pillar upper trim removal

    Any tips on removing the upper B pillar driver side trim on a Kombi (has a sliding door on that side if it makes any difference). I have some instructions from the workshop manual but they aren't that helpful. Step one says remove the coat hook if fitted - there is a coat hook at the top but I...
  4. Strettyp

    B pillar table - which one?

    Going to add a swing out table for passenger to use when van closed up, and for all to use when it's nice etc There's two types I've seen but in the best Harry Hill fashion,which one is best value Kirivans at £65...
  5. J

    Cutaway behind B-post to accommodate fridge

    Hi there, I need to place my CRX50 fridge further back to get it flush with the furniture. What are our experiences regarding cutting the reinforced part as shown on the picture? Do I need to reinforce it somehow? Or just cutaway and leave it? Any help is highly appreciated :) (yes, it's a...
  6. Curryzz

    Removing drivers side interior step?

    Hi, Im sure plenty of you have done it. Any advice on removing the drivers side interior step? I’m just replacing it as it’s abit worn and doesn’t look very nice. Iv got trim removal tools so is it just a case of removing the door seal out the way & then pop out the trim or is it more long...
  7. ched

    Sold B Pillar Trim For Factory Aux Heater (Right)

    I have a spare B Pillar Trim for sale - £35 + postage. Part Number: 7E0867292 R 92W It’s new/never been installed - was ordered from my local VW van centre but arrived with a few marks/blemishes on it (see images). I complained and they sent me a new one - hence this listing. The marks are...
  8. Jayjmac

    Found A pillar and B pillar trims

    Looking for some standard A and B pillar trims complete if anyone has these kicking around.
  9. J

    For Sale T6 drivers B pillar trim

    Selling my old drivers b pillar trim as swapped it during night heater install....excellent condition. £20 collection Grimsby area.
  10. Scott6

    Loose panel below fuel filler.

    Hi guys, The panel below my fuel filler is loose at the bottom where im pointing and also the screw that holds the filler cap is missing. So I'm presuming it's been taken off and the clips snapped. Does anybody know what clips and screw/bolt I need? Also where to buy them. Picture to follow...
  11. T6180

    For Sale A&B Pillar Plastics

    Ok time to for a clear out. I have the following trim that needs to go A&B pillar trims....now please read carefully! The A pillars have no holes for grab handles and I've taken the speakers out and removed one of the grills (which I still have) I was going to trim them but had the original...
  12. T6Paul

    B Pillar trims in black?

    I’m currently trying to find the part numbers to replace my grey (beige) lower B pillar trims for Black, it’s for a T6 Kombi with twin sliding doors. Current part numbers are: Drivers: 7E0 867 292 K (92W) Passenger: 7E0 867 291 D (92W) Apparently VW say there isn’t a black equivalent... has...
  13. J

    Best route to get to overhead cubby hole, across floor up 'A' pillar or 'B' pillar?

    I'm currently routing some wires up to the overhead cubby hole area as I'm going to mount some switches up there. One from under the drivers seat and 4 or 5 from behind the drivers seat (fuse box/relays are mounted at forward end of kitchen unit, directly behind the drivers seat). I've took...
  14. L

    Alarm Movement Sensor - disabling for sleeping / leaving dogs / windows ajar [thread merge]

    Hi all, Couple of questions: 1) Is it possible to disable the alarm if locking from the inside? 2) If we lock the van with the pop top up, is the alarm likely to go off? Appreciate any advice. Cheers Lee ————————— Answer
  15. K

    For Sale T6 Doorcards, Dash trim & headlights

    Hi Guys, as pictured T6 lowerdash trim from a 2018 (68) T6. Minor wear in the pictures and the drivers door pocket has a hole for a usb socket. Open to offers. Kev
  16. Pawter

    Interior pillar colour changeout

    Morning, I hope everyone’s doing well. I would like to change out the pillar covers in the T6 from factory grey to black. Do they exist and does anyone know of a supplier? Maybe VW offered it as an optional extra...
  17. Farnorthsurfer

    Wanted LH Lower B Pillar Trim PN: 7EO 867 291 92W

    Due to being a plonker and drilling a 30mm hole for a Solar Cut Off Switch in the wrong place I now need a LH Lower B Pillar trim in good condition for my van. Its a standard Highline Kombi spec, anyone with standard trim they want to sell on please?
  18. D

    Getting Cables Past The B Pillar

    Hi Currently trying to get my charging cable 10mm2 and ignition feed past the B pillar to the rear of the van where the leisure battey/CTEK will be fitted. I've had a poke around, but can't seem to find a way through. I could just come onto the panels and run the cables they will be hidden by...
  19. Ads_Essex

    Sold B-pillar Upper Plastic Panel - Offside

    Nearside B-pillar plastic panel to suit a T6 - part number 7E0867244K. In brilliant condition with all lugs barely worn. Bought as a pair - only needed the offside. £10? ParcelForce quote £10.32 for delivery (boxed, not just wrapped in a bin-bag).
  20. Ashypants

    Gen 6 B-Pillar External Black Wrap

    Does anyone know if you can buy the black wrap that is used on the T6 Gen 6 pillars? Scratched some yesterday so now have a white blob mixed in the black. Ideally want the same so it matches all round - I guess I could get it sorted at a vehicle wrapper but would rather get original if possible.