1. Ayjay

    Camping in Southern Germany and Austria - Late August

    We're planning on heading to Croatia in the van for our late summer road trip and current thinking is going through the tunnel on 22 August and driving across France via the 'Reims route' to Germany, Austria and Slovenia. I've lost count of the number of times that I've been to Germany but I've...
  2. andy greenwood

    Europe roadtrip - Switz/Austria/Germany

    Hi , we are planning a trip to Europe in July 2022. We only have 2 weeks to do it due to work holidays. We want to spend a few days in Switzerland at Jungfrau & then head to Austria for a few days and then into Bavaria. I have not drove in Europe since 2003 so I'm after advice please, what...
  3. D

    Travel To Croatia

    we are in southern Germany at the moment and fancy finding a campsite in Croatia for a week by the sea. We don’t want to go too far south as we will need to go home and can’t really seem to find anything that ticks our boxes on the internet. We want somewhere with a few bars and restaurants...
  4. D

    Wild Camping In Switzerland, Italy And Austria?

    I’m roughly planning a 4 -5 week trip for September / October 2019 and would like to hear about personal experiences of wild camping in Switzerland, Austria and Northern Italy, preferably in the Alps and Dolomites. We would be looking to be as unobtrusive as possible; no furniture, awning or...
  5. Mick

    Driving to Austria

    I've done this many times and I'll go via Luxembourg again. But asking the hive mind the following. I need to be in Hintertux for Saturday night. Choice 1: What I normally do. Stay in the pub a mile before the Folkestone exit and get the 5:30 train and then slog for 11 hours to Hintertux. or...