1. AussieMick

    Off for a couple of weeks.

    Left today for a trip to Eyre Peninsula 800 km west of where we live. Weather today has been atrocious, starting out as lightning and thunderstorms, now we are parked for the night its blowing a gale. Sitting in the van with the roof down as it's so windy observing happy hour with a few beers...
  2. Pride

    T6.1 to replace our house as we travel around Oz

    Hi nice have a place as a go too. We sold our home and travelling Australia in our VW T6.1 Any ideas on storage welcome
  3. A

    My new 6.1

    finally got my 6.1 ascot grey 4 motion after 6 months. Very happy with it
  4. Trakkadu

    New Member from Oz Pics

    Trakkadu takes in Sundown NP, Qld.
  5. Trakkadu

    New member from Australia

    G’day everyone. We’re from Brisbane Aus and have owned our T6 Trakkadu AT ( since November ‘19. We’d previously owned a large off-road caravan towed with TTV8 Toyota Land Cruiser. We’ve traversed Oz several times, both around the perimeter on bitumen and through the centre on...
  6. Gonk77

    Hello from New Zealand!

    Just purchased my T6 4motion van so will be starting my camper conversion soon enough. Bit hard sourcing parts down this side of the the world so I'm sure some out of the box thinking will be required. Looking forward to digging through all the threads.
  7. Sunwhite

    My Achtung Camper

    Here is my T6, latest in a long line of VW campers 1st a 1965 T1, split screen, barn doors, 1500cc motor. Manual 2nd a 1972 T2 bay window, pop top, 1600 cc motor. Manual 3rd a 1990 T3 water cooled, fuel injected, 2.1L motor. Automatic. Conversion was by Trakka Australia. Finally the 2017 2L...
  8. Whowhobug

    Broken headlight bulb retaining piece that spring clip is held by

    Kia ora I thought I’d upgrade my headlight bulbs... what a mistake! I followed all the tips on the forum and YouTube videos. Unfortunately whilst removing the bulb retaining spring clip the notch it goes into broke and flew off. Without pulling all the headlight out is it possible to use the...
  9. AussieMick

    Outback Trip

    Hi all, my wife and I left home this morning heading to Central Australia for about 4 weeks. Here is a picture of our first nights free campsite. We are about 400kms north of Adelaide just starting to see the country turn more arid. It rained all the way here and is clearing up now. We are...
  10. W

    New Cali purchase: 150PS vs 204PS for Australia

    Looking for your collective advice... I'm about to pull the trigger on a purchase of the new T6.1 California Beach here in Australia. Costs aside... do you have any recommendations or insights around the reliability of the TDI450 (199hp) vs the TDI340 (150hp) engines? Both options with 4Motion...
  11. C

    Oil Filter Part No.

    2018 T6 450 4 Motion. I’m after a part number for a non gen oil filter.
  12. GarryM

    Taking the T6 for a drive outback.

    Wife and I are heading out Saturday 10 Jun 17 for a drive up the far North East through the outback then across to the east coast and back down the coast to home at Hanging Rock Victoria. A short drive of about 8000km and will take about three months before we get back home. Will start the...
  13. TassieT6

    House Batteries and Refrigerator in Multivan

    Here's a picture of my battery and refrigerator setup in the back of my van. 2x130AH AGM, Redarc BCDC1240 connected to the 'Analog' panel feed under the passengers seat. The Engel 39l fridgeis around 25 years old. The batteries are covered by a carpeted panel so are secure and hidden. It may...
  14. TassieT6

    T6F Australia

    Hello all, My name is Randall from Hobart in Tasmania Australia. I received my T6 two weeks ago after a long wait. It is a highline spec 4motion Multivan which I plan to fitout my van for travel to some of the more remote places in Australia with my family.