1. Epic-Rob

    importing from the EU

    I am looking to buy Seikel 30mm lift suspension for my new 4motion (getting seikel as its vw approved and wont affect the warranty) and get it sent on to NZ in a container. does anyone know the process now since brexit? do you have to contract an import agent and pay import tax etc?? set is...
  2. quirky

    Remote travel Australia - what spares do you carry ?

    Setting up the new T6.1 4Motion for some remote travel in Australia - after 30 years in the T3 I had my spares and tools all sorted - not so sure what I should carry for the new bus. Any experince based thoughts and ideas on a list of essential spares and or tools appreciated - not sure i can...
  3. O

    Hi from Australia

    My crafter pics below. If anyone would consider doing a swap with us … we use your car in Europe and you use ours in Australia I would like to explore … around late 24 and again late 25 … early Aug to late Sept. can’t lock anything in yet but interested if there is interest. Ideally Italy Spain...
  4. A

    Documents required for parallel-import to the UK

    Hello, I have an issue and was wondering if you could help me. I bought a VW Transit from an auction in the Uk which I later found out that has been imported from Australia. The only document that came with the car was a NOVA clearance letter. I problem I have is that I'm trying to apply for a...
  5. S

    [Oz] Achtung conversion with Pop Top

    Greetings campervaners. My first post. New to campervaning arena. Had 2 caravans in the past and just recently travelled around Australia in my Navara with a rooftop tent. Was fun. Now looking to move on to a campervan, as a mostly solo traveller, for my retirement years, long may they last...
  6. B

    Just saying G’day (yep Australian)

    Picked up a 2017 T6 during the week. Planning on converting it into a camper for trips within this beautiful country. I’ll be seeking advice on various mods etc to get the most out of this great vehicle. So, thanks in advance for the help I’ll be seeking from the group. Cheers
  7. MullerEnergy

    160Ah Under-Seat Battery Solution

    I'm extremely excited to announce that we're just a couple of weeks away from stock arriving in Australia for our new under-seat battery! It has taken a lot more effort than anticipated to get here, but I think we ended up with a really good product. Inside we have 4x 160Ah EVE LiFePO4 cells...
  8. Bluephantom

    For Sale 5x Steel wheels and Tyres, Brisbane Australia

    I'm selling my stock 16" steel rims and tyres that came with the vehicle. The 4 tyres travelled just under 2000kms from new to when I changed them which was about a month from getting the vehicle new from the dealership and the spare wheel is basically still new and completely unused. I...
  9. G

    4Motion availability Australia

    Volkswagen Australia seem to have removed all the 4Motion option Transporters and Crafters from the Build your own section of their web site. Is it a glitch in their programming or are they telling us something. Is it the same in UK?
  10. U

    Swivels (in Australia)

    Hi All, I'm looking to get some swivels for my T6 transporter. From what I've gathered, ALL swivels will require engineer certification regardless, but I've managed to find one with ADR approval. Most come only with TUV/GS certification. I assume these can probably be signed off by an engineer...
  11. R

    T6.1 Parking sensor retrofit - Australia

    Hi all looking at having front parking sensors installed in T6.1 any ideas on suppliers/types to buy and auto elect in Syd Aust area to install beers and cheers
  12. U

    Wanted T6 SWB load mat (East coast Australia) Twin slider preferred, happy to cut a single slider

    I'm wanting to buy a load mat for a t6 swb transporter. Happy to pick up from Brissy/Sydney Canberra, I think postage is probably prohibitively expensive but would look into it if someone has one further afield.
  13. W

    Lift Kits for T6.1 4Motion in Brisbane Aus.

    Just took delivery of my new T6.1 4Motion with a Frontline Camper conversion and looking at options for a 50mm lift kit around Brisbane area. Wondered if anyone has experience with the King Springs and Bilstein shocks option. I wonder about ride quality etc. Just want a little peace of mind for...
  14. MattP

    T6 suspension upgrade Australasia

    Hi all, I'm looking for advice on where I can get my T6 multivan lowered in Australia preferred Sydney area. Any recommendations?
  15. AussieMick

    Off for a couple of weeks.

    Left today for a trip to Eyre Peninsula 800 km west of where we live. Weather today has been atrocious, starting out as lightning and thunderstorms, now we are parked for the night its blowing a gale. Sitting in the van with the roof down as it's so windy observing happy hour with a few beers...
  16. Pride

    T6.1 to replace our house as we travel around Oz

    Hi nice have a place as a go too. We sold our home and travelling Australia in our VW T6.1 Any ideas on storage welcome
  17. D

    Wanted Any T30 Front Springs.. to ship to Australia?

    G'day from Australia! I'm trying to find a set of T6 T30 front spring to replace my T6.1 front springs so I can use the KONI shocks I've heard so many good things about. Steve from @CRS Performance has been very kind to offer sending me a pair the next time he pulls out a nice set of T30 front...
  18. K

    Hello from New Zealand!

    Hey guys new to the forum and looking for some help. I live in NZ and I've got a basic T6, the white panel van type. It's 4 motion, 6 speed manual and I'm looking to upgrade the wheels. Options are extremely limited here with the maximum recommended size being 18 inch from most shops in town. I...
  19. Sunwhite

    My Achtung Camper

    Here is my T6, latest in a long line of VW campers 1st a 1965 T1, split screen, barn doors, 1500cc motor. Manual 2nd a 1972 T2 bay window, pop top, 1600 cc motor. Manual 3rd a 1990 T3 water cooled, fuel injected, 2.1L motor. Automatic. Conversion was by Trakka Australia. Finally the 2017 2L...
  20. Whowhobug

    Broken headlight bulb retaining piece that spring clip is held by

    Kia ora I thought I’d upgrade my headlight bulbs... what a mistake! I followed all the tips on the forum and YouTube videos. Unfortunately whilst removing the bulb retaining spring clip the notch it goes into broke and flew off. Without pulling all the headlight out is it possible to use the...